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  1.  A cannibal gore-fest....NOT


    Another drama film masquerading as a horror movie, a family, with a terrible secret try to come to turns with the loss of the patriarch of their household, while trying to carry on, more secrets that they keep from each other are then revealed.
    If your expecting a cannibal gorefest then your going to be sorely disappointed as their is hadly any gore on show. But give it a chance and there is a lot here to enjoy, good acting, real locations and people show a very different way of life to what we are use to in this country. The children's secrets are a bit contrived but the tension builds well to its inevitably conclusion.
    Recommended to someone who wants something more emotional then your basic slasher movie

  2.  kim Jee Woon does it again


    The story is one thats been done to death but but then the twist sets in motion a seriously twisted game of cat and mouse that never feels forced or ridiculous, even though at times its both. I would of liked to of seen more background on both characters but that aside, there are some amazing set pieces on show so, sit down and enjoy a blood soaked two hour drive through rural South Korea.

  3.  Aussie slasher that would make Darwin proud


    Starts the same way as loads of the current batch of australian horror movies does of late, i.e. a couple road trip across Australia are abducted by sinister yokels, then begins a fight for survival. The film makers do an excellent job of building the tension, making the isolated farm feel almost one of the characters, as they make the outback and the beautiful scenery feel sinster and rather creepy. Well worth a watch.

  4.  african apocalypse


    An old school zombie movie, low budget, slow rambling zombies with no CG. Worth watching because this was made on site, actually in Africa with no sets or hollywood lighting giving it a much more of a real feel then many of the films that have come before it. Highly recommended for all those who still haven't had their fill of zombie flesh munching mayhem.

  5.  excellent horror drama


    A film that follows the life of two very damaged individuals as they embark on a relationship as only damaged people, in horror movies can do.
    If you are looking for your bog-standard hollywood saw/slasher style horror movie, then this movie is not for you as there is no bloodsoaked gore on show. On the other hand if you like well written, well acted thought provoking drama in your horror movies then I can strongly recommend this one.

  6.  Absolutely brutal and Highly recommended!!!


    A Serbian Film is a faustian story set in the underground world of porn in post-war Serbia. The music and acting is first rate but where it really succeeds is in the slow build up of tension and foreboding leading to final scene which has to be seen to be believed. If your bored of all the sequels/reboots or same old same old then I can highly recommend this Serbian Shocker!! I can guarantee you won't fall asleep.

  7.  great film tie-in toy for kids


    The helmet looks cool and is alot of fun, the eyes are much large then the movie version, giving it more of a cute kiddie look then film replica and be warned it will only fit kids! it will not fit an adult!! An adult may be able to get it on but will not be able to see out of the eye sockets.

  8.  australian revenger


    Steven Kastrissios' The Horseman Austrailian revenge movie. The story is pretty straight forward, what makes it stand out for me is the excellent performances and the realistic portrayal of everyone involved, not like the pantomine righteous good vs evil you usually find in these sorts of movie, especially Peter Marshall who makes the main character likeable venerable, sympathetic character despite the things he does in it.
    Highly recommended

  9.  highly enjoyable


    If you like Ben Stiller's movies and his sense of humour then you'll love this and if your a fan of the movie then this edition is a must buy. The extras complement the movie very well with deleted scenes that are actually worth watching! Its worth buying just for the rain of madness documentary. I have three movies now with the bonus digital copy and have never used it so can't comment on that but the other two disks are highly recommended!

  10.  Warning: this film is a comedy


    Unlike the previous two films the eye: infinity (or eye 10) is a comedy. It brings together South East Asian folklore and old wives tales cobbled together with scary stories of ghostly encounters. If you don't like comedy horror then don't watch this.