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  1.  A bargain


    At just under a fiver this game was a bargain. The storyline was original. The bosses and some of the normal enemies are quite challenging. The storyline is also reasonably long meaning lots of gameplay.

  2.  Not such a dream.


    The visuals of this game aren't that bad. You have a range of tables to select from ranging from your space type ones medieval, monster, and a dinosaur table. They each have their own special features and effects, own soundtrack, appropriate sound effects. Each table also has a voice over. Personally I found this a little annoying. The game play is not very engaging though. The flippers seem to have a mind of their own. Sometimes they are irresponsive, sometimes the ball goes flying with even the lightest tap. This makes it difficult for any serious tactical or skilled gaming.

    It is not a bad attempt at creating a pinball game. However work is needed on the game play.

  3.  Great for flexibility, toning and balance but also fun


    If you want a full cardio vasular work out than I wouldn't reccomend this game. If you want to tone up your body and have a light exercise then this is for you. The game can be serious or a bit of fun. You can play games which involve moving your whole body such as hula hoops or skiing. You can also take a more serious work out approached involving warming up stretches. There are lots of features so will have longevity. The board feels good quality and hopefully will last. Only time will tell on that.

  4.  Puzzle after puzzle after puzzle


    A fun, bright and cheerful game! Let me start with the good points to this game. Firstly there are tons of puzzles to play. Some involve blowing up blocks which others are more jenga in style. The competitive multiplayer and cooperative multiplayer options are good fun. The game has great replay values with a level creator. Now it is time for the bad. Firstly I guess it might end up being repetitive and secondly the storyline is laughable.

    This is a great family game, really great for kids. I would also recommend it for people who like puzzle games.

  5.  What more can I say - its chess!


    There are many great points about this game. Firstly the ability to go online and play against people from around the world is a good feature. When playing against the computer it is challenging; great prcatise for a chess hobbyist.

    If you do not like chess then you will not like this. It is just pure and simple chess. No mini games or special features. The visuals are also very basic. The game is a little pricey for what it is. For the price I would have expected a selection of classic games such as backgammon and draughts.

  6.  Not real tennis but still a good laugh


    I think this game has a good array of characters with different special abilities and fun courts to play on. I even enjoy the added minigames. The graphics are clean and the game does have a cheerful feel about it. This game is best suited for sega fans and those who like tennis but get bored of the constant back and forth. This adds a little magic to the tennis genre.

  7.  Very very average


    As a one player game this is rather dull and repetitive than agin I don't think it was designed as a one player game. The quiz has mostly American based questions. The darts is quite challenging. If you are someone who has friends around alot and need something to pass an hour then this game is for you otherwise avoid.

  8.  Still a sweet dream


    I believe that this game still had much of the magic and charm of the original. To begin with the control are a little tricky. It is just a case of mastering them. The chase challenges are great. The boss battles are imaginative. Bomamba is my personal favourite even if is a bit creepy with those strange cat things flying at you. In that boss battle you move a table to try and get ball down holes. It has good replay value since you can go back and collect dreamdrops and try and improve your scores so that you get a A grade for each level. The magic is uplifting and I think the graphics are good.They have a mysterical quality. The only thing I don't like is the maze stages. I find them a little slow and repetitive. Actually they are quite good if you like solving little puzzles.

  9.  Ratisfaction


    The biggest fault with this game is that it doesn't make the best use of the wii remotes unique controls. However it is a good challenging game with many different activities. You can make soups by clicking at different vegetables in the fastest time. You can ice a cake by pressing the wii remote buttons in the correct order. The slides are lots of fun. You can challenge your friends to see who can get down the fastest. Getting chased is quite funny as well. Excellent for fans of the movie but may not have enough longevity.

  10.  Sonic and the secret rings


    The controls are a little frustrating and the storyline is very dull and annoying. At least some of the levels have more to do than just reaching the end. For example in one you have to avoid breaking any vases.The party games are a great laugh though.