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  1.  A good all round DVD set.


    Firstly i will list what is on each dvd as the description of this pack isn't too helpful. There are 6 dvds in this set and mostly comprise of archive footage.

    The 4 regional archive footage dvds consist of:

    East Coast mainline & Scotland
    Southern Region
    Lancashire & Yorkshire
    The South West

    These dvds are well put together with some very interesting facts, however the reason this review got 4 stars was because of these 4 dvds. If like me you have any of the 'Steaming around Britain' series you will notice quite a bit of footage is from there, with exactly the same commentary put over the top. I find this annoying that the makers of these series are just rereleasing footage under new names. However the commentary is clear and very informative, and thankfully there was more newer footage than reused.

    The 5th dvd is another archive one titled 'British Steam of the 50's & 60's'. There are two parts to this dvd which feature the likes of steam workings at Clapham Junction, GWR motive power on the GCR, Birminghams stations, West Coast mainline, LNER passenger and goods engines, Bulleids on the SR, BR 7MT's at liverpool street plus more. The footage is good however it's all a bit random, although the dvd does state this i would rather it put into some sort of order, rather than watching Clapham Junction one minute, then being at Birmingham the next. I am guessing this dvd is just a re-release of an older video as the commentary sounds very aged and is really muffled so quite difficult to understand.

    The final dvd is titled 'Glory days of British Steam' There is a little bit more archive footage which introduces each region before footage from the preservation era starts, this dvd looks at varied members of classes from the big four, standard age and industrial locomotives. The footage on this dvd is not on the Steaming around Britain series and looks to be filmed in 2006-2007. It is professionally filmed and includes a fascinating commentary.

    This dvd pack is worth the purchase for steam fans despite the minor issues i've already mentioned.

  2.  A good round up of Britain's preserved railways.


    I own both the box sets of this series. Before i review it i will list what is featured on each disk, as it isn't listed in the description.

    Disk 1 (South East England):

    Bluebell Railway
    Spa Valley Railway
    Kent & East Sussex Railway
    Romney Hyth & Dymchurch Railway
    Moors Valley Railway
    Watercress line
    Lavender Line
    Sittingbourne & Kelmsley light railway
    Volks Electric Railway
    Isle of Wight Railway
    Swanage Railway
    Aberley Chalk Pits Museum

    Disk 2 (South Western England):

    South Devon Railway
    Paington & Dartmouth Railway
    East Somerset Railway
    Avon Valley Railway
    West Somerset Railway
    Bodmin & Wenford Railway
    Seaton Tramway
    Gartel Railway
    Bristol Harbour Railway
    Launceston Railway

    Disk 3 (Wales & the borders):

    Tal-y-llyn Railway
    Teifi Valley Railway
    Vale of Rheidol
    Gwili Railway
    Welshpool & Llanfair Railway
    Ffestiniog Railway
    Teifi Valley Railway
    Brecon Mountain Railway
    Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway
    Llangollen Railway
    Bala Lake Railway
    Welsh Highland Railway
    Snowdon Mountain
    Llanberis Lake Railway

    A very good round up of all the preserved lines listed, although the footage isn't hugely up to date (mid 90's - early 2000's) it is all professionally filmed. A good commentary is included describing what there is at each preserved railway, how long it is, when it's open etc.
    Well worth purchasing if you have an interest in preserved railways.

  3.  Very good scanner.


    Previously i hadn't heard of Kaspersky at all. For many years i had stuck with the main choice for many people and was running Norton. I finally decided i had had enough of the load times Norton insisted on having when "updating". I came across Kaspersky by chance and had read the many reviews left on it. As i said i hadn't heard of Kaspersky before so i didn't really know how good it was, but after reading the reviews and paying half the price of Norton Internet Security, i'm glad i can say money well spent. Firstly, my pc loads 100% quicker than it did with Norton, and although Kaspersky does update, you hardly notice it happening. The protection is very good and i get told of a network attack or anything similar.
    A very useful quick scan is available to use which can take as little as 1 minute, depending on what you are scanning. As far as i know Kaspersky sorts out everything for you, a bit different to Norton as when that found a threat it gave you the option on what to do with it.
    However there are some downsides to Kaspersky that i need to address. Firstly installation was a bit of a nightmare, previously i was running Norton, Ad-aware and AVG 8.0 free version(although i rarely used it). Kaspersky refuses to install if other virus scanners are installed, specially AVG, and after searching the web and deleting registry keys to do with AVG i was finally installing this product.
    The second little moan is to do with one of the scanners that occurs when browsing the web. I use firefox and i noticed with protection enabled, some images on web pages would take at least 1 minute extra to load or worse case scenario, whole pages wouldnt load at all. If i disabled the protection, they would load with no problem. After finally finding out how to remove it by deactivating one of the settings under web traffic, this little problem is now history.
    If like me you were a Norton user and are fed up of the slowness, i would reccommend this scanner, it may need a little bit of tweaking to get it running how you want depending on your system, but it is worth it in the end.

  4.  Great little buy.


    I have had this game for ages, and every so often i have to go back and play it again.

    Now first of all i don't know anything about the Robin Hood stories so i can't say if it is completely acurate, or totally made up. Although in all honesty, a lot of people will just be interested in playing the game.

    Firstly it is a more 2D based game, where you basically have control over certain characters. Each character can do different things, such as Robin himself who can shoot arrows, Little John who can punch enemies round the head etc. Each character comes with certain sayings when they are fighting, little bit annoying once you hear them a hundred times! The overall plot of the game is very interesting and very addictive. Various missions are included from killing off people, to saving your own "merry men"

    The graphics have been mentioned in past reviews, personally i think for a 2D game they look brilliant. The buildings are very detailed, specially the castle walls, which really does help to make the game as good as it really is.

    Well worth the price it sells for now, and you may find yourself slightly sniggering to some of the comments said by the various characters. Great game.

  5.  Affordable and very useful.


    After my intergrated burner drive packed up a couple of months ago i was looking for other ways of being able to back up my data without having to pay more money on this three year old machine. First i bought an external hard drive but still wanted to have a physical copy of things like pictures just in case. So i had a birthday coming along, and this was put on the list.

    First of all it is very well designed and relatively small sized. Installation took a fair while, mainly because i had an old version of Nero installed. After i had installed the software and drive, my pc found the disk drive without any problems. I go into Nero and select which type of cd i want to make (audio, data, video, slideshow etc etc) and just select the files i want to put on. It is very quick at burning and equally quick at deleting the files off a RW cd. Personally i feel the software included is idiot proof, although it is slightly different to how i did create cds in the past. I used to use Windows Media player, but it doesn't seem to be able to find the external burner. Perhaps that's normal i don't know.
    Anyway, a very good product, and i would recommend this to anyone, specially the novices who just want to create a backup or audio cd without any headaches!

  6.  Very good hard drive.


    I hadn't owned a hard drive before, but i thought it wise to buy one just incase the pc went wrong, or i bought a new pc and wanted to transfer my files. After a massive headache of choosing which one i finally settled for this. It seemed to have good reviews and looked quite good too.

    My first main worry was converting it from FAT32 to NTFS. I thought it would be very complex. It isn't. The software included asks you if you want to convert it when installing the drive onto the pc. If you choose not to convert you wont be able to copy any files over 4GB. But if you do that isn't a problem. I am also under the impression NTFS is more stable than FAT32.

    Once installation was complete all i needed to do was copy and paste my files across, as simple as that! The drive automatically goes to stand by when you select "safely remove hardware" and can apparently go on and off when you restart your pc, although my pc doesn't seem to like having it plugged in when restarting. The drive also has two main vents, one at the top and one at the bottom, very ideal so the drive doesn't overheat. It is very quiet too and you only notice a slight sound when transferring data.

    Only minor problem i had with the drive was the pc not letting me remove it safely. So, i shut down the pc, unplugged it, when pc had loaded plugged it back in, sorted.

    Well worth the purchase and a very reasonably priced hard drive too.

  7.  A welcome addition to Rail Simulator.


    This is probably one of the better add ons for Rail Simulator. The existing Isle of Wight railway of today has been recaptured very well. The scenery is very good, specially from Ryde St Johns to Ryde pier head. There is a good mix of activities for both the steam railway and the national network. The stock included has been well modelled though i cant help but feel a second steam loco should have been included, to make the steam railway based activities more interesting. New sounds have been created for the models and all give a realistic feeling.
    The class 66 add on wasn't one that i would have bought on it's own. Purely because im not a modern train enthusiast. Having said that, i will happily use the diesel locos included. Firstly the models and sounds are to a very high standard and there are quite a few different liveried versions of the model. The activities are good too though some are slightly unrealistic, such as the couple using the foreign route, and the one on the Somerset & Dorset route. This add on is well worth purchasing and as it says on the box "There's something on this add on for everyone"

  8.  Great buy.


    A fantastic compilation of some of the best bits of TV burp. Very funny stuff, specially the "Old Mcdonald" song. This programme is pure genious. For the money it is definately worth the purchase and it will have you in stitches if you are a Harry Hill fan, or indeed if your a fan of your favourite soaps being made fun of!

  9.  Very random.


    Probably one of the most random films i've ever seen. Full of random short adverts and films, which are indeed very funny. For its age this film keeps its humour although in some places i think the humour relates to its time. The reason for giving this 4 stars is a few of the segments which were less funnier dragged on a bit. However this is well worth a purchase if your into comedy/spoof related films.

  10.  A truely fantastic collection.


    When i first saw this on the internet i was really unsure whether to buy it. I had yet to see anyone review it that gave details as to how recent the footage was. I also didnt know what to expect as i dont have any other Fred Dibnah dvds/videos.
    First of all i must say any railway or fred dibnah fan should own this dvd set. For the current price [£16] it is more than a bargain. Each dvd is round about 2 and a half hours long, which is near enough 7 and a half hours long in total. Each programme gives a fantastic look at many preserved railways around the country.
    Many cab rides on various steam locos are featured plus the history of the railways. Also one of the dvds focus's mainly on engine sheds, and features tours explaining what is going on in the various workshops, with fred making his way to each railway with one of his traction engines.
    The footage is professionally filmed to a very high standard, and was filmed probably in the early 2000's till about 2005.
    There were one or two slight errors in the programmes, such as when Fred was explaining about Mallard's speed record and saying she acheived it in 1926, when infact it was 1938!
    But all in all, im glad i purchased this box set, and im sure i will watch it again and again in years to come!