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  1.  Well that was painful..


    I've never been a big fan of the books. I just read them when I needed an easy read. These are the kind of books where I sit and wonder WHY I bothered reading them, and can never come up with a good answer. Maybe I thought it would pick up and get better? I'm a big fan of vampires, just not Meyer's. The last book was most painful to read as it was way too long. If she was a better writer, with better ideas, I could have survived, but as superficial as she is it doesn't take long before you're bored and desperate for a better flow in words and in story.

    The book starts with the 'heroine' Bella, an 18-year-old girl who's engaged with a vampire. Two seconds into the book and you're left with a feeling of annoyance toward the main character. She's extremely self centered, feeling sorry for herself for having an expensive car that hasn't even been released yet! Wow. I want to shoot her. That's like a big flaw, having a complete ditz as the main character. I thought she was annoying in the other books, but this one is even worse. Her amazing, god-like, sparkling, pale vampire boyfriend Edward isn't much better. He, too, is more annoying in this book than in the others. He can jump from being happy one moment, to being angry the next, for no reason. I wouldn't even date him, if I knew someone like him. Which means that little Bella must like him only for his looks, because there's not much else to him. Good thing he's so amazingly perfect, and sculpted like an archangel from heaven! And EVERYTHING must fall in place for at all times. There's no substance whatsoever.

    The book is also sickening in so many ways. I'm not going to spoil anything. You'll know what I mean once you read it. Bella is one sick sex-crazed teen who need to go and see a shrink. Fast.

    The whole book borders on laziness, as the ideas, the story lines and the ending all completely shocks me. I would never, ever, let anyone publish this kind of book if I was a publisher. It must be the money, nothing else. It sickens me.

    In short words, read something worth the money. I regret spending money on it.