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  1.  Very good game, pitty about the community....


    This is the game for gamers who are a bit sick of covering all the time, bit sick of the VATS in fallout 3....just want to pick up a pad and make things dead. The cross over of RPG and FPS works well and they dont stand on the others toes. Plenty of guns to choose from though all variations of about 5-6 types of gun though they all have a different feel to them. The online is one of the major selling points, and it should be; this game is HARD. To attempt some parts on your own is foolish and extremely boring as you respawn over and over. However twice now someone has helped me get through a bandit hideout, helped me kill the boss and then nabbed all the loot. Erm, sorry, im hosting, i need that artifact, your a way higher level than me, and now your cashing it in for the XP and cash, right. Kicked. Thats happened twice for me and might be why i cant play the game on my own or with others.
    So be warned, this game is good, but play it with other people and if you can play it with people you know so you can split the loot, and if you join someone elses game PLAY NICE.

  2.  Very dark, very good.


    Joe Abercrombies books are riddled with humour, violence, sex, anger, and bit more violence. Oh and some supernatural stuff. I cant compare his works to anything else, just becuase he is his own genre in my opinion. Amazingly he even manages to mix some wisdom and philosophy into the books, alongside the dark humour. His first three books are fairly different to this one, though all his books have a similar feel to them. A cripple, a person with a grudge and a viking sort of person with an intresting name who wants to be a better person, but just has a habit of getting people killed.

  3.  Great game, but be warned...


    First off; really great game. Good mix of political and militaristic conflicts and diplomacy/politics has a slightly larger part to play with a goverment system and revolutions.

    HOWEVER: you will need one hell of a computer to run this. i have pretty much the requirements on my laptop running vista and i still find that after playing it for half an hour i have to stop because i have the graphics on LOW, like really low (you can imagine how low, i mean, SHOGUN is a bit nicer in some ways low) and the slight frame rate is annoying as hell.

    you may want to run your pc/laptop past a few game checkers (.yougamers.com .sytemrequirementslab.com) and check your at least half way up the scale for yougamers. Im just before the first notch if thats an indication.