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  1.  Test Drive - realistic


    This game is my first test drive experience and frorm what i understand from people telling me there has bin an enormous change they have made it like when you actuly go buy or visit a car you would like to purchase you can test drive the cars you can even see the interior. 10/10 *********

  2.  GRaw 2 - Realistic 10/10


    This game has to be better than call of duty 4 as when you try to prone a red name appears on this game no red name appears only a diamond when your or their cypher is above you and the explosions arer soo realistic i fell of my chair thinking that it was in my house the guns arer realistic as there are over the amount of guns needed.

  3.  Devil may cry 4 - best move ever


    Devil May Cry 4 - has a brilliant story line although i havent completed the game yet so i might be nieve but the only thing the game does not explain so far is who is nero and is there any relation to dante. In this game you take an adventure of another aspective Nero - a devil hunter just like dante but Nero has a Deformed arm that is devilised. this game is a brilliant turn from the others i am soo glad capcom braught this to Xbox 360 the cut scenes are brilliant keep you glued to the screen im a suker for cut scenes as i love games like : Metal gear solid, Resident Evil 5 and Halo Wars. Capcom have also done another game with long levels so the game is not short this can be seen as a bad thing but i enlighten it with a good thing - 5***** Stars

  4.  amazing


    This game was the best if you like headshots buy this game coz if there wer achievements like 360 i would have got about 99999gs for the amount of headshots i get but very good game and its got chase in it woohoo he is so cool this game hasnt got the best graphics but great gameplay and my favorite weapon is the tag 17 especially scilenced i love the sound it makes

  5.  this is the second best series of my choice


    The 2nd best series of my choice great storyline and everything im getting used to curtis now but i still think chase is the best everyone's saying shut the beep up im sorry but great series

  6.  not the best but the cover is good lol


    It was ok but i think they made a big mistake putting erin driscal in head of ctu and the ending was the best i have to say. Why wasn't chase in this one everyone loves chase damn you curtis manning lol
    But its the worst series yet but i aint watched all of number 2 yets so i may br wrong

  7.  24 season 3 is the best season


    Its got s brilliant new character called chase hes amazing i wanted him to stay if you don't get this it's because the series starts as if it's the first series because chloe o brian and chase and all them people are working away and it don't explain how they got there or there relationships because you need to buy the game 24 the game on playstation 2 it's about 6 quid now but that explains alot so buy this series you'll love it