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  1.  A different kind of big bang....a different kind of amazing


    Not sure ANYONE see's what the reviewer below can see. This is still an amazing show, well thought out, smart, clever, funny and makes you fall in love with each and every character every week.

    Its a show that's had to evolve from the first 5 series with the introduction of cameos and new characters. I still love it like day one.....but the loves changed. Change isn't always bad. In the case of 2.5 men, it is lol. But this is no where near that.

    Amazing show that still makes me smile every time its on :)

  2.  Pleasantly surprised


    I don't know why I didn't think this would be good. Maybe it's because I saw "despicable me" first and loved that. But this is a real treat too. Great animation. Great story. Fantastic voice acting especially from Will Farrell. Great laughs. It all blends together to make an incredibly enjoyable experience. Bravo

  3.  Cant class it as anything other than fantastic.....


    Ive played every assassins creed as soon as it came out, but after i read this game was based in italy again and with ezio again i didnt rush to play it as i was still playing the second for achievements. but eventually i gave in and i regret not doing it sooner. The setting of rome is absolutely stunning and it took me a fair while to collect all the treasures and subject 16s puzzles etc. Which is my only bad point....the puzzles were repetitive and annoying but i battled through it and forgave quickly. The combat system has been tweaked so now its beyond pointless running away from a fight....you can string so many finishing moves together that even 6-10 guards are done in 15 seconds so you might aswell stick around. Great game.....much fun to be had :o)

  4.  Beyond incredible.....


    This movie deservedly earns one of my favourite film of all time awards. It has everything....action and suspense.....romance and emotion. It goes from one to the other with such ease that it really does pull you in all different directions. They really dont make movies like this anymore. Class act

  5.  excellent value at 17.99


    Nicely improved from fifa 10. plenty to do via manager mode and virtual pro and i especially enjoy multiple mates on each side trying to work together to score goals. makes a nice change from cod.

    I actually prefer penalties and free kicks being made harder. adds to the longevity of it (if you scored everything every time then it would get boring very quickly.

    With FIFA 11 you cant just run down the wing and pass it into the box for an easy goal like previous titles..... it actually gets you thinking about creative ways to score. 9/10

  6.  Epic zomcom (zombie comedy) oh yes i said it


    this film is brilliant from start to finish. every actor/actress cast is pure gold. excellent mix between zombie action and comedy. keeps you wanting the film to go on and on. its utter genius. watch it buy it love it

  7.  Its never been cooler to be a nerd!


    This blows everything else out of the water. Everything about this show is fantastic. The actors, the characters they play, the point of each episode....it all is just at a level far beyond anything else on TV. Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) won a golden globe for his part in this and its well deserved.

    I was late in discovering this (only been a few months since i started watching) and ive bought all the dvds and set my sky box to remind me of the new series 4 coming out on TV at the mo. Havent done that since Gavin and Stacey. AND it compelled me to buy a comic book from a place in london and frame it :o). oh yes im a nerd

  8.  Full on awesome


    Movie never disappoints. Got everything you want from action to comedy. Smith and lawrence get on so well with the back and forth humour. Opening scene its probably one of the best in the film. My only issue is with tia leoni as the witness....i kinda find her annoying. just whiney and high pitched. but oh well....the boys cover for her.

    BUY IT

  9.  Beyond Fantastic


    This game goes beyond the first....more to do, side missions and build up all surpass its sibling and ensures your always hunting for something. Whether its altairs armour or glyphs.

    My only gripe is most missions are pretty impossible to do full on stealth...you`ll know what i mean when you have to assassinate a guy on a boat during mardi gras. its just not possible and thats sort of the point....to be able to slip in, kill someone and slip out. rather than run in, smash up a few guards, kill the target, smash up a few more guards then run off and hide lol.

    Thats just me being picky as i never stopped enjoying this game. might help to play the first one first tho :o)

  10.  Pretty good for 7.99 single player = yes....multiplayer = no


    i played this a while ago and enjoyed it thoroughly....each campaign brings a different element to the screen. Marine = Horror, Alien = Aggression and Predator = Stealth.

    i dont personally think the multiplayer is worth playing...whenever i tried i either got put in a game with 2 people or it lagged beyond belief. not really very fun or interesting enough to keep you wanting more which is why i gave this 3 stars.....a good single player just isnt enough anymore (unless its Fifa) it needs a strong multiplayer to keep things fresh (COD or Halo)

    ALSO another annoying thing is when your a predator....fully stealthed.....in the trees.....marines ALWAYS know your there and open fire in a split second. after getting absolutely owned numerous times i ended up just running into gunfights like a crazy fool. kinda ruins the point but still fun