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  1.  Definitely worth it


    This is a no brainer buy if you need a second remote. Right now, the Wiimote alone is £30, and this Wiimote+Wii Play is £28. You're paying £2 less for the Wii Play game added on top.

    I myself bought this at RRP £35, and was still happy with the purchase. Some of the games aren't as short as others, and you can still go back to play them even months after buying it. Some other games, like the fishing and rotating bubbles one, are a lot less fun.

    Since a certain (i'll leave nameless) Wiimote charger left both of my Wiimotes burnt out recently, I'll definitely give this a buy. Even if you want another two Wiimotes on top of your first, buy this package twice and give away the second Wii Play for christmas.

    Great deal. 5/5 for the price being below RRP of a stand alone Wiimote.

  2.  Good for a year


    I bought this around a year ago, and it's worked fine. The light on/off is controlled by a button, and the charges seem to have worked fine. It comes with two rechargeable Wiimote backs, which replace your current backs but look identical (apart from two metal squares needed for it to charge near the bottom). The NiMH AAA batteries (x2 for one Wiimote) can be bought as a 4 pack for £10 on Play.com also. There is also a switch at the back which allows you to change the charging from Wiimotes to the AA charging bay - an area where you can fit two rechargeable AA batteries into the stand. Also, a red light shows when the remote is charging, and flashes when it's ready to use.

    The only problems I've had have been recently, where one of the remote backs won't charge anymore with the slots. This means I'll probably have to buy a new charger set for my Wii, but for £10 lasting a year, it's worth it. Even if not used to charge, it still works as a perfectly good stand, with LED's still working, and can still charge AA batteries despite one of the slots no longer working.

  3. SSX Blur

    SSX Blur

    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £27.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.48

     yes patience IS needed lol


    i was hyped about this game using wii controls to the fullest.
    this is the case, and i'm very glad about it.
    my only nag is that even when doing training
    it's less "getting used to controls"
    and more "these controls are really hard"
    i gave up after 30 minutes,
    since i couldn't perform simple tasks liek throwing snowballs
    i'm 18 haha for referance to the other review 'not for young players'.
    but yeah, it's just a really hard game to grasp
    it's a challenge at least :)
    despite being someone annoying at first,
    i'm sure this is an excellent game

  4. Skate


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £14.77  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £29.99

     absolutely amazing


    i've only played the demo from xboxlive marketplace, but from what i've played in the 30min? demo, is outstanding. i've played the tony hawk series for years, and this puts all of those games to shame. EA Skate is so realistic, there is nothing unrealistic about it. also, it actually requires skill to do tricks, instead of diagonal+XX for a 360 flip for example, you have to flick the right joystick in certain ways to perform tricks. it's so smooth, and it's really enjoyable. i've pre-ordered it, it's going to be well worth £40. get the demo from 360live and try yourself.

  5.  5 star


    i bought this game because i like final fantasy games.
    and if you play other ones, you'll see (especially at the end) how well they have linked it to the other final fantasy games,
    with a very nice story and even some deep parts.
    the games you have to play to get further in the story tie in cleverly with the scenery also.
    a must have for final fantasy fans.