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  1.  Excellent game, just give it chance


    I must confess to being a fully fledged BBC2 fan boy - I loved that game so I was always going to buy this. However the first few plays of BF3 I thought that it was utter tosh. Its hard to put a finger on, there was jsut something about the way you hop over obstacles that left me feeling sick, the graphics seemed confused and the most annoying bit was getting my backside handed back to me on a bullet ridden plate all the time. 8/9 hrs of play later and I have realised how wrong I was. The game is much more detailed and involved than BBC2, the levels(?) / maps encourage far more creeping around and hunting down, the weapons are harder to handle but more rewarding when used correctly and the gun battles over disputed flags are awesome. Wrestling over a contested choke point is much more involving that BBC2 and the rehashed class systems, although odd at first, really seems to work. Going prone adds a lot to the game - snipers are unbelievalby annoying now, but i guess they would be in real life(!), but on the other hand crawling around an objective really adds to the involvement.
    The game moded are fantastic as well with the classics still there but with a few extras- team deathmatch introduces the chaotic bloodbath that CODers would like.
    Dont make the mistake I did - this isn't BBC2 updated, its BF3 - its a different game with similar but differnt skill to learn. It isnt perfect - the knife attack leaves me swearing and launching controllers across the room as I stand behind someone hammering the button but achieving little more that a back massage for the enemy soldier before he turns and guns me down, my eyes do hurt a little from the perhaps slightly over detailed scenes as they move rapidly past and I remain to be convinced by the jets as I cant really fathom what they add (perhaps I need to simply get better with them) so I'd give it 4 not 5 stars. It is definitiely worth getting as its an immense game, but it will require a bit of patience to get into and get some stuff unlocked to help you find your feet.

  2.  Brilliant


    Put simply, this game is superb and for 17quid is an essential buy. THe argument of BF2 vs COD are a little more complex and personnaly are of limited use in my opinion. I own both and love both. They are similar, yet very different games both with strengths and weaknesses. I'd struggle to say wither is "better" but each would suit a different sort of player. COD is much more an instant hit of action, an arcade game if you like. BF2, whislt in no short supply of action, requires a different pace and approach. Creeping up, planning an attack and working in unison with your team mates is essential to succeed. you could go on for ever comparing the two, but to me that is the essentail difference - COD is a fantasitic arcade game, BF" is a soldier sim you need to work at.
    I personally prefer BF2 if pushed. With the simply awesome Vietnam add on this game is just brilliant. THere are glitches, but adding in vehicles, destructable environments, proper coop team play, BF2 does it for me. However, for a half hour blast, COD creeps back in as BF2 engagements can last an awfully long time with well matched teams and COD has a undeniable pick up and blast appeal.

  3.  Brilliant


    This is an awesome book. It captures the 40k universe brilliantly but doesn't exclude those who aren't ardent followers of it. It's an excellent piece of sci fi in it's own right but an interest in 40k adds the cherry to the cake however. Eisenhorn was awesome and the reason I bought this book. Truth be told I thought eisenhorn was a little better but this is still a fantastic set of books. Characters plot environment are all captivating and hold you in to the end. My advice - buy this and eisenhorn and read eisenhorn first. Only want one? Buy eisenhorn and after that buy this........

  4.  excellent


    Buy this book - it is fantastic. The Salamanders feel like a different chapter to those in other books as they have a much more distinctive character. The conflict between loyalty to ther chapter and conflict between brothers is well played out and the story is simply facinating with novel turns throughout. I also like the fact that the Salamanders are falable - I was getting bored reading about one or two Astartes holding off countless millions of enemies without breaking sweat. I appreciate they are supposed to be the Emperors sons etc. but they are still flesh and blood. I think this book is one of the fist (that I have read anyway) that balances their superhuman enhancements with the fact they are still living (and killable) beings.

  5.  awesome


    fantastic book. excellent stories and characters. couldn't put it down from cover to cover. the iron snakes have a distinctive fell of their own and have become one of my favourite chapters based on this book alone. brilliant.

  6.  awesome


    Simply fantastic. I have always hated first person novels, as I always found them awkward. This however is simmply brilliant. You care about the carefully crafted characters, the story is twisting and engrossing and doesn't simply blather on about Astartes all the time like other 40K novels. Buy this. It is brilliant!

  7.  good


    Took a bit of getting into, but a solid member of the series. Preferred HH 1 to this, but dont know if thats just because HH1 was the first one i read (read the last 4 in 3 weeks) and the books in all fairness are quite similar. Thats not a bad thing but I enjoyed the first ones so much because they were different to other things i had read recently, this is more of the same. The series I think needs to be taken as a whole and as a series it is excellent, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

  8.  Very good


    Anyone who likes Warhammer / Sci fi novels will find a good read here. It's the first WH40K book I've read. I've never been a fan-boy of 40K, but enjoyed the computer games ect. so it was more of an idle interest than anything else that made me buy this. Don't regret it at all and have just ordered the next two books in the series.

  9.  Reasonable


    Bonnie's review is spot on. The game is nicely put togerther and perfectly competant but not much more. Basic game play, alright control interface, zero replayability. Xbox live is quite good, and worth a blast but not worth paying full price. I think they missed a trick when they only put 2 playable factions in, playing the Flood would have spiced things up a bit. There are different leaders for each faction you can choose which does change tactics to a degree, but no where near what a 3rd race would have done. Haven't played any other RTS on Xbox so I don't know if his is better or worse than any other. Not sorry I bought it but I doubt it'll be getting played in a months time.

  10.  Classic


    Cracking read, a must for any old Bobby to remember the good old days and for any new Bobby to lament their passing! Seriously, an amusing read for anyone.