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  1.  A Timeless Collection


    I'll start by saying; I didn't play these games the first time round.
    So why did I say these games are timeless, if I don't know first-hand? Because, all the developers basically did was remaster the graphics and port it to the PS3, and it feels like the game was made for the 3rd Generation of consoles.. yet it was originally released years ago on the PS2.
    The gameplay is fantastic, especially considering the age of it.
    Shadow of the Colossus is by far my favourite at the moment, and I rate this collection 5 stars for this game alone. It's a game of MASSIVE proportions; the map and enemies are HUGE. The only opponents in this game are the 16 Colossus, giants you must bring down in order to win the favour of the God's and to resurrect your wife. Each one is basically a boss. Most of the game is trying to find each colossus, scouring the land with your trusty steed (it's actually a pleasure to observe the sheer scale and beauty of the map, and it's genuinely fun riding the horse). But, once you've found your target, you must work out how to bring down the enormous beast. You literally climb on top of it. It's amazing.
    So, that's SOTC out of the way.
    ICO, I have mixed feelings about. Admittedly, I've only played about an hour of it, so I refuse to rate down the game just because I'm not getting into it just yet. However, it seems to me like the controls can be quite tricky, and the game itself is rock solid. It can be quite infuriating at times. However; the graphics are again exceptionally beautiful and similarly styled to SOTC, and the story seems quite interesting, so I'll be playing this more in future.
    Basically, it's two amazing games for under 30 quid; less than you'd pay for a single new release. In fact, I'd pay the money for SOTC alone.

  2.  Best Online FPS this year!


    First of all, I'd like to say; you have to keep in mind that at the moment this is a BETA. Expect it to be buggy, and glitchy at points, especially considering the download is only just over 1GB. You can't rate it down for those things considering it's to be expected in a BETA.

    Now on to the actual game itself. Clearly, people are going to keep comparing it to Call of Duty, and I don't blame them.. CoD is one of the most popular FPS out there. However, you have to approach this game with a different mindset to CoD. The first matches I played on this were terrible, until I realised why. I was just running in, guns blazing. But to succeed you have to think tactically. You have to approach and flank your opponents, wait to strike. You have to stay low and anticipate your enemies movements.
    The gameplay is fluid, with vaulting sequences for jumping walls and animations for knifing other players. It's much more realistic than most in it's league, with about 4 or 5 rounds being enough to put down an opponent. No killstreaks, in my opinion, makes the game more balanced.. I haven't missed them at all. In fact, I didn't even notice they weren't there till a friend pointed it out. The best thing about this game is you actually feel like you're part of a team. Even when you don't have a mic, you have a sense of unity with your squad. You can mark out enemies, and set objectives. Squad members can use you as a spawn point, and you various classes help one another with ammo, repairs and healing.
    The graphics are bright and beautiful, and I expect them to be even better in the full game. The matchmaking is almost instantaneous, and you actually feel like your character has some weight to it. Bullet's are affected by gravity, so aim higher than your target if you're trying a long shot. Sniper's are easier to pick out with the glint on their scope. This genuinely feels much more like a Battlefield. The map's are huge. Grenades and RPG's are much more balanced in this than they are in other FPS's *coughs* Call of Duty *coughs*.
    In my opinion, Call of Duty should move aside. Battlefield's about to blow it out of the water.

  3.  We've shared some memories..


    This thing is excellent, honestly, and especially for the price..
    Simple design with a flashing red light, and 16GB of pure memory for the taking. Had this for well over a year, dropping it many a time, and it's never failed me once. Perfect for transferring files for school, and films, music and saves to my PS3 and netbook.
    It's rare to find such quality at this price. :D

  4.  Quality, but bulky.


    Before these I had bought the Sennheiser CX300's time and time again, but that was before they doubled in price.
    These are good, especially for the price. Good quality sound, but for me they're too large. They fit, but they're heavy, and I feel they're often getting pulled down.
    Good, but too large.

  5.  Quality sound.


    These are the best earphones I've ever had the pleasure of owning.
    Well designed to fit comfortably in your ear, light, and best of all is the sound quality, which I find to be unmatched in any other earphones I've tried. I've bought these twice, and CX300's (not mark 2), twice, and both are excellent. However, for me they each only last about 3 months. I would've bought them again, but I preferred them at 16.99. :)

  6.  This movie's unstoppable.


    Personally, I feel this is a fantastic film, one of my personal favourites. A disaster movie that doesn't go over the top. It had shivers shuttle running my spine, and this is all considering it's a film based solely upon a train going really fast without brakes!
    Awesome. :D I recommend it. :)

  7.  Challenging, but amazing.


    I would call myself one of those hardcore CoD fans.
    I always go back to playing CoD online once I've completed my latest game.
    This is nothing like Call of Duty. The other reviewer was correct; It's slow and patience is a must, but that doesn't mean that the CoD fanboy can't love it. I got it today, and I'm into my 3rd mission. You never know when you're going to be fired at, and you must always be ready. One shot could kill you, and it could come from anywhere anytime. The compass has never been more valuable, and you really need to watch your ammo. Your team are vital, they've already saved my life a number of times.
    Haven't got round to playing it just yet.
    This game requires patience, skill and tactics, but one you get into it, it is awesome. The graphics are pretty good too ;)

  8.  Awesome Finale...For Now


    In my opinion, this one has to be the best book of all 4!
    I couldn't put it down!

  9.  A World is at War


    This game is truly amazing!
    The basic core of the game (not the timeline or story but the actual bare gameplay) is the exact same as Modern Warfare. This time however, it is back in time once again to World War 2.
    The graphics have improved, and so has some features of the interaction with the AI etc. Like, instead of your knife just slicing a guy like in Modern Warfare, and it feeling kinda meaningless, this time it actually stabs in and the blood spurts out. It makes it feel so much more meaningful, just like you know hes dead. If ya get what im on about =)
    Also, when you shoot a guy, you see more (and realistic) blood. And the explosion effects are amazing. Now peoples limbs will be torn off etc.
    You may not like the old style guns, but i love them. They feel so much more rough, powerful and grittier. Its awesome!
    The campaign is great, and the Russian ending is amazing. Almost as good as CoD4's one!
    And yet again, the online is sooo addictive.
    It is definitely recommended for fans of World at War, unless like others you dont like the older weapons. And if you havent tried any previous call of duty's, this one is a great place to start =)

  10.  Unique and Adrenaline Pumping


    So far I have only played the demo, but WOW!
    It is such a simple and original idea, I cannot believe that no one has come up with it before.
    First off the city graphics are great, and the character graphics are quite good, but still not great.
    But it is so much fun. I could play for hours on end, just running around rooftops doing whatever I wanted. The fighting in it is fun, and the jumping is amazing. There are soo many different ways of getting to places.
    Definitely a recommended game!