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  1.  Great


    Loved playing this. Dark, tense and very challenging in parts. Very interesting setting and style and it just grabbed me from beginning to end.

    Some moan about AI... it isn't that bad. No worse that the Black Ops games.

    Love the tension that the gas mask and darkness create.

    Wonderfully bleak game.

  2.  dull as dishwater.


    The campaign just feels like a series of horde rounds, the new weapons are naff, characters are boring, story is stupid, the story is narrated to you by the character and there is nothing to look forward to as the story is... well... finished.

    Lazy effort. Same enemies, with a few ridiculous ones thrown in.

    Trading it in straight away before it loses value.

  3.  Superb


    Brilliant game from start to finish. A completely new feel to the Tomb Raider series.

    Played it through three times, and that is unheard of for me.

  4.  Veru good game


    Another gem in the series. Visuals are great, sound is perfect and the atmosphere is still there.

    Panic is a big feature in the game as you need to decide what to do and fast. A new kind of fear in games I think.

    And the pinball machine made me drop my controller.

  5.  No no no...


    There has never ever ever been a decent movie tie-in game released across any platform. What were you expecting? Developers are limited in what they can expand upon.

    Dead Space.... miles better... freedom to develop without being budget mugged by license.

  6.  brilliant


    loved it from beggining to the end. Huge environment, great game play, great characters.

    Best game ie played in years.

  7.  Yeah..... brilliant.


    Stunning to look at, brilliantly written characters and very playable.

    This must be game of the year, or there is something very wrong with reviewers.

    Single player is vast and you will not get bored and there is also a fun multiplayer side to the game.

  8.  Rally good movie.


    I have a list of films that make my top 5 of all time and this one is in there. I just love it so much.

    The chemistry between the characters, the dark humour and a great cast.

    Having an emotional connection to characters is a very difficult thing to pull off, and this is so refreshing from all of the jazzy speed editing, rock n'roll style of crime dross that saturates the screens these days.

    Colin Farrell's character is just so good. So real.

  9.  Good tribute


    Decent enough tribute to the original. I would have loved to see the same tale told from the point of view of a different protagonist.

    Different survivor with a different experience would have made a great sequel.

  10.  Just not Hitman


    Well I played my way through the tutorial and hated "instinct" immediately, but thought it would be okay. It is... until you run out, then your disguises just don't work.

    There are no single hit missions like all previous games and the levels are in sections.

    One mission saw me awkwardly fidget my way past guards, only for me to get to the target then.... cut scene.... target escapes, only for me to awkwardly pick my way through policeman after policeman through a linear level.

    I'm still doing it and it is just boring. I think i'll just shoot my way through every level, cos sneaking is pointless.