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  1.  I'm swayed.


    I have to be honest here, I put up a fight to not watch this movie, I thought it would be an utter waste of time to someone who has never seen a single episode of the original program.

    But my word. How i've been swayed.
    This movie is so sublime, it has fantastic special effects, a rock solid plot and characters to which you connect too. I was so impressed with this movie I watched it again the next day and felt exactly the same way I did the day before. If I could recommend any movie to watch this Christmas, it has got to be this!

  2.  Peep Show meets College.


    A new era for british television has come across in a rather less formal, but unbelievably entertaining, witty and exciting program that reaches out to a young audience. Being 16, and in college this is the program that appears to reflect everyone's life during school/college time, I would recommend this to any of my mates as it's just so so so funny. The price is fantastic and an ideal present to any younger audience, completly recommend!

  3. Skate 2

    Skate 2

    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £44.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.74

     Skate's on boys.


    Ok ok, It's the same map.. But they've added so much to it!

    The new tricks with the extensions and now even more extensions, better missions and better graphics don't make this Skate 1.5, they make it Skate 2.

    If you like Skate 1 or the Demo then get this, You wont regret it!

  4.  Difficult to put down!


    The five star rating shows that in turn the game is bound to be good, which in all fairness is wrong. It's great. Mario kart provides the break from other games because it's all just fun, you don't have to figure out what 7x9-82 is, which is not the most fun you could have with your ds is it?
    Pretty much a must for your ds collection, that is if you haven't got it all ready? ;)

  5.  I got bored whilst playing the first game..


    It's a good game, but a repetative one which you can play on the computer for cheaper. There's no anticipation in the game, which makes the show because there's the re-playable attributes.

    All in all, there's nothing bad with the game. It's just abit 'mild'

  6.  Not half bad..


    The game, which has sold millions on the 3 other platforms extends it's reach with Guitar Hero:Decades. The game itself is good fun, You find yourself having a good old rock out with some really good music and a well thought out way of utalising the Ds's Touch screen, But.The game itself only took me 2 hours to complete, If that.. There's the re-play attributes that allways is fun to do, If you see it cheap or you get offered it. I'm sure you wont be dissapointed, Even if you fork out 35 odd quid your not dissapointed just left feeling slightly empty..

  7.  The Industry has Changed.


    British Music, Who do you think of?
    Stones, Beatles , Pink Floyd , Oasis , Blur , Muse?
    Well there's one more band to add to that list Kaiser Chiefs, Slowly but surely they've concerd the UK, Wether it's singing along to ' I predict a riot! ' or being breathless from ' Na na na na naa' Live. This is where it all started for them and it's where most of the classics are, So don't be a fool buy the 'Must have' Cd for British Music of the best 3 years!

  8.  Brilliant for all times!


    Wonderfully designed, Beutifully soft with elegant touches.
    useful in all locations and a fantastic buy for when you get bored or just want a thrill with a couple of mates.

  9.  Fantastic


    I went to the cinema expecting a good movie, Which no doubt I would enjoy. I left with a ticket to tomorrows screening of the same film, Want to know why?
    *Heath Ledger adds an unsurprising twist to the usual Joker Character, He gives him a back ground of why he is like he is and in the preporation of this movie he thought about the posture and brain mentalitly of the Joker
    *Two Face, The introduction of this character was a fantastic change to the old movie's and instead of 'Star Studded Line up' they used a rather unknown actor to play this part. As Harvey Dent he provides intrest but keeps a certain calm but pleasing character but as Two face brings anorchy to the Screen.
    *Batman, Of course with a new suit provides the best action parts of the movie, Althought the movie is based more on the Joker. The Batman provides the energy which blows you away from the spectacular stunts.
    All In all, This has got to be the Film of the Year,Easily. Im now going to see it a third time in the cinema and it still has the appeal and excitment of the first time I saw it.
    Batman 3, Here we go!

  10.  Absolutly Fantastic!


    Like the person below me states, This is one of the best inventions over the course of the new 'Technology era'. This literally has everything you need to being one step closer to everyone. Of Course it's no iPhone but It still has WiFi connection and countless amounts of Application's from Crash Bandicute style of Mario racing games, this is literally a DS with the same graphics and games.Ontop of the new additions it still has the superb sound quality that the iPod has allways had and with more and more video's being updated everyday,endless amounts of hours of video to purchase in the iPod store.You must literally be a fool to miss out on such a fantastic product.