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  1.  dungeons,dragons cheese


    elder scrolls is a game which helped set the standard for role playing games on next gen consoles. a massive game expanding as far as the eye can see enabling a great chance for exploration if very lengthy travel time. dungeons,monsters and treasure hunting are some of the fun elements of the game. the graphics were very good on realease however they no longer can be really compared to newer titles. the story is great but the game enables you to not even do it you can just wander off into a cave and kill something which is a great feature and has been copied in similar games such fallout 3. the combat is not great however other things make up for tha like customisability of your character and a huge number of things to do. elder scrolls is a marvellous game which can bring a lot of fun for people whether they love story or just the freedom to do whatever like eat cheese in a corner unusual but the game lets you do it so whatever just get it i mean dungeons,dragons and cheese wots not to love apart from the reptive voice acting only flaw really anyway BUY IT!!!

  2.  good


    i thought that this game was pretty good and i really don't get why it is not that well known i mean its not the greatest game in the world but it does give enjoyment wich really is the purpose of games but its graphics are not superb or the story amazing its a pretty simple story really but its a shooter which involves werewolves and really big guns a winning combination in my book but probaly better off as a rental just try it.

  3.  hilarious


    the simpsons game is great but you have to of enjoy the other simpsons games.i enjoy ed this game and i think you will to.

  4.  wow


    a great game with plenty to do but it only took me two days to complete.you can drive a tank which is quite fun and i think you should buy it.

  5.  good


    i liked the game and thought the missions were good. i thought the guns were good.i liked the game.

  6.  splat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i loved this game and loved being able to sneak up on somebody and slicing their head off or grabbing my spear gun and shooting people with spears inpaling them on a wall or impaling others as well.i think you should buy it.

  7.  brillant!!!!


    I thought it was a good game and that the history channel out done themselves for some one who likes using their minds to over come obstacles.It gives you the chance to relive history.I think people will feel like a general.

  8.  thank you


    what a game. everbody should play this game because you can do so many things like flying and racing around in a jeep.try taking the wheel of a tank or sitting in the turret of the tank picking off soldiers. my favourite thing to do is jumping into a jeep and driving around with somebody using the turret and avoiding fire as well as running over other players.it is a must buy and in my opinion the best game for the ps3.

  9.  okay


    i liked the predator films and the alien films but this was not as great. i think if they put more humans,aliens and predators it would be better. over all i liked it but most people do not like it.

  10.  perfect


    i thought the films were so awesome and my favourite was alien 3 because they are killed so easily as if they were flys caught in a spider web.i think the aliens look so cool.