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  1.  Timeless classic


    There is no question about it: this film is a classic and a very good one too! There is not one thing about it anyone could dislike. If they do - they don't know what a good film is. An absolute must-see!

  2.  Much more than a horror


    I did not expect to enjoy it, as I don't really like too much blood on the screen, but I did love it. It made me think, and think hard, about the issues that the main character has to face, and the horrible torture scenes, disgusting as they are, serve a very clear purpose, so the film would not be what it is without them. Really good, as long as you don't watch it purely as a horror, I don't think it was the creators' intention. There is so much more to it than just creepy scenes!

  3.  Disappointing after a while


    I have had it for almost a year now. At first I was in love. It is so pretty and has so much stuff! But now all this "stuff" is not even used, so many options completely useless for every day life, but instead some options that I do value (like easy back-up on the computer or good calendar that doesn't erase past entries) are not available. Instead I get a weak signal and "connection errors" all the time and really poor pics. I mean, really poor! All in all, yes it looks nice, yes it's got some strong points, but it is not exactly what I expected. I am just about to swap for Nokia 3720.

  4.  Not so bad!


    I had read all the reviews on Play before I bought this film, and I am very happy I believed the better ones. It's not a bad film at all. Sure, it's probably not going to make film history, but it's well spent 106 minutes. The story's engaging and Keifer is amazing, as always. I have always loved this guy, and there is a good reason. He probably saved this film.

  5.  I was hoping for more


    I love horror films, and always approach each one I watch with a huge dose of optimisim and good will. Sometimes I get disappointed, other times I don't. This time I did, I'm sad to say. It's not a bad film, but there is nothing in it, really, that would inspire or mesmerise me. It is just another story, and that's simply not good enough.

  6.  Slow start, brilliant ending


    Yes, I admit, I was slightly bored in the beginning, but because I love Ricky, I decided to give the film the benefit of the doubt and I did not regret it. After about half an hour it becomes great! I loved it and had a great time.

  7.  Quietly brilliant


    I am not much of a writer, so i'll only say: Brilliant! Not the kind of film that makes headlines or loads of money at the box office, but through the whole thing you'll be watching with utter fascination and will want to keep watching until the end, and when it's over, you'll wish it kept going... Well, maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration :-)) but it is a great film, and jeremy irons is amazing! (As always, i should add).

  8.  waste of money and time


    I bought this hoping that it would really help me practise driving without actually risking my life on real roads, but this dvd is a waste of money and time. The screen looks nothing like what you see through the windscreen of a real car, when you try to accelerate nothing happens apart from a digital number on the screen, but everything around stays the same and seems like the speed is 3mph. The controls are hopeless! There is no way to control all the buttons plus the mouse at the same time, so you have to do things slowly, and it teaches you absolutely nothing!!! Plus, even if you wanted to do things faster, the program won't let you anyway, because you have to wait for instructions and the program sort of "freezes" until you do what they tell you. The only thing it may be useful for is learning the order in which you need to do things, but nothing else. The tutorial videos would be all right if it wasn't for the fact that they are exactly the same videos you can find on another dvd by this manufacturer, which i bought a long time ago, so again, useless! I am very disappointed, i expected much more reality in the simulator and there is none. Oh, and to top the things, there is no automatic car option (that's what i am learing to drive) so all the clutch mess made me even more angry.

  9.  not so bad


    I am not a film expert. All I am is a horror movie fan, and I liked the film. Maybe it is not the best horror film ever, but it kept me interested to the very end and even though I was never scared, the plot fascinated me and that's good enough for me. Maybe it's because the subject of demonic posessions is of special interest to me that I liked this film, but the bottom line is, I did, and I bet I am not the only one.