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  1.  Slick Crime/Legal Drama


    There is alot of similar TV series out there, but this one stands out from the rest, in its truely remarkable first season.

    There is an extremely good blend of charachters along with high quality actors to make the story line more gripping. the plot is to bring down a billionaire CEO(Ted Danson), the law firm has an extravert leader in Paddy Hews (oscar nominee Glenn Close). but there is a lot more to the story that meets the eye.

    Damages gives a great insight to the world of New York business, the pay offs, the filthy money and power that goes with it. Quality performances by Rose Burn and a personal favourate Tate Donovan lead me to strongly recommending this TV series to all !!!

  2.  Best on the market ...


    Play.com never cease to amaze me. i was also cotemplating Xbox or PS3, having been a long serving playstation gamer. then i seen this offer and thought ... how can i refuse?

    £200 for a premium console and the most anticipated game in history??? awesome deal.

    I swung for the 360 ahead of the PS3 because of the online experience. having played on my friends ps3, i realised that you get what you pay for on the online ps3 .... Nothing! Plus its an extra £100 in my back pocket. Thanx play.com

  3.  Suprising!!!!


    This film is fantastic... to be honest i wasn't expecting this film to blow my mind as it was given no media attention, but i got a whole lot more. Clive Owen is brilliant in his unusual way just as he always is. Denzel added with a very solid performance as a diverse detective. I do wish Willem Defoe was more involved but that was made up by great supporting roles from Christopher Plummer and Jodie Foster. The film itself is very clever with a good morale of a story behind it. A 5 star film for all !!!

  4.  Ace....


    If you are a poker fan or a gambling fan then you will appreciate and absoloutly love this film. If your not, it doesn't matter, you will love it too.

    Matt Damon is brilliant as a young lawyer trying to escape the vigorous concequences of poker... but it is not as easy as that!!! An old friend comes back into his life ... Edward Norton and life changes dramatically for him. Norton plays an excellent supporting role as a wilder version of Damon, brilliaint at poker but a bad attitude. John Malkovick also gives a good supporting role in a tooth and nail face off.

    Overall i would recommend this film to all, its a truely enjoable and different movie experience!!!

  5.  Slow Burning Gem.....


    Clever film.... ofcourse we expect alot from a movie that is directed by Michael Mann and staring Oscar winners Russell Crowe and legend Al Pacino... and they delivered!! This film has a great conspirisory behind it although to be honest, the first 30 minutes is boring, but don't give up on it!!!

    Russell Crowe gives a fantastic portrayal of a man struggling with confidance due to being blackmailed. As per usual Pacino delivered a text book supporting role and occasionally showed his legendary rage!!! overall a very good, underated film that also has a good cameo role by Chris plummer, neither wonder it was nominated for 7 Oscars!!!

  6.  Under-Rated


    Theres your really famous thrillers that get all the oscars and golden globes etc, then have you ever watched a film when you just think..... actually this film is better!!! everything about this film is under-rated, Travolta is exceptional in a film that has a truely great suspensive and conspirisory laid story. I came across this film by chance and im so glad i did. Micheal woods and james cromwell give great supporting roles in what is a true 5-star film !!!

  7.  Line up of a lifetime


    i admit that the main reason i bought this film is because im a kevin spacey fan. but guy pearce, russell crow and james cromwell are exceptional. this film has many great twists and goes into great detail of police life in LA.

  8.  One of the best ever!!!


    Spacey is amazing in this film, when i saw him in american beauty i thought one of the best acting perfomances ever and his personal best, this was on par with that performence. at no point in the film was i not on the end of my seat. I WOULD PAY £20 TO SEE THIS, SO AT £5, IT'S A STEAL!!!