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  1.  Unbelievable excellence!


    Best anime I have ever had the pleasure of watching and one of the best films you could ever hope to see. This set is also LIMITED TO ONLY 10,000 copies worldwide! So this will be highly collectable in years to come.

  2.  Ridiculously Amazing


    This is without doubt one of the finest pieces of electronica I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Clocking in at three parts the album essentially works as one continuous piece and the overall effect, when you finally (and sadly) arrive at the end is simply dazzling. In places this is equally as outstanding as anything the likes of Kraftwerk, Vangelis or Eno have ever produced and the rest of it simply leaves todays techno producers out in the cold with no chance of a look in. The first part 'where you go I go too' is quite simply half an hour of audio perfection with not a single note or beat out of place and some of the chord progressions in it leave you feeling simply elated and you'll find yourself grinning like a fool. I have not had an electronic album make such an impression on me since I first heard 'Music Has the Right to Children' and this of that ilk. Not necessarily in terms of sound but in its ability to take inhumane sounds and create something so heartfelt, amazing and inspiring as to transcend any genre label you could slap on it and simply become a classic album. Not to mention instantly becoming the ludicrously high bench mark for everyone else to now try and hit. To them I say good luck! You're going to need it.

    Outstanding in every conceivable way 10/10

  3.  Amazing, Beautiful and Touching!


    A seriously strong contender for greatest animated film of all time! I suppose only time will tell how it will be remembered in the long run but I'd be surprised if it doesn't end up somewhere near the very top of the pile. This is the most glowing example thus far of how truly exceptional every aspect of the Pixar creative machine really is. When considered as an almost dialogue free movie it really is just staggering that the story, animation, production design and sound drive this to such emotionally touching extremes. For me this left everything else behind this year and struck me as one of the best movies and pieces of Science Fiction that I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

    To live up to the film itself it's great to see that this Blu Ray is reference material in every conceivable way. Hardly a major surprise given the quality of the last two Pixar BD releases. The BD Video transfer is the best by some way that I have yet seen. The scene in which EVE is taken to Wall E's trailer for the first time has soo much detail reflecting off of EVE from the multiple light sources that I almost couldn't believe what I was looking at. And that quality, rather unbelievably, is maintained throughout.

    Add to that a great collection of extras, the feature length 'Pixar Story' being a truly exceptional documentary to top it all off, and you really have an absolute no brainer. Buy ASAP!

    Film, Video, Audio and Extras: 10/10. A Masterpiece!

  4.  Disappointing


    UPDATED: It was a problem wih the PS3. Fixed now and this cable is great!

    I was initially very pleased with this cable as it handles PS3 games at 1080p very well and would be great if all I wanted from my screen was to play games. Unfortunately when I started buying Blu Rays the whole 'get what you pay for' thing started to become apparent. Watching Blu Rays at 1080p on my Samsung 40" screen with this cable produces an awful amount of image blurring. I have been assured by others with this screen that this should not be an issue with a more reliable cable.

    So, all in all this has been a let down and I went against the mediocre reviews on Play. This was a mistake and I am now looking into getting a cable that will give me the kind of images I should be getting from my BD collection.

    Again though, if you are only interested in games this will suit you fine.

  5.  So much goodness for such little money!


    Apart from having the best Comic book adaptation in the box (well until next Friday anyway) this set is worth it's meagre price tag just to show you what your HDTV is truly capable of. The film is gorgeous but it's the Dark Knight Prologue that will make your jaw hit the ground within a second of it having started. As it was filmed on HD IMAX cameras the quality of image is simply miles ahead of any other HD content I have ever seen. The richness of all the detail, the depth of colour and as IMAX isn't letterboxed; it fills the entire screen and conveys a ridiculous sense of scope and scale to the wide shots of Gotham. Now imagine it on a 60ft screen. Buy this set; it really is a no brainer!

  6.  Enjoyable film with breathtaking picture!


    First off I would like to say that I enjoyed Beowulf immensely at the cinema. Not the greatest film in the world but great fun if you take it for what it takes itself to be. I took something of a last minute punt on going to see it in IMAX 3D and it was simply jaw dropping and points to a very promising future for immersive 3D cinema experiences to come from the likes of Peter Jackson and James Cameron. So I went on the recommendation of others to buy it as my first ever Blu Ray purchase and was very happy with it indeed.

    If you are looking for something to show off your full HD set then you really don't have to look any further and it will have friends are relatives eating those cynical, HD wont give me anything DVD wont, words before the time the WB logo has left the screen! And I mean that literally. I know it's only the logo but the level of sharpness and richness of colour absolutely beggers belief and it seems to be coming off of the screen at you. And in many ways Beowulf still seems like that 3D experience as the sense of weight and 3dimensionality is so convincing.

    I though the IMAX image was stunningly crisp and this BD release easily impresses as much if not more. Every pour, drop of moisture and hair is visible in absolute clarity. And the subtle prisms of light in the wake of the dragons ocean spray really is all the proof you need to convince of the amazing images that BD is capable of.

    Film - 3/5
    Picture - 5/5
    Audio - 5/5

    Overall - 4/5