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  1. Coco


    Colbie Caillat - CD

    1 New from  £200.00  Free delivery

     Realize the talent


    Colbie is a talented young singer & songwriter and this album shows exactly that! I heard her a few years back and was really impressed. I bought this album back in 07 and still listen to it. It has quite a few happy-go-lucky songs, which is good for lifting your spirits! I'm just waiting on her next album now....

  2.  This is All I Ever Wanted!


    Kelly is incredible!!! She always has been and I'm sure she always will be! I waited for this album and was looking forward to listening to the end result for so long. I'm so glad it's finally released. It really is an amazing album (after all, this is Kelly Clarkson we're talkin about!).

    Once again she's shown her versatility on here, with the album comprising of a range of different music. I love all the songs and I gotta say that they've been written really well. Kelly's vocals are outstanding (as always!)

    This is a brilliant album by a truly amazing artist. I hope Kelly Clarkson continues to write songs, release albums and tour for years on end, because she really is so incredibly talented. Rock on KC!

  3.  Sandler's just a Click away


    This is a great movie and I really enjoyed watching it. I'm used to seeing Sandler in straight up comedies (which he's always great in), but this film had more to it and he acted well.

    Click is still a funny movie, but it has drama and love (especially family love) in it, which makes it a good mix.

    Whether you're an Adam Sandler fan or not, I think it's worth watching.

  4.  Cute sheep


    This sheep is sooo cute! haha. It smells great, warms you up and it's just so soft! Nice for these freezing winter nights...

  5.  The Script!


    A brilliant album by a great new band. The lead singer has an amazing voice. I love all the songs on this album, but not too keen on tracks 2 and 3. All the tracks have a different vibe, but the album still manages to keep some consistency, so it's not all over the place. Definitely worth buying.

  6.  Good Girl


    This is a brilliant album! The best tunes in my opinion are: "Rehab", "Question Existing", "Umbrella", "Disturbia" and "Sell Me Candy". There are loads of great songs with good beats and I think that Rihanna has sung really well on the album. She's a great young talented artist and I'm looking forward to her next album.

  7.  He's done it again!


    I've always liked James Morrison. I bought his debut album a couple of years back, which was great and as soon as this album was released, I bought it and was very pleased with it.

    He has a brilliant raw / soulful voice and has written some excellent songs. This album mainly comprises of easy listening tunes. Some of my favourites are: You Make It Real, Broken Strings, If You Don't Wanna Love Me, Save Yourself and Dream on Hayley.

    Overall a brilliant album by a talented artist!

  8.  i Cracked Up


    Hahaha, this is a really funny movie. I think Seth was hilarious in it and Katherine played her character well.

  9.  A Movie To Remember


    This is such a lovely movie. The storyline is great and unpredicatable. Shane and Mandy did a brilliant job. It's not a typical teen movie..honest. I love it.

  10.  No need to Apologize, as it's a brilliant album :p


    After hearing Apologize, I had a feeling their other songs would be good and yeah, i was right (wooohooo, haha). Ryan Tedder has great vocals, backed up with amazing music from the band and excellent lyrics.

    OneRepublic are now one of my favourite bands. This is definitely a strong album!