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  1.  Not nearly as bad as some are saying, but a step backwards


    Black Ops is not nearly as bad as most are saying but having to follow MW2 was never going to be easy. The bottom line is that it is not as good as its predecessor, the graphics are not as good and some of the sound effects are, to be honest, terrible. Have people forgotten to mention though that Ice Cube and Gary Oldman do the voice acting and the sound track includes The Rolling Stones and Eminem. Points definitely scored over MW2.

    CAMPAIGN; short as always and the story only really kicks in during the second half. Why can't the story flow like in Uncharted, MGS or even Half Life instead of short missions taking you to different locations.

    MULTIPLAYER is where buyers are most let down. The glitches online are at times unbearable and its playability is not as good as MW2. There isn't the same achievement in adding attachments by unlocking them as you just buy what you want from the start once you can afford them.

    The Zombies was never my thing anyway so I can't really comment but the Spec Ops in MW2 was much more challenging and obviously less repetitive. The online play that DOES score points in my book though is the wager matches which are on small maps between just 6 people. These are a great additions and actually fun instead of running round TDM like the other 100 hours you've always done on MW2 and MW.

    Finally though and what does score points is the pure comedy of watching the credits roll out and listening to JFK's rousing speech about taking on the Zombies while 'Dick' Nixon packs a duel-wield. At the end of the day if the franchise is to move forward it should stay with one developer (Infinity Ward); after all, would anyone do FIFA year after year except EA?

  2.  Quality artists playing quality music


    Rip off of the Live Lounge? This is the Live Lounge, just on a Saturday and not on Jo Whiley's show. Being originally aired to Radio 2 listeners you inevitably get the more laid back artists, singer/songwriters that Radio 1 listeners have never heard of and acts performing covers of some songs you don't know either. But what you do get are talented musicians putting genuine care into unique covers rather than the likes of The Saturdays and Cheryl Cole, who although have their USP's, are not that gifted at singing live. That said, I listen to Radio 1 more than 2 and there are several acts that doe appear on the playlists of both stations but I bought this because I'm a fan of live music. Worth every penny.

  3.  A long cut scene with occasional action


    I've got to be honest; I was really looking forward to the originality of this game but feel pretty let down after so many good reviews. The story is good and does change depending on your actions (for example if characters die) but the end result is not drastically different.

    Some sections are fast paced and you need to be quick on the buttons but by enlarge this is one long cut scene that you interact with rather than a game which you play. On the large part it's too slow and pressing buttons to open a bathroom door and look in a mirror before walking out is not groundbreaking gaming.

    My wife and I had completely different endings but the bottom line was identifying the Origami Killer and following the investigation to help find the kid which we both did. Not a lot changed between our 'versions'. 2* game plus 1* for originality, which there's no doubt it is. Worth playing for something different but consider rental or resale; I'm not at all fussed about playing it again to see what I might have missed.

  4.  5* but not the best game ever like some claim


    Part of the appeal of Drake's Fortune was how under the radar it was and how the fan base grew partly from word of mouth. With Among Thieves the expectation was so high I was bracing myself to be disappointed as can anything live up to the hype (I'm yet to play MW2)? Well this does, but only just. It's just as good as the first Uncharted and the online is a great addition but I wouldn't really say it's better (and let's face it FPS online - COD - are far more immersive). It has evolved and there are nice weapon additions to add to the game but it's just newer and shinier as opposed to better. If I'm honest it takes a while to get up to speed and sometimes the cut scenes are so frequent it's almost like playing MGS4 but once into its stride the game is a lot of fun and quite challenging in places. A touch on the short side (6 hours in and 50% complete on normal difficulty) doesn't help either.

  5.  A bit of fun, nothing more


    Whilst there are a few nice touches which make this game feel a bit like The Bourne Identity it is nothing more than doing a bit of shooting, running and fighting; none of which are particularly complex. The cut scenes are quite nice where the script from the film is used directly and some levels are quite close to the film (the American Embassy, the farm house, the Mini chase) but overall there isn't the depth to the game to make it anywhere nearly as enjoyable as the films.

    You basically play through the first film with the occasional bit of artisitc licence used to add missions where Bourne has flashbacks. The shooting however is basic with a simple dot as your cross hair and the fighting sequences are just a melee of triangle, square, triangle, square with little technique to using different moves. Graphics are pretty basic and it's pretty short too. Overall, it's a bit of fun for a tenner if you're a fan of the trilogy but otherwise put it towards a proper game (after all, you can get LBP and Uncharted for a tenner too).

  6.  Stunning FPS


    Killzone 2 really does have it all. The graphics are excellent, though not quite as polished as MGS4 (the intro sequence being the only exception which I hoped would be constant throughout). The campaign is on the short side and can be completed in just a couple of days but with the ribbon and trophy system it has the incentive to replay, even on the same difficulty, which I have never been tempted to do before. Some of the firefights are monumental, the last assault on the palace being just about the toughest challenge I've played on PS3-I'd like to watch a man complete it on elite! It really did leave me breathless.

    There are a couple of neat touches in there particularly the level where you mount the bot with the missile launchers which was great fun. Overall I think they got it just right with various paths through the levels and a good balance of using cover and simple firepower, though that said the weapon set was a bit basic and I always found myself using the same rifle time and time again.

    Online aint bad too, though tough to level up with only small increments from each match so I'm yet to unlock any new weapons or attachments. My only criticsm is that there are too few re-spawn sites so whenever you die you often set off from the same spot so after each death it feels like you're in the same cycle with little variation. Overall a quality game though and deservedly ranks up there with that other popular FPS (number 4 only!).

  7.  An unknown gem


    Directed by Ben Affleck?? It's actually a fantastic movie, but then with such a gripping storyline it could be directed by anyway. Both Afflecks do a top job as the story blends the missing child case, which seems uncomoftably close to home, police corruption and the ethics behind how the story comes to a compelling end. Without question 5*

  8.  Nice mix


    This game is good in that it has the elements of a FPS but the tactical play of being in control of your team like is R6V etc. It has a nice WW2 feel to it, though a bit dated as seen in the generallt pants World at War, but the graphics are just a dressed up PS2 game;that's the only let down, far from next gen.

  9.  What all racing games should be like - Step up GT5!!


    My first impression of Grid is how similar to DiRT it is; being a Codemasters title the menus and general feel of the game is very similar and the graphics too are equally as stunning as the rally sim. The campaign mode is recreated similarly with US, Euro and Japanese racing events for you to compete in, but only when you've earned the entry fee. Everything is recreated in such detail but as you fly past at 200 mph it all becomes a blur as the game also runs so smoothly. To start with the controls are only slightly tricky to get the hang of; but this is the beauty of Grid- it's a proper racing sim. You have to break or you will crash. You have to go easy on the throttle if you drift onto the grass on European circuits or you will spin. Take care with turning the traction control off too as you will almost certainly spin (I struggled to make it to the first bend (honestly)). DiRT was you against teh clock off-road. This takes the same racing experience onto the track against real competitors who will nudge, bump and force you fof the road. You can't just use opponents as stoppers either into that final corner as you'll write yourself off and not earn any money.

    The US muscle events are fantastic with no room for error on the tight streets of San Francisco and other cities. The European circuit racing is excellent with genuine feedback from swaying off the track , even slightly, and losing traction. The drifting is a bit daft in my opinion as it's not about racing but scoring points for your drifting technique, but then Codemasters appeal to all by including sveral types of racing. Stock car racing, midnight duels on the open road, with traffic for those who like street racing, and other formats, each with their own skill required.

    Whilst Burnout is a bit of fun and NFS and Midnight Club LA are all about street racing in an unrealistic world where you barely need to break and everyone calls you 'homey' and says how good your 'rims' look although there is a small part of Grid where you have to design your car into team colours and choose your sponsors this is only a small part and is by no means a feature to keep the creative entertained. This game is about racing, fast. I can't believe I waited 6 months to buy it. Pick up a bargain if you can but worth the full price. 9/10 (only because the drfting isn't for me and a little bit silly in my opinion-who races for points instead of position anyway?). Play the demo on PSN and see for yourself.

  10.  Thinking man's CoD


    If you want a FPS after getting through the CoD and opt for this over Farcry 2 of Fallout 3 then don't expect a run n' gunner. This is a tactical game using stealth as well as brute force and firepower.

    Overall i struggled to really get into the game with no engaging storyline. The graphics too are in all honesty poor. It looks like a PS2 game with a minor facelift rather then next-gen beauty.

    The guns are good and the tactical options to use you team in different ways to open doors and provide cover is good, but overall let down by the visuals.