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  1.  Unexpectedly brilliant


    Was told this book was wonderful and ill do good reading it. They were correct, it is a loving tale and gripped me from begining to end. I can only hope we have more like this from Mr Haddon in the future.

  2.  Noughts and ticks!


    Have yet to read the other three but from reading this fantasic book i will be soon enduring in them. Great book even tho i did get a bit confused with the switching of characters. From the people who lend it from me all agree that it is brilliant and badgering me to purchase the other 3.

  3.  Shouldn't of bothered "Doing it"


    From being introduced to Melvin Burgess "Junk" was my first read of his and I expected all his stuff to be as spectacular as that was but "Doing it" was my second and last read of Melvin Burgess I was troughly let down by this book and it put me off picking his stuff up again.

  4. Junk



    Available  used  from  £2.30

     Shouldn't be named Junk


    Was reccommended this book by my ex boyfriend, have to say it was worth the agro with him just to be introduced to this spectacular read, one thing he done right in my eyes! Don't let this one pass you by, or you'll regret it i promise.

  5.  Star Joke


    Sorry to say but i expected alot more from this book.

  6.  His tear jerking story


    From start to finish in all three of the books, it made me cry and relaise what i take for granted. Reading this book makes u face up to reality and appreciate things alot more..Read!!

  7.  Sugar slow


    Another reviwing her from a complete fan of the tv series, was let down by book but thats onl because id seen the tv show beforehand, if it was the other way round i'd of probably loved the book. But nevertheless i am still going to purchase "sweet" to see if its any better and to read on their next adventure.

  8.  Stig of the highlands


    From childhood till now this book truley is remarkable. Absolutly love the whole story, always makes me cry at the ending.

  9. Holes



    14 New from  £4.73  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.04



    I came across this story at the age of 17, I became obsessed. Why didn't my school have this as a read!! It's this book that made me become such a great fan of Louis Sacher, now at 21 Im still caught reading this book as it will always travel though my life with me..fantastic storyline, it was well thought of, I was personally impressed.

  10.  Leave Joe where he is!


    In all honesty..i'm sure its a great read but for me i got half way through the first chapter and became bored and tossed it aside without another thought.