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  1.  Do not bother with this


    I have just finished watching this so callled British action movie.....I do not like giving bad reviews but the only good thing I can say about this movie is I borrowed it and didn't waste good money by buying it.
    the script and direction are amature hour, the field craft on show shows that no one had an idea about the military; as an ex-sailor I cringed at this and would have been embarassed if I had watched it in the company of my Army friends.
    I have read that the director/writer is an up and coming talent.....on this show I hope I never see one of his movies again, I know it was made on a shoe string but TV shows have been doing it better for years, do yourself a favour re-watch the Wild Geese again.
    I really cannot find anything good to say about this movie and that is a first.
    Did I find myself caring about any of the major characters? nope not a single bit and that is one of the major problems.........the so called emotional journey of the main character just doesn't work I really didn't care who died next.

  2.  First rate transfer...enough said.


    just about managed to watch all the extra features last night... a couple of new ones added to those on offer from the previous release (all present and correct).

    Well what can you say about this transfer.... to be honest it is jaw droppingly beautiful, who cannot fall in love with Miss Taylor in beautiful HD....like Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, Quo Vadis this release shows how Blu Ray transfers should be handled.

    the picture is sharp, detailed, the colours are vibrant and bright, the sound is spectacular and I couldn't be happier with the transfer.

    So much has been written about this movie, no it isn't the classic that Ben Hur is but it is not a disaster either, this release should redeam this movie, the HD transfer is so strong that it does give Cleopatra a new lease of life, for a movie this old it looks as if it was made only yesterday, Cleopatra arriving in Rome is amazing and a spectacle to see all over again.

    I would recomend anyone who loves this movie to upgrade believe me you will not be disappointed, I wish all movies could have such a strong transfer.

  3.  Bodes well for the release of the whole series


    I have just finished watching this disc, I will not go into the episodes as they have been around for a while now.
    What I will go into is the picture quality... so does it bode well for updating to HD.... the answer is Yes.
    The picture is vibrant and sharpe, the colours are rich and the picture detailed. the FX looks amazing and almost unrecongnisable from the VHS and previous DVD releases. The detail on the enterprise took me by surprise and Enterprise D has never looked so lovely.... forget the muddy, murky pictures on DVD especially from season 1&2, you will not recognise these episodes and this disc does bode well for the release of all 7 seasons, I have to say I am quite excited at seeing Q-who, Yesterdays Enterprise, Best of Both Worlds etc in HD.

  4.  Uneven Blu Ray picture


    Well you either love or hate the highlander movies after the excellent first one... I happen to love this movie, I like the TV series and was happy to see the two highlanders together.... so most who have an interest in this movie will already know about it so i will not go on about the story,

    The important thing being is it worth upgrading from DVD... well to be honest this is a bit of a mixed bag picture wise, some scenes are as sharp, vibrant and excellent as you would expect from Blu ray then you get a horrendous grainy picture or loads of motion blur it can be a little off putting, there are little extra content so if you have the two disc US version of this movie it may be better to stick with that one..........the uneven picture is a shame as I rank this movie above all the other sequals.

  5.  LEONE's Masterpiece


    I have the american release and can say it is outstanding, the colours are vibrant, the sound may not knock your socks off but is heads above the DVD version, if the specs are the same this will have the same extra's as the two disc version, the blu ray has two different cuts, the restored and the theatrical, can not really say that I noticed much difference/extra.
    I will not go into the movie as those looking at this title will have seen it countless times.
    The big question is it worth updating from DVD, YES without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best this movie has looked. buy sit back and enjoy.

  6.  master of story telling - a gem of a gangster movie.


    I have just finished watching the american import Blu ray, and am happy to say that the movie hasn't looked better, picture is sharp, colours where needed are vibrant, movie has always had an almost sepia feel to it and this is retained, it will not knock your socks off like Avatar or LOTR due to both its age and film stock but it is heads above any other version you will have seen.
    The extras are the same as the two disc SE released a few years ago, the movie as expected is on one disc, they have returned the intermission to the movie for authenticity.
    To be honest this review will only be of interest to those that already love this movie, Sergio Leone is a master of story telling and this movie is no exception, I have loved this movie since I saw the VHS as a teenager. In my opinion this has to be one of the best gangster movies out there. Yes it is an intricate tale told over several different time frames and at times it can be unsettling what I can not work out is why the Americans re-cut this movie and tried to re-tell the story in cronological order, sheer madness.
    If you are as big a fan as I am do not worry the upgrade is worth it, believe me you will not be disappointed, When they issue Once upon a time in the west I will be a very happy Sergio Leone fan.

  7.  Forget the HORRID HDDVD version of a few years ago.


    I have the American Blu-ray version of this release and for those who were unfortunate to purchase the HDDVD version you will be pleased to know that the picture quality on this release is excellent. After the terrible HDDVD release I was in two minds about buying the Blu-ray version, luckily I took the plunge as I love this movie. I am not going to waste everyones time by reviewing the film as those who will buy this will have seen it endless times on TV, Video or DVD. For those worried it is the re-released extended version.
    Colours are rich and vibrant the picture is amazing for a film this old, I highly recommend buying this version. The Extras are almost on par with the criterion release of a few years ago.

  8.  all post season 4 specials accounted for and correct


    Just a quick review to try and sort out a few mistakes by at least one of the reviews on here, this is in fact all the specials, as we did not have a season 5 in 2009 the BBC production team classed all the episodes shown post season 4 as specials and this collection has them all. I have dropped one star for the simple reason they could have had more than one episode per disc, I mean who wants to get to a cliff hanger and then dive out of your comfy armchair and put another disc in apart from that a wonderful box set and well worth owning, I have the blu-ray edition and the picture is outstanding and the standard for the previous DVDs has been so high I see no problem with the DVD version, lovely to see the full versions of the Doctor who confidentials and not the mega edited versions that usually escape onto DVD, so sit back and watch the last few episodes of David Tennant with a wee tear in the corner of your eye, you will not be dissapointed with this set, it you have the other season box sets then you will have bought this already, no doctor who collection will be complete without it.

  9.  Excellent series hope it is in correct screen ratio


    I have given this series four stars on the stories alone, for obvious reasons I can not say what the picture will be like, if it is anything like the remastered DVDs from a few years ago we are in for a treat. I only hope they release them in the correct ratio 4:3, as producing them in 16:9 would destroy this release for me, the programmes were filmed full screen as far as I know, so if you have a wide screen TV you will have to get over the fact that the show will not fill the screen, I hope they take a book out of Star Trek and the original Prisoner and release as they were intended to be seen, can not wait to see the eagles in HD, although not held in high regards over the years by some I have always loved this series the season one music brought tingles to my spine as a child, the moon blasted out of orbit, the survivors left to fend for themselves what can't be liked, found the Dr the weakest character in the first season, the character was stronger in the second, unlike the series, I have always held this in high regard alongside Blakes 7 and UFO of course (can not wait for UFO to be given the HD treatment) as stated I can not review the HD picture but the re-issued DVDs from a few years ago where ten times better than the original release, so with that in mind I await with bated breath, of course will conduct another review if the end product is a let down, but I doubt it.

  10.  Please let there be a sequal


    Have just finished watching this movie on Blu-ray and can not praise it enough, okay it has decided to be a prequal but so what, you can argue all you want but there are several different versions of the story out there and always have been, first of all no one can confirm Robin existed, then different tales have different backgrounds and some didn't even have Marion or Friar Tuck, I for one loved this movie, the picture quality is amazing, if you have seen Gladiator and the much under rated Kingdom of Heaven you will already know that the battle scenes are in good hands, I liked the way Robin or Robert was on his return from the crusades and as was still part of the kings army fighting his way home, I liked the story and felt connected with the characters enough that when the film ended I wished there was a sequal to watch, this film leads upto and finishes at the point the other stories take over. Is this film worth buying YES I loved it and I hope you will also. will be recomending this to my family and friends.