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  1.  Best book Ive ever read, Dont know about you though


    Had it finished within the day I loved it so much! I couldn't put it down. An excellent read for kids and adults alike although I wouldn't recommend it to young kids as the plot and literature is probably too complex for them to understand. We get the answers we need which is comforting and all ends happy. Would have liked to know more about what happened straight after the final battle.

    The plot was amazing and the surprises that are revealed are spectacular and have you holding your breath. No one really knows what it going to happen until it does and as the book unravels you'll find yourself feeling more and more involved. J.K is brilliant at making you feel like your there. She really captures the different main characters in this book as they grow as individuals and 'face their fate' as it were. Harry, Ron and Hermione really grow up in this final instalment of J.K's amazing tale. Everything fits together perfectly and you could never have dreamed it would come together so wonderfully. You could never have guessed any of the surprises would happen until they did and it really is them that make this book so special. Anyone who doesn't like this in my opinion is just ignorant of J.K's wonderful imagination and is too narrow-minded to appreciate a great read and must remind themselves that it started out as a children's story. A magical book I'd recommend to anyone who can appreciate great literature when they see it.

  2.  Awful


    it was abysmal to put it to you gently. Not a funny joke in it. Possibly the worst film I have ever seen. The terrible acting makes up somewhat for the even worse script. Dont go to see it, it would be possibly the worst hour and a half you have ever wasted, though it is somewhat of a comfort that it only lasts an hour and a half.

  3. Elf



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    Amazing! I loved it. It was a great change from typical christmas films. It had me laughing from start to finish.

  4.  Somewhat of a letdown


    When i went to see this i was convinced it would be another spectacularly hilarious animation. Not so much. It still had the odd great joke and the main plot was something but it lacked the wit needed to make this film special.
    The first film was amazing and the second even more so, which made this a letdown as it couldn't keep up with the others. Key characters like "Donkey" and "Puss in boots" were underused, meaning it fell mainly on shrek's shoulders to make this funny. Still a great animation, but the jokes are too few and far between to make it a classic like its predecessors.

  5.  Great


    Glad I didn't already know the story because it helped me get hooked straight away. I felt like I was taken on a moving journey throughout the film. It gave an emotional insight into some very important issues in Africa. The acting was brilliant. It was breathtakin from start to finish.

  6.  Brilliant


    Amazing! Such a lovely change from what is usually empty scripting with no meaning. A really captivating and moving movie. It really hits the spot, touching to know this is reality in some parts of the world.

  7.  Could have been so much better


    Dont get me wrong, it was an excellant movie. It was action packed and Luna in particular played the role wonderfully, and conveyed perfectly the personlity of her character, but even so, it was still a bit of a let down. It totally missed the point put across in the book. There was too much left out and i dont know how viewers are going to understand the last 2 films if they haven't read the books. I think, as most will do if they have read the book, that those who HAVENT read the book will enjoy it immensly but if you have you'll find it a bit of a let down.