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  1.  Very good Ms Faith!!


    especially 'New York', I cannot beleive she isnt as successful as i thought she would be. because i really like this album.
    i think shes a great character aswell, dont change paloma!!

  2.  All Grown Up.


    this is one corker of an album, and proof that she has grown up into a talented young woman. the vocals are strong and only after the second listen, i'm hooked (and thats rare).
    its her most grown up album to date, and a far cry from her early early days.

  3.  Brilliant


    this album has been on repeat since i bought it, infact its on as we speak.
    however it will probibly never beat debut "chasing lights", which i still absolutly love.
    still a great album though :)

  4.  It aint that bad!!!


    ok i'll admit, it isnt the greatest hardcore album in the world. but it is listenable, and there are good tracks and remixes.
    it is commercial, with the likes of Cascada on there. but what do you expect these days??

    if you dont take it seriously, and have fun with it, then you should enjoy this album.

  5.  could be a lot better


    i thought i would see about this album, and i was really looking forward to it. sadly,, it wasnt up to my expectations.
    there are only 3 tracks which i think are good, the rest are all fillers, and they havnt stuck in my head.

    it could be a lot lot better though

  6.  there's no limit !!!!!!


    This cd reminds me of my sweet and innocent childhood, all the songs ive grown up too and enjoyed. It does have guilty pleasure's on like "no limit" and "saturday night" (come on, we've all danced to that), but that was the 90's.

  7. Hands


    Little Boots - CD

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     the sound of 2009!


    i didnt buy this album first, i had my doubts, but after listening to it at my friends, it soon grew.
    stand out songs include "remedy", i love that song, her first single "new in town" was a great statement debut single, all in all i enjoy very much.

    i hope she comes back to Blackpool one day, i would love to see her live.

  8.  its ok


    Her first cd, a collection of slow songs, including "if i were a boy" isnt as good as i thought. Its the same with her 2nd cd which are more up tempo efforts.
    Her voice is simply amazing, but there is only so many songs which stand out. Sorry b

  9.  not the best.


    i must admit iam a little dissapointed with this edition of Hed Kandi, its good funky house. but nothing really stands out for me.
    cd 3 though is a good one and is my personal fave out of the 3 cd's.

    its good, but iam a little dissapointed by it.

  10.  great for the incredibly unfit...like me


    this is brilliant, when i first looked at it i thought "exercise, no way, no and never" but thanks to games like this, it has made exercise somewhat fun. it is really enjoyable and a great laugh.

    **my boyfriend is a trainee personal trainer himself and he highly reccommends it too :D**