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  1.  Platforming genius.


    Personally I never liked the original Rayman on the PS1 and never really got in to any of the sequels. But after playing the demo of Origins I had no hesitation in buying it.
    Rayman Origings is a throwback to the classic platformers of the SNES/Mega Drive generation, but the graphical style and comedic way the game is portrayed makes it feel fresh.
    One of the other great things about Origins is its length. This is not a game you'll be finishing in an afternoon, with hidden cages to find and speed runs to complete on most of the 60+ levels, which can be a real challenge.
    I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Rayman Origins to gamers of all ages and experience.

  2.  Phenomenoal


    I don't really know where to start, as there are so many good things about Dead Space.

    GRAPHICS........Dark, moody and great animation of the necromorphs. But the best thing about the graphics is the lighting, dark areas with a flickering light, casting very disturbing shadows, only to realise its really nothing at all.

    AUDIO.......For me the best part of Dead Space was the sound. Very realistic alien screams, whether they be right in front of you or off in some distant part of the ship. Its the random noises that keep you on the edge of your seat though. Just never knowing if the noise you just heard is somthing happening off in the distance or if there is a necromorph about to jump out at you. Also the periods of silence have a very foreboding feeling.

    GAMEPLAY..........The difference between Dead Space and other similar games is the emphasis on dismemberment, meaning you can save ammo by blasting off various appendages.
    For those of you who are interested in the PS3 trophies, there are a number of them that can affect the way you play the game, such as trying to complete it only using 1 weapon.

    STORY............The storyline is very predictable and very cliched. You arrive not knowing what has happened, only to be attacked by all manner of creatures. Mad scientists, alien artifacts etc.... all the story elements have been done before in various games (Resident Evil, Doom 3, Bioshock...). But don't let this put you off as its well worth it.

    OVERALL......If you have a sensitive disposition you are probably best staying away from Dead Space. Everyone else has to play this game.

  3. SFW



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     A great movie with a powerful message


    The first time I saw SFW it completely blew me away, with its down to earth characters and strong message.

    I shows how being in the wrong place at the wrong time can thrust you into the celebrity spotlight if you want to be there or not.

    As already stated in other reviews the soundtrack is also great, not only the songs used but the perfect use of them in the movie is very clever.

    The only other thing of note is somthing for the Spiderman fans to watch out for an early cameo from Toby Maguire as a teen stoner.

  4.  Just short of a 5-atar game


    Mirror's edge is a game that comes so very close to being great. Grapically styllish but a bit on the minimalist side. Gameplay is where this game really takes off, fast, fun and fresh.

    The small minor negative points points:-
    Combat..can be very frustrating, 2 hit deaths can be very annoying.
    Trial and error...alot of the levels can be just a leap of faith with alot of guess work.

    Should you buy this game??? Yes you should..

  5.  Stunning


    Firstly I would like to thank Xeph0n & Gremio for their reviews, both were monumental in deciding whether or not to buy this.

    The statue of Aeris is just fantastic and has taken pride of place amongst my gaming memorabilia. The attention to detail if fantastic and is just a stunning work of art. It looks alot better if there is some source of light behind it as it really brings the whole thing to life (especially the water ripples on he base).

    The one gripe I do have is actually to do with Play's description in which it clearly states that it "measures an incredible 17" tall". But after taking it out of the box it is only about 13" tall, I know it does not sound like much but 4" can make a big difference with statues of this kind.

  6. Vexx



    Available  used  from  £9.98

     A good Mario 64 clone.


    When reviewing this game people tend to mark it down due to the fact that it has copied almost all of the gameplay mechanics from Mario 64. Personally I see this as a good thing, after all Mario 64 is regarded by most as one of the greatest games ever. Vexx is a typical 3D platformer in which you have an area for selecting your levels, more opening as the game progresses. The levels are split up into tasks which is copied exactly as Mario 64. Graphically it is does what it sets out to do without being spectacular.

    Not everyone will like this game due to it copying Mario but if you have never played Mario 64 or if you can play the game without thinking about Mario then you should have an enjoyable gaming experience.

  7.  Steven Spielberg's latest Blockbuster


    On the surface Boom Blox seems a bit shallow, so like alot of people I was very reluctant to pay full price. But going against my own feelings I bought it anyway and was so glad that I did.

    The depth and variation in the gameplay is incredible and thats just the single player. The multiplayer is where Boon Blox really takes off.

    A couple of minor gripes (hence the 4 stars), the story in adventure mode is embaressingly bad and the charecters are overly anoying. Also a few of the lecels can be impossibly difficult followed by an incredibly easy level (its just a bit inconsistant), it would be better if the harder levels were all at the later stages of the game.

    Anyone who is on the fence about getting this should definately pick it up.

  8.  An awsome launch game for the Wii


    Anyone who has ever played any of the zelda games will be right at home with the controls plus the added extra of the Wii motion sensor controls. The graphics are fantastic. The story is just as you would expect from a Zelda title, with the added extra of being able to transform yourself into a wolf.

    The Twilight Princess is by no means the best game in the series but is a fantastic game all the same and certainly worth spending your money on.

  9.  I didn't think i would like Viva Pinata, Boy was I wrong


    On paper a garden simulator sounds like the worst idea ever for a video game, but there is so much more to Viva Pinata than what it shows on the surface.

    Essentially you start by designing a garden but once the wild life starts visiting the game slowly reveals the depth of the gameplay and the sheer variation across all aspects of the game.

    Must be played to be truley appreciated, and must be played by everyone.

  10.  A solid arcade style racer.


    I have never been a big fann of the NFS series, so upon getting Carbon I was thoroughly surprised to find that it has taken up most of my spare time the past two weeks.
    The gameplay is great, its an arcade style racer with alot of depth and customization options. The cars handle well and you never really feel like you are not in control of your car. As you progress through the carear mode you unlock different parts for your cars, from performance modifiers to decals.
    Accessability, Anyone can play this game, as I write this my wife, who is not much of a gamer, is playing it and doing well.

    A great game for newcomers to the NFS series but enough depth for veterans aswell.