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  1.  All Over the place


    Watching the trailer for this movie suggested a quirky, gothic spoof of a 60's series I've never heard of. Having watched it, yes, it contained all the usual Burton visual flourishes. Depp does an admiral job with the flabby script. However, apart from Depp, there was not one single peripheral character who was memorable. The film didn't know whether it was a blackly humerous fairy tale. Or a spoofy (fish out of water) gothic comedy. It fails on both counts. The script was uninspired , flabby and dull. All of the best bits were in the trailer. Check out "Sleepy Hollow" for a far superior Depp/Burton collaboration.

  2.  Rock of Awfulness


    I don't know what the other reviewers were watching. Mind numbingly unfunny, rubbish sacrificial slaughter of 80's soft rock tunes with thouroughly unlikeable characters. Everyone involved with" Rock of Ages" should hang their heads in shame. A spectacularly miscast Russell Brand sporting the worst brummy accent ever should never work in movies again.

  3.  Dark, Twisted, brutal and unmissable.


    I'd read several reviews regarding this film and it seemed it was marmite to viewers. I have been a film buff, of all genres for many years and I can safely say I've never seen anything quite like it. One reviewer nailed it when he said it was Mike Leigh meets the Whicker Man.

    Low rent hitman Jay's one last job to pay off his jacuzzi takes him on an uncompromising, twisted decent into hell. Throughout the low key opening there is an underlying atmosphere of foreboding terror, due to the unsettling editing and score. An astonishing peice of cinema which will stay with you a long time afterwards.

  4.  Stunning visuals. Poor characters


    The problem with cars2 isn't the stunningly beautiful visuals. It's the script and characterisation. Pixar have always managed to simultaneously please children and adults with their warm charming funny stories & characters. With cars2 it simply isn't funny enough and the characters aren't likeable enough to care about, as with Woody & buzz. It was surprising that cars was granted a sequel. Surely, The incredibles or Monsters Inc were more deserving.

  5.  Expensive looking camp letdown


    Good to see a lesser known comic book hero brought to the screen. Unfortunately this camp as christmas nonsense does it no favours. Ryan Reynolds is given nothing to work with and his short stint in Wolverine is better than the whole of this tosh. Roll on Deadpool the movie. The best set piece arriving before he's even found his lantern powers. It's downhill from there when everything is set-up for a slam bang finale, it is stunningly ant-climactic. The ridiculous bulbous headed baddie almost a parodie of Mars attack aliens and the less said about Parallax the space vomit that invades earth the better. All in all a waste of the talented Reynolds and Mark Strong's time. An extra star, as it looks good in HD.

  6.  London Tosh


    The trailer for this movie looked good. Cool as ice leading man. Growling villian that Ray Winstone (usually) does well. And directed by the Departed's writer. The movie was a collection of gangster cliches and stereotype characters, who apart from farrell and possibly Thewliss were throwaway. Not once did it have any sense of realism. The central romance between Farrell and kightley failed to generate a single spark of chemistry and the less said of Anna (cannot act for monkeys) Friel the better. For an authentic taste of gritty Brit gangster greats. Check out "Mona Lisa""Get Carter". Even the recent "Bonded by Blood" was better. Good soundrack though.

  7.  X-ellent.


    A truly superb prequel to the X-men series which expertly interweaves in with the 60's Cuban missile crisis. Macvoy and Fassbender are right on the money as the younger prof X and Magneto. They really bring heart and gravitas to their roles in Spades. The story unfolds very well, building up to a thrilling climax. With the possible exception of X2, this stands head and shoulders above any of the previous movies.

  8.  A test of endurance.


    This received some good reviews so I decided to give it a go. A small group of Siberian prisoners embark on a 4,000 journey that will ultimately test their human spirit to the very core. The hardships they endure are gruelling, as they encounter punishing unforgiving landscapes. The film is stark and realistic in its portrayal of the grim and squalid conditions, plus the cinemtography of the landscapes is stunning. The problems are that the walk is long (we get that), but its so long, it doesn't maintain interest and you pray for it to be finished. Also the characterisations of the criminal escapees are very thin, so you have trouble caring or relating to them on any level and at times it feels like a documentary.

  9.  Is the title mean't to be ironic?


    I knew this was going to be a somber alternative take on the alien invasion genre. The two scenes I viewed also raised my interest. What I witnessed was 2 dull people's uninteresting journey from A to B. Containing very little in the way of tension, thrills or monsters. The two scenes I had already viewed were two of the 4 scenes the monsters actual appear. I would have given it 1 star had it not been for some artistic cinematography and the monsters when you can see them are well rendered. Perhaps when this director receives the inevitably larger budget, his next offering might be better.

  10.  Smacks of "Cash In"


    I've never read any of the Potter books, but the films have had their highs and lows, The problem with this movie is that it's an obvious vehicle by the studio to maximise profits from the final instalment. So it alway feels like a warm up act for the main event. Consequently the audience feels short changed. Too much time is spent with the 3 main characters in the woods feeling angst and turmoil. The set pieces when they come are handlied well enough, but the film takes too long to get where it's going and then suddenly stops.
    The good points are the acting of the 3 protagonists which is their finest work yet. Also the look and feel of the film conjures a sense of ominous doom. Overall they should have made one 3 hour movie and trimmed the fat. 5/10