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  1.  Played it twice but won't play again


    As other have stated, I am also a big fan of the FF series and RPG's in general. The game takes about 40 to 60 hours to complete.

    Plot: Very monotonous. Characters are often just moaning about their situation and go from A to B to C with no plan or forward thinking. As Lightning says at one point "smash through the front door". Personally, I would have liked to see a bit more structure and logical progression.

    Characters: Some good, some are just plain annoying. It was good to see FF's first lesbian couple but this romance was hindered by two dimensional characters such as Snow and whinny ones like Hope. Sazh had a particular "spark" but I felt that this was not utilized or expressed fully enough. Lightning was a good character and is for all extents and purposes the main character but once again the poorly addressed dynamics between the group of l'cie paralyzed her personality.

    Battle system: Simple to say the least. You control one character and the other two party members perform actions according to which role you select which can be changed in game. One point that I have gotten really hung up on is that character development or leveling is restrictive. You can only build up a character to a certain level until you complete the next part of the game meaning that you will never have a moment to pwn enemies.

    Game Play: Linear. You will be following a track until the end of Chapter 11 (about 4/5ths into the game). There are a few annoyances that will never go away such as the save menu always tries to create a new save file. One lapse in attention will result in a multiple save files being created and clogging up your hard drive. The other is that an alert symbol appears every time you collect an item from battle. Now, I'm not just talking about when you find a new item but every time. Say I have two credit chips (an in-game item) and get another two, this damn icon pops up. Also the items in the game are largely redundant compared to other FF games. You have defensive items (potions, phoenix downs, etc), key items and components (items used to level up your weapons and accessories). There are perhaps only 12 or so defensive items but nearly a hundred components which serve no purpose other than to give EXP or give multiplier bonuses to your equip. It just a bit boring really. Finally, Gil is now a very rare commodity. There is no gil generated from battle (like in other FF titles) but instead you can get it from selling items (which you are not guaranteed to get from battling) or finding it in treasure spheres. So while you have a plethora of shops by the end of the game, you have no money to buy anything.

    Environments: Some interesting places but be aware that because of the linear, "on rails" nature of the game, no area (other than Gran Pulse and Eden) is re-visitable so you only get to got there once. There is no exploration, just a few short dead end alleys and a path that takes you directly from A to B, often without explanation.

    Replay value: At the time of writing this review there is no downloadable content. Replay value is ZERO! Once you've completed the game you can wander Gran Pulse and accept marks (basically battling and defeating specific monsters). There are about 60 of these but there is not much reward to do it. No increased CP (the EXP that characters use to level up) or mega items.

    To clarify, I played the game through once, completed it and thought "I must have missed something here cos that was way too linear (nothing to discover on the side)". So, I bought the official guide, played it through again, found some extra areas I hadn't gone to before but they didn't do anything spectacular.

    Final decision: 2 stars, Final Fantasy Flop!

  2.  Its not worth it.


    Problem 1:

    This is a perfect example of misleading advertising. The xlpoder site states "Xploder Cheat Saves for XBOX 360 features tons of saves for the latest and greatest 360 games to help you get past those tricky stages."

    There are a total of 21 games that have "cheats".

    Problem 2:

    The few "cheats" there are are useless. There are no infinite lives, infinite ammo, max cash, nothing! Just game 100% complete and extra accessory! They aren't actually cheats. Someone has played through the game, saved and uploaded the save onto the xploder website. Personally, I don't want the game to be done for me, I just wanna play it through as easily as possible.

    Problem 3:

    There is no support. I sent this e-mail to xploder on the 30/12/07. I have recieved no reply:

    "Good Morning,

    I have a question about your xbox 360 xploder cheats/saves. I've bought all the necessary equipment required to use the device but I am concerned about the limited number of cheats/saves that are available. I have four main stream games that me and my family use; Halo 3, Assasins Creed, Virtua Fighter 5 and Viva Pinata but there does not seem to be any saves for any these games. My question is do you intend to include these titles on your website and the download function? Secondly, looking over the few saves that are available, they seem to rather flimsy; all completed, get this bonus item, etc. Why are there no infinite life/health, infinite ammo, infinite money, etc? Is it possible to gain these cheats for the Xbox 360 saves?

    Either way, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm just hoping that your product will continue to develop as it has done in your previous products in the past.

    Thanks again,"

    The xbox has been out now since December 2005, over two years. The xploder site offers constant updates. In two years they have codes for just 21 games and have provided no explanation for why they con customers £15 a time without providing anything in return but the odd accessory here and there. HALF THE CODES DON'T EVEN WORK!!!!


    You are going to spend approx £15 on getting accessories for 21 games out of the 400 odd games that the xbox 360 has. Not only that but you will also need to spend another £18 to get a memory unit too.

  3.  Buy Something Else


    I bought FF3 with the intention of getting back to retro FF gaming but wante the modern tweaks, something that has been missing in recent FF games (I'm pointing at you FF12!). I loved FF7, never played anything better since and was hoping for more of the same in FF3. In short I was disappointed.

    There was one good 3d cinematic scene (the opening one!) so don't think that playing though the game will reward you with a breath taking scene. The rest of the game is in jerky polygons.

    Yes there are 23 different jobs but the only thing that sets them apart from each other is the costumes. You could play the whole game through on just 4 jobs.

    This game could have been much better if it was adjusted to the nds. The stylus is useless. You could use it on the screen but the tabs are tiny and half the time you end up hitting "escape" instead of "attack/item". Its easier to use the d-pad.

    Unlike every other FF game I have ever played this one had no puzzle or mind-engrossing parts. It was just hit this guy, hit that guy, etc, etc, etc. Got boring quick.

    Characters were weak. Arc is a little sissy boy! He is the Penelo of FF3! (Penelo is from FF12 and equally as useless).

    However, on FF3's side, there were a good range of items and weapons and the summons were pretty if a little short.

    All in all, a 3 out of 10. Good retro value but could have been released on any other console with no difference. Does not use any of the features that are exculsive to the DS (stylus, microphone, wi-fi).