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  1.  Not an easy listen but grows on you


    When I first played this I thought 'Oh dear, what have you done?'

    However, having listened to it several times I think they have done a great job with this album. It is quiet 'rock-opera' in places particularly exogenesis and feels a little disjointed at times but overall still a great album to blast out in the car.

    The disjointedness(?) comes from the jumping around of styles both from track to track and within some tracks themselves, for example Uprising is a great stadium track followed by Resistance which has a really long quiet intro. After that we have Undisclosed Desires which sounds like something a boy-band would do (I like it though).

    You can also hear other group infuences in many of the songs, the Queen take with vocal harmonising and Brian May guitar is very obvious as is the hybrid Maroon5/ Madness track 'I Belong To You which also has the French ballad Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix stuck in the middle (which I feel does not fit with the song)

    So overall still a great album but hard to listen to hence the lost stars

    [EDIT] After listening to it several times more (x20) i have decided to increase its rating from 3 to 4 stars, as it has grown on me and I appreciate the work that has gone into this album. Still wish the classical interlude in the middle of one of the songs was much shorter (and musically would have fitted much better in my opinion)

  2.  class(less)


    this album is just as big a let down as the last. It feels disjointed and the collaborations just don't sit right. His timing sounds way off on a couple of the tracks (i'd name them but i couldn't face listening to the album again to find them) and while there a couple of half decent tracks they are swamped by the remaining mediocrity.

    Overall a big disappointment and unless something changes I will not be buying any more of his albums

  3.  Another nice Family Guy Tee


    Got an M and its a snug fit - maybe a bit too snug under the arms for me. You might want to think about going up to an L if you prefer a slightly looser fit. Otherwise a nice Tee, good 'iron-on' piccy and one I'm sure to wear often :)

  4.  Old school sci-fi


    This is not the sort of film we have come to expect from the sci-fi genre over the past 10 years - it's actually thought provoking, slow paced and unusual yet enjoyable.

    The first 1/3 of the film uses alot of interview clips to chain the story together which maybe could have been reduced somewhat (my wife got fed up and went to bed!) however stick with it and what unfolds is an engrossing tale, with well used special effects (how real do the 'prawns' look!) and a gradual build up to some action scenes which sit well within the film yet do not detract from the story as a whole.
    As mentioned in my title, this has the feel of some of the best old style sci-fi films of yesteryear and was a joy to watch and only losses a star because of the somewhat over use of the interviews at the beginning

  5.  Too much bass


    I know everyone sings these buds praises but for me they are just too bass heavy and it becomes very tiring to listens to after a short while. Most people equate big bass to quality but with these the bass just overrides any real subtlety in the music

  6.  cracking fun


    Having not seen this at the cinema and managing to avoid any of the hype that was written about it, i have finally got around to watching this film and all I can say is - wish I'd watched it sooner!!
    I enjoyed this immensely, it was funny, well made with an entertaining story (if a little predictable - a sort of animated homeward bound). I also thought this was easily in the same league as their Pixar rivals, who I admire immensely.
    A big thumbs up!

  7.  the decline of a legend?


    I had high hopes after the poor previous album but this is just more of the same I'm afraid. The track 'Wow' held me for a while but ultimately it is just very samey.
    Also I have seen elsewhere reviews are saying this is a return to Mechanical Animals glam-rock sound - nothing can be further from the truth i'm afraid.
    Fans will buy it (i did, lol) but it will never win anyone new.

  8.  enjoyable


    Great album, took a couple of listens but now I can't stop playing it. only weak song as far as I am concerned is Ashtray Heart and that is only because it 'feels' a bit too much like all the other bands out there at the moment - no character if that makes sense. Otherwise highly recommended.

  9.  great fun


    I have GHWT which I love but I think this may even be better....

    too soon to tell for sure but the tracks I've played so far are very well put together, feel very musical and are just fun to play.

    The drumkit from GHWT works very well - in fact it seems to work better here than on WT as there is very little lag when playing impromptu bits! strange that. Orange cymbal is not used but with the way the drumming is shared out more evenly across the remaining pads i do not miss it.

    Overall a nicely polished game that I know i'm going to enjoy for a long while and would recommend to everyone.

    ps. DLC is much cheaper than for WT!

  10.  All hype no substance?


    sorry if this upsets the fanboys (and girls) out there but I really cant see what all the fuss is about. No one track stands out and they are all mediocre at best. Very disappointing.