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Product Reviews

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  1.  Misunderstood Game


    Alot of reviews for this game are negative.

    However this game really has good qualities that no other game right now has:

    Split Screen Co-op
    -This seems to be a dying trend as more and more people would rather play online but nevertheless, people really miss this option.

    Lots of things to do.
    -Story can go in many different directions from watching a scene and having to input buttons (or not) and changing your direction of gameplay.

    - for all those familiar with mag this game has factions
    you can battle as you faction of choice trying to own the majority of and unlcok special things

    items etc.
    - this game has a system called slot machine where as you can use it to unlock weapons, abilities new looks, gestures and 'callsigns'

    -that's right each character has the ability to level up to 99, and you can play as all factions.

    though as most Shooters now are, there's granadiers everywhere
    which often spoils the fun but you can easily hone your skills.

    competative modes
    -ranked un ranked
    alot of confusion here
    ranked levels you and earns you career titles
    unranked just levels you up.

    game modes.
    vs batlles
    post grab
    akrid egg

    each of these can then be fine tuned even further

    there are flaws in the game, but none to say this game is pointless it's not a shooter simulation.
    blowing outta proportions arcade shooter = imense fun and something different.

    Campaign 8/10 (co-op)
    Campaign 6/10 (solo)
    Online 9/10
    Sound 8/10(dialogue could be better)
    Graphics 9/10*

    *seamless between gameplay and ingame FMV

  2.  Great misunderstood camera


    I feel this camera is gret, all the specs are truly what it is, i think it's it's user that give it a bad rep.
    People forget how things work, i.e
    Cameras need light to fuction at their best, in low light situations, this camcorder would suffer slightly on picture quility, it has no light fuctions, but you're aware of that, camera's usually don't come with lights, you light your own recordings.
    And as for full hd, i've seen a number of people watch back the quility of this, non hd screens.... You will not see 1080p resolutions on 542p tvs or regulay pc monitors.
    This tv is honestly a great must if you like recording at a great definition, and for it's price, you can't really go wrong.