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  1.  Please Get This Game


    Valkyria Chronicles is a wonderful game, that unfortunately most people have missed entirely. Its hard to pinpoint what genre VC falls into as it has several. The game is at its heart a rpg, but also has a mix of third person shooting and real time strategy.

    The story for this game is set in alternative world war 2 setting. You play the leader of a squad in the army militia and it is your role to lead your soldiers into battles. If you are a fan of games having huge stories you won't be disappointed, characters are well rounded and believable. One of the story's biggest strength is it doesn't hold back, issues of racism and overall effects of war are portrayed very well.

    The graphics in VC are some of the most beautiful, artistic and original in this current generation. The game has a fabulous watercolour shading effect that will really blow you away when you first boot up the game. Sound in the game has been done very well, especially the voice acting.

    Gameplay is a 30-40 hour experience as you progress through the missions. The game starts of slowly as your learn the basics, but once it hits its stride it really takes of with a bang. The game gives you different classes of soldiers and tanks to command, and then it is up to you the player to chose the correct strategy. You won't get it right every time, but if you want a game that really makes you use brain this will be for you.

    Valkyria chronicles is an excellent thought provoking game, that is something just a little bit different. It is a shame many people haven't noticed this game despite it is without doubt one of the best PLAYSTATION 3 exclusives to date.

  2. BioShock



    1 New from  £29.90  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £20.99

     A First Person Shooter with a twist


    I had mixed expectations before Bioshock arrived as I love third person shooters and am not a huge fan of FPS's, however this is not your ordinary FPS.

    The game is very well presented especially sound with awesome voice acting and well thought out and placed music. Bioshock has an excellent story, which will go down as one the best in gaming history (a real eye opener). Graphics are very impressive on the ps3 version and despite being multiplatform, it can give any ps3 exclusive games a run for their money.
    Gameplay wise its superb, while there is not a huge arsenal of guns to select from it has all the right ones to pick from. Other than guns you have plasmids (kinda like superpowers), but the great thing is you can choose the way you want to play.

    Overall a great hit that will go down as an all time classic, so if your looking for a full game thats not to pricey you will definitely get your money's worth.

  3.  Don't be put off by this Gem


    Alot of people I know whenever I mention a ratchet and clank game say there put off by the fact they think its a kids game and its a platformer style game. People new to the series do not be put off by the cover (don't judge a book by its cover as they say) as while there is plenty of jumping about here and there, this game is all about the guns and lots of guns (would even make Neo jealous out of the matrix).

    While I wouldn't call the shooting in this hardcore action, it is simply just fun overly fun. Think of a gun this game's got it from a pistol, grenades, shotgun, rocket launcher, flamethrower and these are just the normal weapons there some really interesting and abnormal weapons that really keeps the game feeling fresh. The game has a nice mix of platforming and gunning, but also mixes it up with action in your space ship and more.

    If you ever loved the animation in a pixar movie get this because you'll feel like your in one. The graphics are definitely some of the best on the PS3 easily matching MGS4 or Uncharted, the environments are large and lush, with excellent lighting. The character animation is superb and is equally matched by some awesome voice acting.

    The story is very well written and hilarious in places, Captain Quark will leave your sides aching from laughter. This game really does show video game animation has finally caught up with the animation from a pixar movie, with an equally silly yet lovable plot.

    The game however does have faults it is quite easy in places, due to the amount of guns and upgrades you receive. The first play through is about 10 hours although you will want to play through twice as you can play it again at a harder difficulty with all your gear from the previous play through. The game also doesn't have as much content as the previous ratchet games on the PS2 and there isn't any co-op or multiplayer options.

    Despite the faults mentioned these are only minor grumbles which is essentially an excellent game. Do not be put off by thinking this game will be too childish, the game is simply FUN, with outstanding visuals. Finally for £15 you are really getting your money's worth.

  4.  Great Monitor For PS3


    I bought this TV for my ps3 and once hooked up with an hdmi cable the picture is excellent. I'd recommend this as a great bedroom monitor its a quality product and you won't be disappointed.

    Big thumbs up to PLAY I ordered this on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday.

  5.  Sneaking its way for sure to game of the year


    Beauty of this game is the varity of ways to play it. On my fourth play through and I've played it Pure stealth, rambo head on and much more its up to the player to choose.

    Awesome lives up to the series easily recommend to anyone.

  6.  Great speakers for the ps3 ONLY


    ok first off these speakers are great for the PS3 as they are specifically designed with the PS3 in mind. However while you can use the speakers with other devices and gaming consoles, I wouldn't recommend it. The speakers when used with anything other than the ps3 is pathetic and wouldn't even wake a sleeping baby.

    Now while these speakers suck with other devices, with the PS3 they are amazing and the volume is very impressive when playing through the PS3 (neighbours will not be impressed when playing at full volume). Price is quite reasonable for what your purchasing and is a good alternative option for those who have a limited amount of money.

    I can easily recommend these for a PS3 owner your games, music and movies will never sound so good. For anyone buying these speakers for any reason other than the ps3 don't bother you won't be impressed.

  7.  Ultimate Must Have For PS3


    Immediately after getting it out of the box you can tell the Dualshock 3 is high quality. Unlike the Sixaxis the Dualshock 3 is very sturdy and doesn't feel like it is about to fall apart. The weight is perfect noticeably heavy than the Sixaxis, which is a good thing as the Sixaxis always felt too light.

    God I've missed a rumble feature, the controller's rumble is slightly less than its predecessor's, however the rumble is excellent. Playing Warhawk I can tell from which direction I was being shot at just from the rumble and games such as Uncharted can't really be appreciated fully until you've played it with a rumble feature. The controller holds its charge just as well as the Sixaxis and we easily last 20 hours before needing to charge it.

    Although not officially released in the UK, I really suggest getting a dualshock 3 (imported ones still work with a UK PS3). Dualshock 3 really adds to the whole gaming experience, a must buy for the PS3.



    Ok this is not a review of the playstation 3, but of the deal of the ps3, uncharted and ninja gaiden for £299.99. I've really being waiting for a long time now for the ps3 to be affordable , £300 just for the ps3 always seemed too much.

    Play.com really needs to be praised for bundling two great games with this deal. I don't know if you're like me but I've been fed up of shops bundling the ps3 with rubbish games (who really wants Lair or Genji).

    Nice one PLAY for making the ps3 finally affordable, this is the cheapest ps3 offer on the market (believe me I've been looking for a cheap ps3 for 3 months).