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  1.  It's the Files all over again, but better ;)


    Is this really the new X-Files?
    A show part coming from Kim Manners whom also did the X-files along with most of the old crew and jumped on the bandwagon, if you will that is 'Supernatural'. They gave us the X and now they give us edge of your seat, suspenseful material with very attractive male leads. Which if you're not usually into Sci-Fi (If you will) can help one get into such a show.
    Eric manages to bring us another spectacular second half. It's possibly better than the first. My judgement is just in personal opinion though as one would maybe ask.
    All my respect goes to the WB for giving this show a chance and airing its debut season. I am also thankful to the CW in the United States of America, for keeping this on. I just hope they keep it on for a long as Buffy for example. Is this really the new 'Buffy?' or the new 'X-Files'? I believe so...
    Lets all join the Winchesters as they travel through America hunting evil in a 67 Chevy Impala.

  2.  All Teen Movies Must Bow to This.


    Every teenager worse nightmare is too spend one more second in school when they don't have to. When these five kids get Saturday detention, they are forced to be with other kids from other clicks. You can imagine there is going to some hostility in the air.
    The group consists of a brain, a prom queen, a jock, a basket case and a trouble-maker.
    In those small hours of Saturday detention tempers flare, feelings are hurt, hearts are broken and new friends and relationships appear as the day comes to close. Suddenly hell doesn't seem too bad after all...

  3.  The Kids are Alright!


    The kids are alright.

    Once again I don't watch the O.C. I have nothing against it; I just never seemed to bother much. However my friends and family were always telling me how great the music was so I figured what the hell. I've got this one on a gamble and it's got into some great new bands so thank you OC.
    I have since then invested in the other five soundtracks and they're all brilliant in there own way. I would say one and two are really good and six is rather unusual.
    I find today since Music TV is so slow that best way to find about new exciting fresh music is American television. Like The OC, Dawson's Creek, Prison Break; to name a few. There are many other great shows like 24 for example but not really a music show more along the lines of CSI.
    This music really captures emotions so I would imagine fans of the show find it fits the scenes of love and heartbreak in their favourite characters.
    1. South - Paint The Silence
    2. Jem - Just A Ride
    3. Joseph Arthur - Honey And The Moon
    4. Spoon - The Way We Get By
    5. Jet - Move On
    6. The 88 - How Good It Can Be
    7. Doves - Caught By The River
    8. Turin Brakes - Rain City
    9. The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends
    10. Finley Quaye feat William Orbit - Dice
    11. Alexi Murdoch - Orange Sky
    12. Phantom Planet - California [Theme Song]

    1. A fantastic Summer song
    2 Great if you're in a good mood.
    3 Sad leaving type song.
    4 Great way to start off the day
    5 Need to get over a break up?
    6 Another Summer classic
    7 Chill out
    8 Beautiful
    9 Just had a falling out?
    10 A good way to look at the person you love
    11 Good for going to sleep, it's so lovely
    12 Nothing like hearing the theme song to get you pumped for the show I guess.

    Don't Miss out on the hottest Show at the moment with the hottest music. The kids love it and the kids are alright.

  4.  Jack Black


    That's all you need to know really. No matter how bad a movie may be you know it's always going to be hilarious with Jack Black. He is only in a supporting roll but he is still at his funniest

    Following the story of Sean has is life goal to become a writer and get into Stanford after being at the beach one day and finding a book by a writer named Skinner. In Sean's life everyone seems to drive him insane Ashley the geeky girlfriend, alcoholic mother, homosexual best friends whom spend all their time stoned out of their minds. Also his major pain in the ass but totally lovable junkie brother Lance (Black). Who is absolutely hilarious. Only Lance walks around in his underwear and takes off his socks to save his brother from drowning in the pool.

    This movie is not that popular but it's a total one of a kind. It's a teen comedy that is actually funny. Remember kids, It's Not Just a Movie; It's a State of Mind.

  5.  Mesmerising


    Just Wow!
    A very good album, It's a must have for anyone out there with a respectable CD collection.
    Advice - After you buy, find an hour alone time in your room and play this full blast for that hour you'll feel like the world is still. In the best way possible, beautifully put together by Matthew Ryan. I don't have a favourite track but if I had to pick I would say "Night Is Still".

  6.  This is my center of attention.


    Another random buy of mine after only hearing one song I thought what the hell. I don't regret it at all. Every time I am in the car now, it's this or Band of Horses.
    Great to chill out to with your friends and I am proud that I've got a couple of people into this personally. Please listen to my advice and the other reviewer; we definitely know what we are talking about on this one.
    This band are not big which I really like, when a bad gets to big for their boots, they have habits of putting abysmal albums over and over again. I hope this doesn't happen to Jackson.
    A band which never got that popular and stayed true to their roots = Yellowcard
    A bad which got popular and strayed from their roots = The Killers.

  7.  Two Over


    I find 10 to be a perfect size for a portable, that extra two added seems to rather annoy me. However, if you can't bare to be away from your favourite TV shows or movies like myself; then this is the ideal machine for you.
    I've not had one single problem with this since I bought mine, I couldn't be more than pleased with it. Ideal for holidays and travel. Good battery life.

  8.  From the Captain's Mouth


    We get three fantastic DVD's for the price of one. We get a year in the life' in which Steven takes into his more personal life as a husband and great father. We see him on the road with his Liverpool and English team mates. We also get the chance to see him having fun with his friends, as he prepares to leave England for a tournament with his country.

    2004/2005 UEFA Champions League Final: A.C. Milan VS Liverpool: Wednesday, 25 May, 2005 will be a date no Liverpool fan will ever forget. Simply sensational!
    Liverpool won the game, which I was more than pleased about. As a red myself, I was proud. Once Steven headed in that first and all began.

    2006 FA Cup Final: Liverpool v West Ham - The Gerrard Final
    The game that Steven will never forget nor any fan will ever. Steven again ruled the game like he does with every other game he is an apart of.

    This is a must have if you're a fan of Steven Gerrard or Liverpool.
    I definitely got my money's worth!

  9.  I'm Jack!


    I love this t-shirt. Sadly after putting it on you don't turn into Jack but one can always pretend. A must have for any fan of 24...

  10.  Exquisite


    Best Track - Friends

    A masterpiece of work, this is the best band ever and this is their best album. Of course this is all contray to opinion. Any up coming band should listen to this CD, it will change the way they think and it will change the way they go about their own music.