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  1.  So boring!


    This is the most pointless documentary ever!
    Avoid unless your IQ is seriously deficient.

  2.  Intelligent and extremely sad.


    Wow I have to say I thought this film was extremely on the spot regarding youthful coming of age and sudden desire. The dilemma is really felt and the conflict understandable.
    A very sad ending brought tears to my eyes.
    Check out Marco Berger's other works-very impressive.

  3.  Love rebuked,redeemed and fought for!


    An engaging tale of an orphan boys tale from boy to man via a life as a rent boy. Great performances and storyline.
    Watch it.

  4.  Life in free fall?


    Powerful portrait of misdirected love and affection. Well worth watching with all the usual society pressures to conform and agonies ridden.

  5.  Slow moving drama


    This is a rather rambling and dull film about a young HIV positive writer with a selfish streak using all around him, and who has an obsession with the underground SM scene and a couple of dark characters in particular. A few exciting if short scenes in a dungeon and that's your lot.

  6.  A Praire Masterpiece


    A giant of the western genre now finally restored to Michael Ciminos satisfaction and presented in HD sadly the transfer is a muddy sepia in sections (particularly for the first half) and it ages the film with musical aspects similar to The Deer Hunter being strummed throughout.
    This said,there is no doubting the ambition and scope of this production and the like of which you will never see again.
    Its a grainy and sepia 5 stars!

  7.  Return to Brideshead.


    A stunning retelling of this enigmatic tale of wealth and desire between the wars. A beautifully shot film paced and acted well and this is the copy to have (The Directors cut with the theatrical cut also),and its fantastic value too.
    Blue Ray looks sumptuous and the soundtrack a joy.
    Just relax and soak it up!

  8.  Any field but this thanks!


    Frankly one of the most bizarre films I have seen and I have seen some!
    A combination of interesting sounds and intense black and white photography but the acting and plot is pure amateur dramatics and banal.
    There is one scene whereupon Reece Shearsmith is stuffing mushroom's into his mouth is pure League of Gentleman...I was waiting for the red bag!
    Dreadful film I am sad to say.

  9.  Cloud Atlas masterpiece


    A stunning and hard to categorise film taking the viewer through key characters moments across civilisation's and centuries in time. Visually stunning and well performed throughout this is well worthy of the near 3 hours running time to watch.
    Blue ray sound and picture is stunning also with plenty of extras to watch post movie. Buy it!

  10.  Gathering gloom in a wartime Welsh valley.


    A slow and brooding tale of occupied Britain after a failed D Day on the beaches of France.
    Rural Wales comes slowly to terms with the oncoming arrival of German troups to the scattered farmsteads.
    Whilst crushingly slow,there are moments of intense unspoken anguish and regret on both sides and along with the fine cinematography Resistance shows a considered approach to what could have been,and what has been experienced in other countries before and since this depicted war.