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  1.  A brilliant game, I love it


    Lets start by saying the only similarities with COD and Battlefield are its a shooting game and you can spawn on your team mates that's about it.
    Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a brilliant game, its a combination of stealth, full guns blazing and team work. I am not a stealth lover but in this game for me the balance is about right. The campaign is superb with a good mix of environments and equipment used. The way you select your team to down 4 people at a time is very satisfying, or to surpress the enemy. Graphically its great, OK the guy whose throat your slitting does not look brilliant but the rest of the game looks good and the sound quality is great when cranked up. For me I will be able to replay the campaign at least 3 or 4 times to get the most out of it. I especially like the challenges with in sections of the story. To be honest for me its one of the best shooting games I have played since Rainbow 6 Vegas.
    The multi-player side of it can be brilliant, can be frustrating. If you are on a team that works as a team its superb, if on the on the other hand your in a team with the COD kids its hopeless. By COD kids I mean the type of people that just want a high K/D and don't help the team out, also you find these kids at the spawn point killing you. That aside you get the campers, obviously you do with every shooting game, but with this one you have the equipment to find them and get them. One huge drawback is the amount of people that quit, it always seems for me when I am doing well (which isn't that often) then the connection is lost and it resets the current objective or kills the game dead. The customizing the weapons is great and there is a good selection of them. At first to control the guns online is a little tricky but stick with it you soon get the hang of it.
    So overall for me it's one of the best shooting games out there and I have played most of them but not enjoyed one as much as this for a long time.

  2.  Instant love for the album during its first play


    I love Linkin Park and have Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Minutes to Midnight of which I think are brilliant albums. I listened to the negative comments of the album A Thousand Suns and have not brought it.(I am getting it now though). So when I heard a new album was coming out I was unsure if I would get it. Luckily I kept hearing on the radio a track form Linkin Parks new album Living Things,( Burn it Down) which I really liked and thought I have to have that.
    As soon as I got it delvered, it was playing loudly and the first time I played it I immediately liked every track. It has the power the aggressiveness the rapping and above all Chesters voice is brilliant, it so reminds me of the other albums, but its different in its own way maybe it sounds more electronic.Roads Untraveled and Skin and Bone are great tracks but Lost In the Echo is very different to them, very similiar to how Hybrid Theory is. I am listening to it as I write this review, Its now on the MP3 player and very soon its heading for the car of which I can see it beeing played non stop for many hours to come.
    I think its a great album but the only draw back its so short. There are only 12 tracks lasting 36 minutes 59 seconds.Having said that theres the old saying of "Quality not quantity" For me, I will be enjoying this album as much as the others, well done Linkin Park.

  3.  I feel let down by this


    Having played and loved Bad Company 1 & 2 so much, I was really looking forward to the release of this game. I know its a different story but the online is identical in its play.
    I will start with the story first and to be honest I enjoyed it's various missions of infantry fighting, driving the tanks and the flying section. I would have loved to have been able to fly the plane though, rather than be the co-pilot. Graphically it looks good and sounds very good. In a lot of cases it's a slow paced game, and in some parts was very dark not always having nite vision goggles and the nite vision sight, so I had to keep changing the brightness. The thing I did get annoyed at, a number of times I had lag during the story. Whilst playing the story there was a moment or two of "Oh I wasnt expecting that". I then played it through on hard mode and was surprised at how easy it was, which was dissapointing I prefer more of a challange.
    The online mode for me is a big let down. The same old modes are there like Rush and Conquest etc but nothing else with the exception of a Co-Op Special Ops type mode. One big thing is you can not have the option of making a friends only match(if you can please tell me how), which would be good so you could practice flying the helicopters and aeroplanes, which for me and many others have become impossible to fly.
    Now I will admit I am not the best person online at shooting games
    but in BC2 I could happily play the game being a useful but not always the best team member, but with BF3 I am losing the will to live. The guns have been over done with the recoil, you unlock different attatchments for them, but none that I seem to use. As for those stupid flashlights with 50 million candle power to them, so ott. It has also been made that you get killed far more easier than the previous game, hence the scoring of the games now is at 100 for the win. For me it's very frustrating that I have to take what seems like 10 mins to get in the action to be picked of by a camping sniper, yes I know its what snipers do but if your lucky enough not to die and dive behind a rock or other thick cover you still get shot. For me there seems to be to much detail on the HUD like players names etc and I can't figure out where I am getting shot from a lot of the time, and seem to die far to easily.The maps them selves are what we expect from BF some are huge and some are more close quarters you cant fault them.
    The strangest thing for me is the fact the classes are irellevant to a degree. Before as a medic when other team members were hurt they stayed hurt until you gave them a medi pack. Now you just hide and you heal your self in time. The same with recon a tank gets damaged and will fix its self when out of the firing line. One excellent thing is the tanks and choppers are a lot easier to bring down so you dont constantly get hammered by them all the time, just get shot by camping snipers when you jump out of them lol.
    I can't understand why I am so bad online with this game, maybe I am trying to hard, but for me 5 kills and 15 deaths (thats having a good game) leaves me not wanting to play the game.May be I just havn't found the gun that suits be best or maybe I should camp more, but I was OK in the previous game hopeless at this one. Its a shame I was really looking forward to this game but feel so let down.
    To sum it up for me the story is enjoyable, the online useless and once the Co-op mode is done there will be no point me hanging on to it, which I am sorry to say

  4.  Another great chapter to the MW series


    Lets start by saying I like both COD and Battlefield they are totally different in there own way, but I can't understand why most of the supposed reveiws are just the Battlefield Boys wanting to hate the game. Just because you don't like the game doesn't mean its a bad game. Lets put it another way, Adele is highly rated by many as being a brilliant singer. Personally I dont like her at all, but does that make her rubbish, no, its just not my type of thing but I wouldn't put on her reviews, buy something else.
    People are saying how MW3 is so similiar to others in the series, well it is because it's a continuation of the the previous story. If they changed it about to much people would moan its not the same. If you were able to fly aircraft and drive tanks, the makers would get slaughtered by people saying there trying to make it like Battlefield.I buy COD's because I know what I will get, and it's what I like. You tell me a game which has a follow up to it that isn't the same. Battlefield BC's very similiar, then how about the Assasins Creeds, Mass Effects, Tiger Woods and of course all the FIFA's to name a few, how samey are they, yet do people moan like they do with COD.
    With MW3 I loved the story. You play the roles of various characters in different countries, one minute in America another in Africa. They are short missions but all link togethor and the pace of the game leaves you feeling breathless at the end of them. The graphics look great ( I am using 1080p) the sound is wonderful through the surround sound (the Mrs would differ on that) and the game plays very smoothly at a frantic pace at times. I really enjoyed it and loving it again going through it on Veteran. Its another great chapter to the MW series.
    The online is yes, very similiar to that of old but why change something people love. They have introduced some different modes, Kill confirmed for example is good fun and because of its type you don't get many campers.They have also brought back spec Ops and a mode similiar to horde (I cant remember exactly what its called) They have changed the kill streaks some what, and there are a few small changes, but in general its the sort of thing people expect and want when buying the COD's.
    Alas the quick scopers are back, but at the moment there are few of them and hopefully it stays that way, you always get the campers but the fun of it for me is to find them and keep getting the easy kills as you know where they will be, and what shooting game doesn't have them.
    So overall if you like the COD's storys and the online multiplayer then you will enjoy it. If you are tiring of it, then maybe its time to choose something else. Personally I love it.
    One final thought, on the release date MW3 sold nearly 10 Million copies of the game, so you get a few people on here moaning, but with sales figure like that, it proves that COD is loved by so many and disliked by so few.

  5.  Well worth the money


    I had one of these for a day and Jr pinched it off me. He was so happy with it, I then had to buy another one for myself. When I got to use it I was delighted with it. At first it seemed a tad tight but it didnt take long for it to fit really comfortably. The headset fits fully over the ear (depending how big your ears are) and closes the outside sound out enough to hear your mates clearly. When I first used it, alot of my friends said how much clearer I sounded and they also were themselves. For this money you cant go wrong they are almost half the price of the microsoft headsets and many times better.
    If you need a new mic then I would not hesitate to spend your money on one of these.

  6.  Great fun for 25 Quid


    I brought this because I loved Reflex and the fact it was 25 quid.
    The graphics look fine not the best in the world, but not at all bad. I found driving the bikes quite easy but then I have played the previous game and adjusted to it easily. I found by turning the assists off its trickier but you get more XP enabling you to unlock the parts to customise your bike and rider and ranking up to open more tracks and other goodies.
    I am not sure I like the fact you don't have to win Championships you just have to win and master all the tracks to progress, if you struggle on a particular track you can go back to it at any time with a new unlocked vehicle, but there is something about winning a league or championship rather than mastering tracks and for me that is the only downside.You dont start of with many tracks but as you rank up more tacks and bikes become available. I spend ages in free roam trying to pull of the tricks but just riding around for me is fun
    I do find this game addictive and really good fun and come on for 25 pounds its a great price. I have spent 40 pounds many times on games which dont entertain you and enjoy as much as this one.Thats why I give this 5 stars.
    I have only played online a few times and it has been fun as yet no problems with lag or idiots that just want to take you out.
    I have also found out there is an online manual you can download and that explains things in a lot more detail,as for the one you get is just a folded sheet of paper with very little on it. For example it shows you all the buttons to press to pull off all the tricks.
    So in my opinion if you enjoy this sort of game give it a try, its fun addictive and for 25 pounds your not going to lose much if you hate it that much, which I am sure you wont.

  7.  A rival for Forza


    I loved the first Shift and had to get this one and as you would expect it looks wonderfull.The in car or helmet cam really adds to its realism although I still prefer the behind car view.There are plenty of cars to choose from and you can now tweak and play with the settings to please the petrol heads that like tweaking suspension and gear ratios etc.
    There are so many tracks, many very familiar ones, new ones and some I remember from the first Shift and they all look good to.
    I think the lighting conditions in this game really adds to the fun sometimes you have the low sun in your eyes other times its at night and during the sunny day, no wet conditions which is a shame though.
    The gameplay is at first a nightmare until I found out how to change the settings and this has transformed the game. The best way of describing it for me was like driving a roller skate on ice, even the best 4WD cars were a nightmare, but with the correct adjustments it makes a huge difference.
    The problems for me with this game are drifting and how hard it is. The drifting section I hate, but its because I dont particulary like it and the fact I am rubbish at it. Having said that I did get through all the sections until the last challenge where I will never do it as long as I am breathing.
    As you progress, as you would expect it gets harder, the cars get so fast I am beginning to struggle with it. Until now I am on normal mode and I really dont want to change it to easy but I feel I may have to if I want to complete the game. The AI can get quite aggressive and its frustrating when they nudge you off the track, especially when you on lap 23 of 25, not as bad as the muppets online though.
    Online seems to be very quiet, there doesnt seem to be many people online playing it, and I cant get anyone to play the online catch up events. The online looks just as good and plays just the same but as you do with racing games you get as mentioned earlier the idiots that just want to take you out. So if you want the "play for 10 hours online" cheevo it may be hard to find the games to do it, or if you can stomach the idiots that long.
    Overall I really like the game I find it so addictive, but as I am nearing the end I do wonder if I will ever complete it.

  8.  A game for men not COD boys


    Firstly let me say I love the COD games I have them all but lets be honest they are getting rather samey especially online. Operation Flashpoint is different, I would think its the most realistic FPS on the market and its a lot harder and tactical than your COD's. You are in charge of Bravo squad and you look after 3 other guys, and its down to you to order them and put them in the right positions. Do it correctly and they respond well, do it wrong your dead and so are they.
    Graphically it looks great to me, game play takes a little time to getting used to the controls but die a few times you learn quickly. It reminds me a lot of the GRAW series. Shooting is not like COD you have to be more precise and allow for bullet drop over long distances so to be honest it is really like a sim, the AI shooting back are pretty damn good to. There are 4 different classes you can play the game as, and as I have found out if you choose the wrong one you can be in all sorts of trouble. The game is chaotic at times you get flanked you get over run so you soon learn to change your tactics if it didnt work the first time. I think its a really good game and I did enjoy the previous one as well.
    Online is different,rather than your usual death matches etc this game is about team work and you work with each other rather than against each other. If I want death matches I will play Battlefield or COD but this is differerent and thats why I like it, its a change from the norm.
    If you want to run around like a headless chicken then stick with the COD's if you do that on this game you wont last a minute, you really have to think about whats going on. If you want to get a feel of what war must be like and you are up for a challenge then this is a great game.
    The only thing that is bad about this game is when you die the load up times do take a while and when you die as much as me can get a little tiresome waiting for it to load. Also bare in mind your team mates are not the brightest sparks and do wander into open ground and infront of you while your shooting, but apart from that this is a really good game.
    I will continue to get the COD's but dont compare the 2 as they are miles apart. Operation Flashpoint Red River sorts the men out from the boys

  9.  A brilliant game


    I love FPS games and not knowing anything about Crysis wasn't going to get it, until a friend of mine recommended it, and the fact I was fed up with Homefront.
    Well to be honest I am so please I listened to my mate and got it, its brilliant. Graphically its superb, the game play is fast and furious but unlike many games nowadays the campaign is big and lasts for ages.
    Although its fairly linear you have the options to play the game as you like, as you look through your visor it gives you the option to flank, stealth or like me just go guns blazing. You have this special suit and at first I kept forgetting to use its special abilities, but when I remembered and got the hang of it oh boy does it help you, and make the game even more fun.
    Online is just as good, I like the way you can join noob lobbys from rank 1 to 10 and that gives you a good feel for the game and gets you used to the maps before you join the masses and the high ranked and get absoloutly slaughtered ( well I do anyway). But having said that its great fun running around turning invisible and surprising people.
    Overall I personally think that Crysis 2 is the best game I have played on the xbox for a long time, there are many good games out there but this feels different and so enjoyable, and also its a game that you can and will want to replay time and time again. If you like FPS games then you should have this game in your collection.

  10.  So addictive I loved it


    If you enjoyed the previous Assassins Creed you will enjoy this one, its where you left the last one and a great continuation. The added bonus is you train up the Brotherhood and call them in when you need them its just brilliant. I ended up having many a late night whilst playing this simply because it was so addictive.
    Graphically wonderfull, the movement was so smooth, the game play was just sweet and with those special kills just brilliant.
    Story mode I loved this game to bits but online I didnt care much for it, but having said that I didnt really give it a chance, for me story mode was just wonderfull and kept me addicted, online well, I was not bothered because I just wanted to carry on playing the story.
    If your a fan of the Assassins Creed I recommend this game if your new to it, give it a try and see what your missing and I am sure you will want to play the previous installments.