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  1.  Good.... but..........


    The 50 year old Reviewer.

    Much along similar lines as the "Phantom Hour Glass" (I completed that one). Excellent game with loads of little tasks amoung the main task. There are so many of these tasks with different variations you will never know if you do all of them!

    My main moan is all the traveling time needed to get from A to B to complete lttle tasks. This gets tedious especially when you have to fight off the same foes each time you travel down a piece of track. As yet I have not got the jump gates to work - apparently there is some!

    Thats the one flaw. Game is very good though and will keep you going for months.

  2.  Been there - Done it Before


    The 52 year old reviewer.

    I played the first one in the series to the end. I found this much the same - hence by halfway thru I lost interest. A new story line but I got the feeling that some of the puzzles were just reworked puzzles from the village.

    If you like these games OK - but at the price they are I will not bother. Its just too similar.

  3.  Older Player Review - Interesting puzzler


    50 year old gamer (started on the Z81)
    Bought this on the basis of the rave reviews. Its good if you like puzzlers. Some are hard and some are easy - none are impossible that will make you give up. Each puzzle has 3 hints that you can buy.

    Have played it too the end - roughly 20 hours on the clock - the last group of puzzles are in the bonus area so you have to complete parts of the game to get to them.

    Only downer was the plot style ticker chat between the charactors. You want it to hurry up so you can get to the next puzzle. There is this mystery plot that you are trying to solve. But you are not really as the basic route you follow is in the plot which the professor explains and solves - you just solve puzzles to go the next step.

    Older gamers will enjoy the puzzles - I would not value it over £25 though. Some people were paying silly money before xmas.

  4.  Older Player Review - Good Old Classic still works


    Have now reached 50 and still playing games. I love the DS because you can pick it up for just 5 minutes where ever you are.

    Had this on the original N64 and thought it was good then. Transforms to the DS well and is a lot better than 90% of the new games out there.
    Control is fairly easy and soon mastered after a bit of practice - there is various ways to control the charactors. Some of the other comment may not have noticed. I used the stlus on the lower screen to guide the charactor and press the buttons to jumpand flip, etc. You will watch the charactor on the top screen and his control becomes second nature and you ignore the lower map/control screen.

    Basically you are tring to collect 130 odd stars from strange room/worlds. You gradually unlock more rooms as you collect enough stars. Things get gradually more harder and you learn new charactor movements to help in this. You develop these skills as you progress in the game.
    Some stars require Mario's friends to get them and they have to be unlocked by defeating some baddies.

    Some stars are easier to get than others - if you get frustrated in one area you can go to another room to do something different.

    Look on the internet and you will find some walkthroughs for advice. Its surprising wot secrets that you can miss and there is lots of them.

    If you are an older player then ignor the cover picture this is a challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours.

  5.  Older Player Review - Good value


    Its that 49 year old gamer again!!

    Presently on sale for £15 which is good value.

    You control one of 4 little soldiers - each has different weapons. Machine gun, sniper, bazooka! You select between them for wot you need to fight the battles to get the desired result. At the same time you issue orders to the others - Wait, follow, etc.

    Game is clever with simple to use controls although it is too easy to throw grenades in the wrong direction and tap the wrong button.

    My one slight gripe is that if you all die at a certain stage then that mission/level that you are on restarts from the very beginning again. It would be nice to be able to save just before that "tricky" bit - if you see wot I mean. Thats why I gave it 4 stars.

    The blurb does say that its realistic war - Hmm!! I did find that you can run at the enemy and fire at them and then dodge the return fire as it slowly comes at you.

    It does say that there are cheats to unlock when the game is completed - I need them now!!!

    Well worth the money for this little war puzzler though!

  6.  Good game for the price but.........


    Its the 49 year old player again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like my title - its good for the price. But it don't take too long to fight thru the 3 campaigns plus the course you follow thru each level is a bit restrictive - you have to follow a particular course very closely to complete each level.
    If you get bogged down trying to shoot particular enemies and keep repeatedly dying then I did find that you can run quickly thru the bottleneck to complete that level.

    After completing the first 3 levels you become a veteran and you seem to play the 3 campaigns again but you have more weapons. Rather oddly the extra weapons are better so each level is easier to complete plus you already know the course that you have to follow.

    All in all - good for the price -good graphics and the controls are user friendly. Athough aiming the gun is done with the stylus and sometimes I would lose it position.


  7.  Older Player Review


    Yeap the 49 year old reviewer is back. I like this sort of game and it follows the same genre of most of the others.

    A DS is not an Xbox 360 so don't expect to see that sort of graphics from a little DS screen - Graphics are pretty good for the little DS though.

    You advance thru various scenarios mainly on foot to complete an mission objectives. There is a few spells in a helicoptor, etc at the gun but I found these very gratifiying as you blew the enemy away but a tad easy as a level.

    Most of the action takes place on foot. Game control is easy. The + move you around and the fire/throw/punch is the top L. Pointing the weapon is done very easy with the stylus. Reloading / pick ups / swapping weapons is done by tapping the item on the screen. Be careful throwin grenades - little devils sometimes throw them back!

    One slight niggle was that touching the screen sometimes moved my weapon into sniper scope when I did not want too. Usually at the worst moment!!!!

    Took me a month on medium difficulty to complete the game. Pretty sure its one you can come back to.

  8.  Older Player Review


    The 49 year old reviewers perspective. I've played this on the N64 so knew wot to expect. I was not dissappointed - it will keep you amused for ages. Play it wit a couple of people after a few ciders and its an excellent party piece as you do the dick dastardly to your opponents.

    Control is easy and the basic challenge is to win each series of races. As you win you open up more charactors and tracks. Its maddening when you just need to finnish where you are to win a series and someone belts you off the track on the last few bends!!!!! Ultimately if you play to the end you will have all the charactors with a choice of 36 vehicles and you can race the tracks in mirror.

    Have done the lot now and feel there could be a slight rachet up to the challenge - but it is a game that you can put down for a month or two then start again!!

  9.  Hours of Interest for Older Players


    First off I'm a 49 year old player. Have played Zelda on N64 so I knew roughly wot I was expecting and I was not dissappointed. Game has so much depth with new things to find in every direction revisiting some islands later in game reveals new challenges and secrets. Get a bit bogged down in one area then you can go off somewhere else too try something different for awhile.

    Control is wonderfully simple - someone said that sailing the sea takes too long. No there is a secret on one island that allows you to teleport around the oceans (all to do with frogs) - these secrets have to be found and unlocked.

    I've been playing this for approximately a couple of hours a day for a month. I've only opened up half of the world maps - and my collection of parts is only a third full.

    Have mastered the art of fishing but still can't catch that elusive - BIG fish that gets a reward!

    From the older players point of view the cover may look cartoony and the game itself in play looks the same.
    Ignor that side of things - its the gameplay thats important.

  10.  Good Idea but flawed.....


    Right lets get things clear - I am a 49 year old player so strategy type things appeal to me.
    Game has that campaign level where you fight your way thru 20 increasingly harder levels. Later levels opens up more tank (4 by level 8).
    You do have this annoying cartoon ticker-tape chatter between charactors at the start of each level. Luckily you only have to read it once as you have the "skip" option that gets you to the start of the level when you have been beaten on your first attempt. You can also speed the writing up - thank god!.

    Top screen has a good graphic display of the landscape and progressing battle which is nice to watch.
    The bottom screen has the maps and is where you control your tank. Tap onyour tank and draw a line and the tank follows the line till the end. When the radar see's a tank you tap on it and your tank will fire at it. Hitting the target depends on its movement, etc. As in the real world your tank then has to reload.

    I soon learned that movement is crucial to survival - stand still and you are a target. So everthing is fine up to now!

    Here lies the flaw - as levels progress you have to concentrate on the lower control/map screen hence you complete a level to find you never had time to watch anything of the pretty graphics on the top screen.

    The only relavant thing on the top screen is the damage indicators on the enemy tanks even then you are concentrating on targetting on the lower screen so you don't see it.

    I did find that big tanks is not better - little tanks are fast and hard to hit by the enemy......

    (too be continued....)