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  1.  Oh we love the PC yes we do, we do


    I have never really been an RPG fan but this game I had a look at as it was getting rave reviews. Also nothing that great has been out for a while.
    The graphics in the game are stunning, and I mean amazing. It really does put the PC back on the map as the best games machine. Everything looks so good in the game to the point you are happy to just walk about and explore.
    Exploring is also a great aspect, you never feel like you are following a made path like in say Quake. And at times you make bad choices and learn from them.
    The story is for me pretty good but if you are not into fantasy style books then you may be a bit board as it has all been done before. But this does work well and you do get an epic feel with the game.
    Sound is also fantastic with a great mix of FX and music to keep you happy.
    If you are a novice to this style you may be puzzled at the different controls for spells, mixing potions but this game is worth the research to get what is going on.
    This is a game for adults and I do recommend not letting under 18s play it.
    Playing on a Phenom 2 X4, 450 Gforce with 4GB ram it runs flawless. Also a decent sound card will give you a better all round experience.
    Well worth a play on a rainy day for all fans of PC gaming.

  2. Explorer


    Cerys Matthews - CD

    4 New from  £9.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.67

     Only passports 6 months before expiry accepted


    Here we have Cerys on to her 5th studio album and all the passion from previous releases has been included again.
    It is as if this time she has decided to take the tour before the album comes out. As the album name describes the influences on this one are many and far away. A mix of cultures comes together very well with here amazing voice and love of celtic/folk music. Some songs are Cerys covering classic songs like La Tarara a Spanish folk song to the Robert Burns poem of Ca The Yowes. Each song has been treated with respect but also given a nice makeover and the results are fantastic. But dont think this is just a covers album or a one off novelty album as seven songs here are new and you really could not tell as they mix so well with the old material. Somehow Cerys has created a template for the album to flow on and being she is a guitar player this may be the glue that has kept the album sounding so well rounded. With such a distinctive voice at times down to a faint whisper you can tell she is having just as much fun listening to it herself. Guitars, banjo, harps and even a Duduk are instruments that give the album the traditional feel. Self produced and sounding very good as well it is well worth the price of a train ticket.

  3.  For under a ton this is the one


    This phone is sold in many other countries as a ZTE Blade so if you want to know more about the phone searching with that name opens up a whole new area of info.
    Now the phone is a cracking example of miniaturization with a 600 Mhz CPU is really does pack a punch. Ok you have phones with more but for 100 notes and depending what you want the phone to do it is ideal.
    The touch screen is great very colorful and the touch sensitivity is spot on. The qwerty keyboard works a treat with my large fingers and the whole device is just so much fun to use.
    Running Android 2.1 it is great but as said the Orange bloat programs do get in the way a bit. But it does not take away how great this device is.
    I have unlocked for free and installed a new OS in Jellyfish 2.2 and it comes alive even more. (Doing this voids warranty).
    The new OS frees up CPU power and that in turn gives more battery time as well.
    For the user of Twitter, Facebook, music on the go this is a joy to have. If you love really high powered games the system may struggle but you really should go for a more powerful cpu if that is your thing.
    build quality is very good with metal side panels and a decent plastic finish it feels great in your hand. The device is a great phone with the earpiece and mic working flawlessly to give a crystal clear conversation.
    Download Opera Mini and the device turns into a great web surfing phone and one of the best in my opinion, all the apps I have run fast and well. I am really struggling to find a fault with the device.
    Comes with 10 quid airtime and if you take your number to Orange they give you another 30 quid so taking the phone cost to 60 quid. WOW.
    Buy it and upload android 2.2 and you have not only one of the best smart phones but the BEST budget phone ever!

  4. Lemmy



    12 New from  £4.79  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.94

     51% Great Documentary 49% Great Entertainment


    This film has been in the making for a number of years now. Funding was a problem as far as I know but the film makers have managed to splice together a great 'on the road/at home with' style of documentary about Lemmy.
    If you are reading this as a Motorhead fan then you will love this film, it does not only focus on Lemmy but on the band as well.
    But the film does give so much great info on Lemmy, some most fans of the band will know but it has been documented very well here and really makes you feel like it is way more personal.
    Get a great look at his life up to date and the reason why he is the way he is. You have to remember he has been in the music business all his life and at 65 as he says he can remember a life before rock n roll.
    The way you find out about his story is not just a sit down and interview like may music documentaries but the filmmakers have captured many conversations with him and other stars of music and film. Also many big names get to give there opinions on him and his music.
    See him in the studio and playing live, explaining his sound his family and his friends. He shows his house, his daily life and even some of the business side of the music industry.
    Lemmy was given full control over the film and the only thing he wanted changed was one of the music tracks to include the saxophone solo (It was edited out to help the feel of the film).
    So there you have it with no cuts from the man himself about him from other people.
    Not much else to say as I don't want to spoil it so enjoy.

  5.  Four for four from four


    15th studio album by heavy metal kings Iron Maiden is here. Big question. Is it any better than the last three albums? No. But we have been spoilt of late.
    Brave New World in 2000 was a great start for the band after the return of Bruce Dickinson and the follow up in 2003 Dance of Death was for me the best album they have done since Seventh Son... A Matter of Life and Death in 2006 was a continuation of the last album and again a great sounding album.
    Five years after that we have the new offering and it is a great album and again the band move in a slight prog direction for this one album. Not so much guitar prog but more of an attitude in the album. Five of the songs are over 8 minutes long and unlike prog it does not get too boring.
    The first track has shades of 1995s X Factor with a long space themed intro that then slices you with the guitars and it is time to rock. El Dorado follows and is the weakest song for me on the album. Mother of Mercy bring the band back to the galloping sound we love then a bit of a ballad follows (as ballad as Maiden get).
    The album does get better and better as it goes and unlike the last few albums does not have as big a riffs as before. Still more of a sound than a all out riff fest.
    Nico's drums are far less punchy on this album from the last, that is a shame as he deserves to be heard.
    Isle of Avalon shows that the band can still do the long into build up like Fear of the Dark. Starblind does the same with a nice arpeggiated intro that gets filled up with a classic rocky sound into a wall of vocals by Bruce and then solo time for the three guitar players. As the album progresses you get a bit of a feel of "is this still maiden on the stereo" and that is a good thing as the songs continue you then hear what we all love. The album is a great addition to the maiden catalog and i feel a big risk sound wise. As so many people hated X Factor and then loved A Matter... even thou they both sound very similar. If fans like em they will like this. But give it a few plays and album 15 is a good un.
    Four albums from 2000 and all up their with the best metal bands around.

  6.  Classic Brit Pop/Rock


    Something of a hidden gem is Jackdaw 4. Previous two albums were lessons in how to make perfect chart music. 2005s 'Gramophone Logic' and 2008s 'Bipolar Diversions'.
    This is again a follow on from the other albums and song after song are chart hits and pop melodies with harmonics that catch you and make you turn it up on a sunny day.
    But the band have yet to really tour or even make a video so it will always be between us so keep it to yourself.
    Not a bad song on the album much like the other two, play it to friends and see em sing along after a few minutes.
    Great production and sound on the CD help to give this music a real wow factor. With a range of other instruments and big harmonies you would think you have went back to the 70's glam rock era at times.
    Go on risk a few quid on this and you will have one of your albums of the year. Easy!

  7.  Great comeback


    Album number seven for the cowpunk band, on the back of some touring in 2008 the band felt it was time for a new album and a shot at bettering the last 30 years.
    Time has been very kind on the band and a rip roaring rock and roll album is included with the fantastic country mix that the band are well known for.
    The album starts with Mr Hodges guitar in a riff that takes you back to 1981 and provides the first glimpse of how good this is going to be. The band even know this as in the middle of the song is a small sample from years ago. Again just to show that they are back.
    Much of the album is more a rock and roll album and old Status Quo does come to mind. But that is a good thing as one time they were able to put out great new albums.
    The band has two new members and it feels just as good as it was back then. You can tell the new guys make the album feel a bit different from others but that is in the long run a good thing as the band are happy to start a fresh.
    Great songs and great song writing by the band and guests, some big names in rock are asked for input and this has helped to keep every song on the album interesting, you try to find the songs that are written by who and see what one is better.
    Very good production and a great vocal performance help this to be one of the bands best.
    No fillers and all out rock n country to the end.
    The band is back and let us hope for more.

  8.  Box set that Boxes any other box set.


    Ok as the game is out at midnight tonight I have yet to play it. But this is a quick review for the LTD Box Set as many of you may be thinking if it is worth it.
    You get a very sturdy and robust box that is of very high quality. The top opens to reveal the 12" Bioshock soundtrack. Again this is the same quality you would get on a normal release in the shops. Not a gatefold and no insert mind you but it is good.
    Then under this is a fantastic embossed box that contains the rest of the goodies.
    Three posters again in great quality rolled up and enclosed in plastic wrapping to keep it in good condition.
    The CD soundtrack for Bioshock 2 is next, this is contained in a card sleeve. This is the only let down of the box, a nice digi pack may have been a nice touch.
    The highlight is a full hard back book containing many images of the games artwork. If you are a fan of Bioshock this is worth the extra 15 quid alone. With side notes and info on the design of the game. It is split into chapters to give a real insight into how the game all came together. A great coffee table book that may just find many people wanting to play the game to see the artwork come to life.

  9.  Tallica Blu Ray debut


    Ok what we have here is a full concert that was played in Arenes de Nimes a huge ancient amphitheater in the French city of Nimes.
    The band had toured with a stage set up much like the Cunning Stunts DVD years ago with a stage in the middle of the arena and the band swapping parts of the stage for the whole gig. Unlike the tour this gig is of the normal traditional idea with the stage at one end and the fans all able to see everything that is going on. Again unlike the tour no stage props or even much lighting is present. This I think adds to the gig very well as we all know Metallica can play. And they do here for two hours a great mix set of old and new.
    Ok the picture is hi def and does look great, you do get a real feel of the gig and with the camera men not shy on stage going right into the band the whole time. The picture is not the best I have ever seen but it is still very good and makes the bands first Blu Ray a real treat.
    The sound is as you get on a digital media two choices 5.1 and Stereo. I have played it with both and I find the stereo track fantastic. Very loud and you can hear everything very well. The guitars sound great, it is that good you can hear the mistakes the band make but again this adds to the gig.
    The 5.1 is not as good as the stereo track, it is a bit low on volume and does not sound mixed well at all. You can hear the audience better but the band sound suffers.
    All in all a great gig and if you saw the band on the tour this is a great way to see a similar set done in a different way.

  10.  Peel was right in the end.


    Many people may not remember a guy called John Peel he was a DJ on BBC Radio 1. Yes the rather crappy pop channel. But when this guy was on it was a free for all over the radio, any band could get a slot and always did. Here you have three cds of the most rapid grind core you can hear. We have all heard Napalm Death but this is a really down tuned heavy young version that does even all these years later make you think that you have never heard that. Peel was right to get this music in session as it well stands the test of time. Extreme Noise Terrier, Carcass, Godflesh and other are all here in a nice box set with a very good booklet. It even has a pic of John peel on the sleeve. As without him many of the bands would have not got a break in the music business.
    Still totally relevant and utterly essential for any metal fan.