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  1.  :O. Just, :O


    After listening to the songs on youtube ;) and seeing the bands that are on here, I couldn't believe how amazing it is. The songs are all perfect for this film. Highlights are without a shadow of a doubt "Her Name Is Alice" by Shinedown, and also "Strange" by Tokio Hotel, and "Painting the Flowers" by All Time Low. When this is out I am going to buy this. If I don't then I must be mad. Ooooh :) so it's this on the second of March, Alice in Wonderland the movie on the fifth and then on the eighth it's Danny Elfman's soundtrack. :) It's like all my Christmases have come at once :D

  2.  Amazing (:


    Two words: Bradley James. He's gorgeous and an outstanding actor. Merlin has a range of amazing actors and guest acts too :D This is an amazing series and i can't wait for the rest of the second series :D Frankly one episode a week is NOT enough :( x

  3.  Really can't wait (:


    If this is anywhere near as good as the others it'll be amazin. Seriously if you haven't read any of the House Of Night books then READ THEM! However, they do have 'strong language' in them and might be considered innappropriate depending on what your views are on bad language. To be honest, I'm 13, and I couldn't care less about it, but my mum's read these books and she doesn't think I should have but she's lettin me have this one and any others that follow cause she wants to read them.

    All in all, the House Of Night Series is an outstanding collection of books depending on how open minded you are and what your views are on 'bad language' and the fact that there are one or two (and i means only a few) sexual references i think they're called. :)

  4.  If ya dont like sum of the songs trust me they grow on ya


    to start with i wasnt keen on 'Walk on by' and 'I aint losin the fight' but then i listened 2 em and now i love them i think the best ones are 'Flower Grown Wild' deffo and 'Tonight we have the stars' and 'We've found what we're looking for'. This guy is the most amazin singer,, i hav the oddest taste in music ,, who else do you no who like john barrowman, paramore, bryan adams, belinda carlisle, rob pattinson, !YIRUMA! and aerosmith that is 12 years old?!

  5.  The Best Of The Best


    This is the best CD of all time! i absolutely love his music even though im only 12,, my mates all reckon i got tha worst taste in music ever,, i sayy i got the best! people like bryan adams produce the best music ever and the highlights for this CD are : 'Heaven' 'There Will Never be another tonight' 'one night love affair' 'everything i do (i do it for you)' 'Here i am' (i LOVE this song to absolute pieces man!) 'All For Love' (i Heart that one too) 'When You're Gone' 'Please Forgive Me' 'The Best Of Me' oh wait theres no point in me writin any more because to be honest the whole cd is amazinglybrilliantlyun-naturally superdooper man!!! 5 stars ((i'd give it morre but ya cant so yano wot can yado :D))

  6.  Aint No Faultin This Guy Man


    Heyy i LOVE John Barrowman!!! i went to see him in nottingham last year as an early birthday present. i didnt know where i was going but i had a hunch it had something to do with john barrowman :D:D then my auntie gave me the tickets in this resteraunt and i was close to screamin i had to restrain myself from shoutin down the fone at ma mum,, was the best night of my life and really hopee to god they take me agen this year :D:D they'd better . Highlights from this CD are : 'Heaven' 'You're So Vain' and 'All Out Of Love'. John Barrowman can sing, present, act and has an amazing talent of lookin veryy veryy handsome ,, man i love this guy to pieces,, i really would like to meet him sum dayy but i doubt i will lolxxx

  7.  Cant Fault It Man


    I'm 12 and i love The Rose && From a Distanse,, i cant get that 1 from ma hed it addictive . i luv john barrowmans version of From a distance as well , just amazin man,, you cant go wrong with this CD ,, must buy,, bette midler is amazin lol :D:D

  8.  .Oh.My.God./!


    I'v bin waitin ages for dis cd lol i luv john barrowman and his music. I think it brillliant! Im 12 and non of my mates like it :( typical lol


  9.  Amazing


    I picked this book up after reading Demon Thief By Darren Shan and absolutely loved it! I finished it in a day and ordered the next ones straight away! An absolutely amazing read for anyone!