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  1.  The outstanding Mass Effect Trilogy


    An excellent price (39.99) for what can only be described as the stand out game series this generation.

    Includes -

    Mass effect 1 - Full game for the first time on ps3. Includes the bring down the sky dlc.

    Mass effect 2 - Full ps3 version with all dlc bar arrival.

    Mass effect 3 - Original retail version (no dlc)

    Buying these and the unincluded dlc will hit you for about 80 ish. this is peanuts when you look at the amount of gameplay you are getting for less than the retail price of 3 new games. I have put close too 130 hours into the first two games and that's only one 100% playthrough of each. With the third still to go and a possible replay on the renegade path this is outstanding value for money.

    Bioware created something special here, a real fleshed out universe with a deep back story and cracking gameplay. I have never been an rpg fan and some say that this is rpg lite but for me it was perfect. If you have not played these and are fans of shooter/action/rpg then lay down the cash - you won't regret it!

  2.  Deserves more exposure - and respect!


    First off, I did not get this from Play (paid 5 more!!)

    This is a great game for fighting fans. Faster and more precise than street fighter with a really well rounded cast - and far better looks!
    The choice of modes is top notch with the standard arcade a deep (if a bit nonsensical) story mode, survival, tt gallery etc. Rounded off with an insane amount of customisation.
    Play wise this is old school, favouring a quick skilled rushdown style with single frame links - which get easier with practice - cancels and specials allowing you to dish out an insane amount of damage. It is hard to find local online play but the single player modes more than make up for it. Whack it on hard and weep at the mental overpowered bosses (in true neo geo style for the fighting veterans out there) and with dlc characters on the way is a great overall package which will eat a good few hours.

    It's almost a shame that this will appeal to only the hardcore fighting game fan, but if that's you or if your curious and want to play an excellent fighter this is money well spent.

    Dishes out a few slaps to sf, umvc3, MK and anything else out there at the moment. I can't play this without a nostalgic smile. Especially when you spot one of the many cameo's.

    Here's hoping this outstanding fighter gets noticed!!

  3. Man Alive

    Man Alive

    Everything Everything - CD

    24 New from  £5.51  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.45

     So good I paid for the cd.


    And trust me I have not paid for many in the last few years. If you like a bit of alt rock (radiohead ect) you will love this lot - hand over that fiver, you won't regret it!!

  4.  Game of the year!!!!!!!!


    This is the best game to hit the PS3 this year. Graphically stunning, tight gameplay (the stealth kills and riot shields are nice additions) top weapons, another quality story and the best in game dialogue you can get. Some may say that it has not changed much from the original apart from a few tweaks, the reason for that is because it had no need too! Naughty Dog have a perfect formula here, its like playing an Indiana Jones film (with a hell of a lot more fighting) and what the hell can be wrong with that!
    Just like the first every PS3 owner should play this - in fact if you don't have a PS3 seriously consider getting one so you can enjoy Uncharted - game of the year for me without a doubt!

  5.  Quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This game is fantastic - movement, weapons and general gameplay are top notch. The story is really well told, with a depth that is quite rare in games these days. The two bits that really stand out are -

    1) The look of the Ishimura and the creatures themselves is incredible! everything from the holographic screens, blood and bodies all over the shop, the crazy stuff written all over the walls, wierd growths in the walls and the zero G and outside area's which are all perfectly done. Lots of time and effort went into this and it really does show.

    2) The sound effects really add to the atmosphere and are probably among the best I have come across in any game - whispers, screams, things, clanking or falling over, the creatures creeping about in the vents, the brief musical interludes - top quality!

    This is one of the best games I have had in recent years, I cant reccomend this enough!

  6.  Resident evil 5


    Completed this game recently and can honestly say I really enjoyed it. Its not so much a survival horror anymore, rather a decent 3rd person action - adventure title.
    The graphics are top notch with some of the level designs looking great. Sheeva's AI gets a lot of praise as well (apart from always picking the weakest weapon availabe) She is a really good addition to the game and is pretty handy in places.
    The single player campaign runs to a decent length (which is rare nowadays) while the levels, enemies and bosses are diverse enough not to get boring.
    There is plenty to find aside from the main game and the mercenaries mode is good for earning xp.
    My only faults with the game would be the control sytem - you really should be able to move and shoot/fight at the same time. Being locked into place while aiming gets annoying in places. And also the sheer amount of time it takes to earn enough money to fully upgrade your weapons - I found myself backtracking quite a bit to earn cash and points for unlocks. By the time I had some decent stuff it felt a bit like a chore. I had played the game to death and was not enjoying it as much anymore.
    If you just want to play the (really well told) story through then don't let that bother you as the game is a steal at this price and a worthwhile addition to your collection.

  7.  An SF veterans review.


    Brought this a while ago and finally got around to playing it recently. I'm afraid I am not quite sold on this new street fighter though. Thing is I have had every street fighter game at one time or another and still play Alpha 3 and 3rd strike (which was by far the best of the series) on a regular basis years after buying them - will it be the same for this one?

    Well in short it wont be. Although the graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is very smooth, this game does not have the lasting appeal of the old 2d classics. The reason is the core gameplay just feels a little broken. All of the additions made in the later 2d versions have been stripped out - no air guard, no multiple supers, no parrying, no multiple fighting styles, no bonus stages - and the worst thing is that no 3rd strike characters made the cut. Certain move priorities also seem a little wrong - it is far to easy to score a throw, the ultra's have a massive lag in between input and the move coming out, and the damage dealt by some moves is stupidly high.

    Online play is ok but I have struggled to find matches with a decent connection and sometimes the lag is enough to make you want to quit the match in disgust (I have also got bored of fighting Ryu/Ken/Akuma players over and over again)

    Single player is ok and Seth is quite easy when you learn his patterns. Some of the challenges though are stupidly hard - especially the timing of some of the moves in the combo challenges which makes the whole thing a little irritating. There are not quite enough characters in this one to make it last either and with the exception of Abel the new characters are not that great.

    It's a decent enough game but I cant help wishing they made another 2d version with a huge roster - say everyone from alpha 3, 3rd strike and a few new ones, but I guess they are trying to appeal to a new generation of players.

    No doubt we will get the usual - champion, turbo remixed editions in future, which may improve things but in the meantime I am off to stick 3rd Strike back on.

  8.  Awesome


    I had not played the previous Metal Gear games but decided to get this one anyway - and I can happily say that this game is incredible. The grahpics on offer here put all other games to shame. The cutscenes are outstandingly done, you feel like you are watching a movie rather than playing a game. The gameplay itself is solid and I really enjoyed the tactical elements. Combat is good and the first person view is quality!
    The level of detail and depth of this game is simply awesome - every PS3 owner should have this!!

  9.  Great FPS


    This is a very decent game, graphics are not perfect next gen but that does not matter at all when you are playing. Weapons are decent, enemies are interesting and the campaign is long and has decent depth.
    I dont understand why people are comparing this to Halo - Halo is possibly the worst FPS I have ever played. This on the other hand is quality and a steal at this price.

  10.  Very Poor


    I was hoping this would be a lot better than number 3 but boy was I wrong! - I will list the plus and minus below starting with the plus -

    1) Decent graphics
    2) The normal characters are good, movesets are ok
    3) The apprentice is an awesome character
    4) Music and SE are good

    Now the bad -

    1) The bonus characters are rubbish - why don't they have move sets of their own? It's a waste of time using them.
    2) The story mode is pathetic - over in about 10 mins and wretchedly easy! The arcade mode is also poor as you don't get the chance to use anything but the standard weapons, don't unlock anything and don't even get an ending!
    3) Remember the excellent quest modes from earlier soul caliburs? This one does not have one, instead you get the dire tower mode where you unlock bits of clothing for customisation instead of extra weapons, characters and stages.
    4) The customisation mode is rubbish! What is the point of spending ages creating a unique character that only ends up fighting like one of the standard ones? A lot of the game focuses on this mode (the tower, winning gold ect) and its crap - and to think they replaced the quest mode for this!
    5) Darth Vader is not quite the hard man in this game is he? Compared to the apprentice he is rubbish.
    6) Despite not minding the star wars angle the attempt to insert them into the soul calibur storyline is stupid and could have been done without.
    7) Why do you have to create a custom character (or another version of the standard) just to equip another weapon? This is a total pain!
    8) You can still spam this game, even on the hardest levels the combat balance is not very good - switching out the block button for a back press (like other fighting games) is one improvement I would recommend.
    9) Character unlocks are stupidly easy - you just buy them! Where is the challenge in that!

    I would advise everyone to avoid this game. The quest mode saved the earlier soul caliburs and added tons of longevity to the game - without it despite the graphics and the star wars characters this is a very weak game.
    Don't be taken in by the emphasis on the customisation - unless you want to spend ages making characters and putting them on the internet, that is - this is a fighting game not an RPG.
    They could have stripped all of that rubbish out and had a solid quest mode, extra characters that fight differently from the standard ones, a decent story and arcade mode - the list goes on.
    It seems Namco have totally lost the plot after Soul Calibur 2, such a shame as this could have been a great game.