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  1.  Incredible Game


    What a game.... I love this game so much, and have played through through it fully at least three times now.
    It looks fantastic, and is so easy to play. The acting etc is top notch, and love how they have managed to the game... The PS3 is finally being used to show what games can be and should be like, as the technology used for this is wonderful. So many faces you will recognise from different shows, esp MadMen as almost all the cast have been in it, with a couple from Heroes and Angel...
    The DLC are must downloads too and add more to the game!
    This is def a all time Top 10 PS3 game, and would sit comfy with anyone's Top 5......

  2. F1 2010

    F1 2010


    7 New from  £4.85  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     The Best F1 game since the old PC classics


    Well I have been well impressed with this since day of release...
    The look and feel of this is schuperb.... with only one minor flaw to the game.
    But first i wanna stick to the positive... The graphics are easily up there with the best for any racer previsouly released thus far... The cars all look spot on and the driver likeness from what you get to see is pretty cool...
    The tracks all look real too and overall the game is nicely pressented.
    The handling of the cars is more or less spot on also and is close to what it must be like to thrash these beasts around a track at breathtaking.. Thus far I have only done the Carrer mode (7 seasons) which i am currently on season 4.... its great and you get cool comments from your engineer when you break real-life records such as matching Senna's record for wins in a season and Mansells personal season best etc..... The one I'm aiming for at moment is the Schuperb trophy (which is betting Michael's record of 40 wins from 40 poles........)
    The flaw i referred to at the beginning is in relation to the press part of the game, at first this is really cool as your interviewed before and after races and you even do the after race interview when you fin in the top 3... but you soon realise that there are not many q's in the AI and you soon get asked the same q's over and over again... this needs a great deal of work on it for F12012.....

    But other than that this is a fantastic game and recommend it to all Racing fans...

  3. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    9 New from  £4.17  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     FIFA Wins again...


    Fantastic game and what an improvement overall to FIFA 10 and the South Africa 2010 games...
    From the overall feel to the game to the look of it, its top notch and thankfully the career mode is a lot better than previously with more realistic transfer dealings this time round...
    As for the reviewer who stats online is awful... WHY???? I have had no problems whatsoever and i currently got a terrible net connection as unable to hook my wireless to the main phone line..... I love playing through the Live Season and playing other folk online is glitch free and smooth...
    The new creation mode is great too although i cannot for the life of me get the 3D kits to work on my laptop when designing my Teams... but other than that well cool and easy to do...
    And so loving the adding your own music and chants to the game... well wicked and lets you add more authenticity to the game...
    The players look lot more human now too and the kits looking really good (even though for about the 4th year running they still getting the Newcastle Home kit wrong in some way.... last year was the sponser colouring - this year is the top of the sleeves being a black stripe on white but should be all black...)
    I have played both this and PES2011 and can easily state that FIFA11 is so much better...

  4.  Decent game with bugs


    Firstly this is a very decent game, but one I recommend renting rather than spending your cash on....
    There are some cool missions in it, but on more than one occasion i was stuck in a a couple of missions because of bugs in the game.... to be fair thou the recent update over the last weekend probably sorted out the bugs as not experienced them since.... but in one mission i was clearing a 1st floor in a building and the team wouldnt follow and i couldnt get throu a door in order to progress, i decided to wonder and went outside and magically managed to walk throu the outside walls into the corrider and rooms i should be in.... however i couldnt go any further after doing the mission as the other team members still couldnt get through the door, therefore had to start the entire mission again...
    This was kinda annoying, but since the update its been fine...

    The graphics are decent - have seen lot better - but some nice touches and gameplay is well easy to get into...

    Worth a play while waiting for Black Ops to arrive - but RENT IT!

  5.  Amazing!


    This is amazing and so different to normal games!
    Even though i completed it the day of release i played it through the next day again and made diff choices and got some diff scences and different end sequences.....
    Previous reviewer states no gameplay cause all you do is press buttons at diff time!!!! So what it is a new way to play.... And for this game it worked amazingly!
    The story and motion capture of the actors is amzing and got to say some of the best graphics i've seen....
    The chase and fight sequences are truely great and the story is gripping and in parts intense!
    Prob bit to early to say - But this gets my vote for possible game of year 2010!

  6.  A must for all Fools fans


    Looks great and everyone loves asks where i got it from!!!
    A Must for all fans

  7.  Great Tee


    Tee looks great and my pals think it looks really cool too!!!!
    Well worth getting!

  8.  Who Ya Gonna Call!!!!


    Fantastic! When you get started it's just so cool! Controls are so easy to get used too and the graphics look the bees knees!
    I played this non-stop for hrs on day of release and was so cool to be a Ghostbuster! - BUT it soon wears off, as to be honest it does wear off as it just gets very samey, and not played it since friday evening!
    Overall though this is a cool game and all GB fans should get it!

  9. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.85

     Decent Game....


    Being playing the actual game rather than the demo like most reviewers on here!
    1st of all received the game day early - Thanks Play!
    The look of the game in general is great, but the main character is not fantastic in my opinion and it seems that they didn't spend much time on his creating his look!
    As for the game itself, controls are great and easy to get into, but i was quickly bored with the game, Yeah its great being able to shoot eletric bolts at folk and love the Karma idea of the game!
    But i did become bored after an hour......
    Overall a good game, but some may find it disappointing!
    I think Prototype will blow this out of the water when it's realised next month!

  10.  Excellent!!


    Well on par with American Idiot... In fact probably even better!!!!
    Contains some amazing songs....
    I've purchased the limited edition of this and it is well worth getting and looks really good...
    GET IT NOW!!!