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  1.  Brilliant but frustrating


    The sims has always been a great game. It's up to you what you do with your character but to complete the game you have to achieve the goals. Before you start goals you have to ensure your characters moral is good by making sure all they're gauges are more green than red. This involves keeping them fed, making sure they use the toilet and shower/bath, keeping them entertained and keeping their social life active.

    The objectives can be met through getting job promotions which in turn have to be met through gaining certain skill levels, or through buying things for the house which you need the job for to earn money, or through a few other tasks.

    The frustrating thing about this game comes when you're in control of a few sims. Sometimes you need to turn off the free thinking option to stop sims you're not controlling from thinking for themselves. This is because the AI is not very clever. Sims who are full but tired will sometimes go for more food rather than a bed, or if they are down because they have no social interaction they will do something other than find someone to talk to. As a result of this you waste a lot of time making sure all your sims are doing what they need most and this knocks on to the time you spend on each level which can be frustrating. Also, some of the goals seam random. You can do the same thing 3 times and for some reason it doesn't register the first time you did it, but it does the third time.

    So if you don't mind being frustrated on times because of some of the really silly things I mentioned above then this is another good sims title.

  2.  Great series, but not a huge update


    The new additions to this game are great but if you have played the previous versions of this game there's not a lot of new stuff here.
    The good stuff in the game is the new control system at first seams horrible but after a few matches you can see it really is better. All grapple moves are now started by the right analogue stick. Manager mode has been stretched to more than 1 year now and has some new options (manager mode was a great addition to the game). As always there are plenty of characters to choose from, and a new match type. There's interactive environment moves now too like smashing your opponents head into the steal steps a couple of times. And the create a character, entrance and music sections is great with a lot of options.

    The downsides are that there's really not a lot of change. When your character is down it takes a lot of button bashing on times to get him up. The rumble push out meter doesn't work as well when you're on the receiving end. On legend difficulty the amount of blocks and counters is ridiculous. And some of the extras you unlock are rubbish (like ornaments for your locker room, why not a few more legends).

    Don't buy it if your expecting huge change, its like the yearly sports game changes. Tweak to the control system, few new ideas, few new faces. Buy it if you like the smackdown games series.

  3.  Get past the first few hours and this gets good


    When I started this and played the first 3 hours I honestly thought what was all the hype about? All that was happening was cut scenes and a few small interactive sections which weren't entertaining at all. But the moment you get to visit the worlds it starts to get really enjoyable. The game is like final fantasy in that you have to level up, improve weapons, discover new abilities, spells and summons, but the system is not as user friendly as final fantasy as you have full control and movement of your character in battles. This can make it difficult to get a spell or item released when you want it too. On the plus side the real time fights are good and once you unlock more moves though your character can really impress. The game travels to many familiar worlds which look accurate and the characters are all familiar if you've ever seen the films. These include the worlds of Aladdin, Peter Pan, Wonderland, Halloween town, Winnie the pooh, Tarzan, and a few more.

    This game has its niggles like the cut scenes. There's a lot to start with, and what's annoying is if you die on a boss fight then you have to go through the cut scene again as it won't allow you to skip no matter how many buttons you press. The ship flying levels are boring and pointless but thankfully you can use a warp option later to just travel direct to the world you want to. But on the whole, if you ignore these niggles and the early part of the game, it's good.

  4.  It's GTA junior


    This is a well executed idea. Originally entitled bully with people trying to ban it, but why? If you play the game you can see the character actually beats on the bullies and tries to do what's right (of course, when your roaming freely you can do things bullyish like stuffing them in trash cans or lockers, or firing your weapons at people, but that's your choice). It's very similar in its make up as the GTA turf wars. Your sent to a school where there are several groups (nerds, jocks etc) you need to win over through various tasks. The missions are set up like in any GTA game and there are also lots of extras to do apart from your missions like a GTA game (for example collecting rubber bands). The school lessons are great. Some involve button presses, or my personnel favorite is the English lesson where you're given 6 letters and you have to try and find all the words possible from them. The weapons are what you'd expect to find in any cartoon playground like stink bombs, marbles.

    Another rockstar classic, but I doubt they can do anything on the PS2 to match the mighty GTA San Andreas.

  5. GUN



    2 New from  £18.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.39

     Go for your guns


    I really like a different style of game, a break from the normal styles I go for. This was my first western style game and it's really good. The story is well written but the gameplay is what makes this game so great. Firstly there's the quick draw option where the time slows down but your movements are quicker. In that time you have to get off as many shots as possible if multiple enemies are after you. The quick draw system is brilliant. The horse riding is smooth and you even have to watch your horses stamina level when sprinting. The guns can be upgraded as can your health when you have enough cash. The enemies are like a proper western with the bad guys and indians. When travelling on your horse you also have to fight off bandits. There are animals to hunt, and there's also a cool poker game which I spent a good amount of time playing.

    This is a great game, buy it.

  6.  Pretty decent game


    Not a lot has changed since the first game, which if you've played the first game you'll know that its a good thing. Why try to fix something that isn't broken. Your back in control of Crypto and the goals are still the same in terms of the human enemies (the law basically), but this time the arch enemies of crypto's race are also around for a fight.

    The differences in this game are the different countries, Britain and Japan for example, the ability to possess humans which lasts for a set time, and a free love option to make everyone start dancing giving you time to clear out of any trouble you may find yourself in. Then there are the new weapons. There's the dislocator which shoots Frisbees which drag people all over the place, a gun which brings meteors down to the target, and gastro who's a temporary side kick that fights with you. And there's a gene mixing tool where you have to abduct certain humans to meet each goal.

    The weapons and you ship have a good upgrade system and to unlock them all you'll have to do all the side quests. There's a decent 2 player mode here too with side games.

    Overall the gameplay is as good as the original, with some great new weapons and some great new moves.

    Oh, and the the humour is just as good as the first game was. It'll make you giggle.

  7.  Good puzzler


    Another simple concept well done. Basically you have to guide your character from the start place to the exit of the level. This might be though building a stair case, moving through a pattern of conveyor belts, or guiding him past security gaurds with flashlights. Its another test of your judgement skills. You earn points based on the amount of time and moves it takes you to complete the level. You'll sometimes not see the obvious and end up kicking yourself for it. This is a must for puzzle lovers, especially for £10.

  8.  Enjoyable but would only play through again with multiplayer


    I've never played metal slug before but the review sites liked it so I thought I'd give it a blast as it was 7 games for £15. It's the complete series of metal slug and I have to say it was quite enjoyable while it lasted. The games have 3 simple buttons, 1 for jump, 1 to shoot, and 1 for grenades. The action is great and fast paced on times with enemies coming from everywhere. These can be soldiers, aliens, tanks, boats or planes. When the action comes thick and fast your reactions have to be the same as there are plenty of times where you will die in this game. The 2 real fun elements in these games are firstly your weapons which start with a basic gun until you collect power ups, then you can get a machine gun, rocket launcher, laser, twin shot and a few more. Secondly there's the bosses which are big and boast a good arsenal of weapons.
    The game rerminded me of smash tv only done in the style of side scrolling streets of rage. The difficulty is good as you continually have to watch the screen for oncoming bullets or projectiles and you can adjust the difficulty. I died many times over the 7 games. The only disappointing aspect to this game is that the graphics weren't hugely different over the series. I was expecting a bit better from the last 2 games which were PS2 releases. For the price this is worth it as it works out to just over £2 a game, and there's replay value if you have a friend to go multiplayer on it.

  9.  Great value but I had a small problem


    Unlike some reviewers I have not experienced any problems saving to this memory card with any of the games I have had and I've played and saved a lot of games to this card since I bought one. However, my problem is that 3 game files have been corrupted on this card which is something I've never experienced with any Sony memory card (or other manufacturers cards) on PS1 or PS2. And it's even more annoying when you're nearly at the end of the game and your file corrupts. These files can be reduced in size to about 2kb but I can't get rid of them at all. So, maybe there are different problems to experience with this card if you take the previous reviews into consideration too. But even with my problems I still have nearly 32mb left. But to be honest, I'd stick to the manufacturers cards that i've tried and trusted in future because nothing is more annoying then having to restart a game from the beginning when you've gone a good bit into it. This card may work out cheaper than 8mb cards but in future i'll pay for the 8mb before I buy another one of these.

  10.  Good puzzler that suits the PSP


    I like a good puzzle game and the PSP has several of these. I bought mercury meltdown as I played the original which I really enjoyed. Mercury is like a really advanced, more difficult and more enjoyable version of marble madness. The goal is simple, meet the objectives of getting your mercury blob to the end area. This can be time limit or percentage of mercury left limit or both. Sounds easy and at first it is, but the difficulty soon pushes you more and more. You have several objects trying to push you, smash you, thin paths that require full concentration. Then there's colour mixing puzzles where you have to split your blob and control both blobs to the target. And to beat the high scores really takes some doing. New additions to meltdown make the blob solid, faster, slower etc.

    This game is really enjoyable and worth the money, but you will need patients as some puzzles have thin margins between success and failure.