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  1.  Wait for the Extended Cut (includes "Riddick:Blindsided"


    Continues from the last movies, Riddick is the Lord Marshall of the Necro's
    but is getting bored.
    Wait for the extended cut which has footage on the necro's ship at the beginning of the movie and a tie up at the end missing from the standard cut.
    Ive given it 5 stars, ok i am a little biased being a Riddick fan, but the movies did what it was supposed to do which is keep me interested until the end and entertain, that is its only purpose in life and it achieves it very well. I am not saying much about the plot as i don't want to ruin it for anyone, but its worth buying a a copy that has the extended footage, probably about 8 minutes worth. The extended footage on the ship is also known separately as "RIDDICK:BLINDSIDED".
    There isn't much information on the special features, it is possible the extra footage is included in the Bluray Ultraviolet version.



    IMHO one of the best Tarantino films ever. the script is fantastic. the camera work is brilliant and the actors are unbelievable. The story of Django a slave who is separated from his wife by a cruel and ruthless slave master, Django sets out to find his wife, that's all I am going to say as I don't want ruin the movie experience for you, Jamie Foxx Leonardo Di caprio Don Johnson Sam L Jackson all brilliantly portray their characters not to mention the fantastic work of Christoph waltz as King Schultz. The film has humour tragedy and the suffering of American slaves, a tale told the best way it can be. A must addition for any decent bluray collection, cant wait until its available. five stars *****

  3.  Great Movie, One I would Take To A Desert Island


    Ive watched this movies countless times since it canme out back in 99, i never get bored watching it, Eddie Murphy at his best with Martin Lawerance. The film follows two charachters wrongly sentenced to life in prison, set in the late thirties upto 1997. IMDB gives this movie a 6.3 which isnt bad, If i had to choose ten movies to take to a desert island this movie would be one of the first ones i would pick. The soundtrack is HipHop RnB. For 8 quid its a perfect movies to start building a bluray collection.

  4.  Comfortable, clear sound, good battery


    I would have given this 5 stars, why i didnt will become apparent as you read on, this plantronics is comfortable to wear for long periods, the sound is good loud and clear at both ends of the call, and the battery life is good, when the battery is getting low and audible message is spoken, "LOW BATTERY" which is handy as sometimes you dont hear bleep during a call, the headset is well made and sturdy and looks good, its light but is a bit on the large side, there isnt any kind of holder to store it when its off the ear. The headset comes with different size gells, and now we get to why i only gave it 4 stars, after about four months of use the ear gell became loose and would fall off, until oneday it fell off and was lost, i couldnt remember were i out the spares, so now the headset is rendered usless untill i can get some ear gells, the gells are not widely available like the jabras, in the end i rang plantronics who kindley have sent me some free in the post, but i dont have them yet. A lot of headsets have gone the route of ear gells etc, which is fine if they were easily available, so this is the weak point. Other than that q good headset but a bit pricey, Jabra have a couple of noise cancelling units about fifteen pounds cheaper, well worth considering, Jabra Extreme and Jabra 530,

  5.  Awsome


    Fantastic movie, nice touches with the new transformers and their personalities, funny, although some think its toilet humour but its movie derived from a comic not shakespear, the action is great, solid action all the way thru, if you liked the first one you will like this one aswel. Also recomend Star Trek and GI Joe

  6.  Dissapointing .... Good GGI ..... End Ruins It


    When i started watching this film i thought it was actually quite good. the effects are well thought out and executed, even Cages acting is acceptable, But then the movie begins to move on to the end and totaly ruins the whole thing, its like the bloke making the film had an imagination block, very disapointing a film that had pottential totaly ruined with the ending. If you must buy it, rent it first. Three stars because of the good special effects.

  7.  Brilliant Funny Laugh after Laugh


    This is the funniest series since Friends, laugh after laugh amazinging written and acted, and its funny because you know its true, because somewhere there are people like these guys, who could save the world but wouldnt know what to do in a room full for girls, or even just normal people

  8.  Watchable But Not Worth Bluray Money


    The movie is watchable, the acting isnt brilliant but it isnt the worst i have seen, the plot and story line are pritty solid which is the saving grace, it isnt quite like the book, but then movies arent at times, has some special effects. It isnt a horror movie but more of a love story. The movie did keep me interested and i wasnt bored at all so in a way it has fullfiled its function in life and i am glad i watched it, I would recomend watching it but i personaly wouldnt splash out on bluray unless it came down to about £7. I have found it appeals to late teens and early twenty somethings.
    In summary: Good recomended but not worth buying on bluray until it gets cheap

  9.  A Must If You Have Teenage Daughters


    The other reviewers have hit it, this movie is a classic and will keep you glued to the screen. But more its educational if you have teenage daughters and demonstrates just how easy it for girls to fall in to a trap, this movie from that stand point is very accurate, it will shock and it will put your stomach in knots if you have daughters. ... Recomended movie a must for any serious collection.

  10.  Very Good Recomended Highley


    This head set replaced BT500V which was an in the ear gell type, the only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is because i found the gell more comfortable.
    The battery life is brilliant, the multipoint feature allows you to PAIR TWO PHONES AT THE SAME TIME, when you recieve a call it will disconnect from one of the phones and then reconnect ready for a call once you have finished, you can only speak with one phone at any one time, this is fantastic as i carry a work phone and personal phone and dont have to have two sets. Its very light but well made and seems to be robust, i think jabra have ironed out the kinks with modles its replaced, it comfortable to wear and you can forget you have it on your ear. It can be worn on either ear. The sound reception is excellent with very good volume, i am told it also sounds good at the other end. It has and on/off/pair button, answer button and volume button and answer call/redial button, the headset supports voice dialing and also has a switchable vibrate feature. I recomdend the headset, its bit expensive but worth investing in.