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  1.  AMAZING!


    This film is definatly one of the best I have seen for a while! The special effects, the story and the characters were very well thought over.
    Michael Bay has directed a film that is bound to win a lot of awards.

  2.  Best Zelda yet!


    My friend give the game to try to see what it was like...I loved it.
    I have the wind waker and the twilight princess is a huge improvement. Midna is so cool, definatly the best sidekick yet. It would be great to include Midna in another Zelda game. The gameplay is so easy to get the hang of this game will have you playing for hours on end.
    A must-have game for anyone with a Wii!

  3.  Not brilliant


    Need for speed games normally are very good with lots of action and hours of gameplay, I thought this game got very boring after playing it for a while.
    Its not great but if you could crash cars off the road like burnout, the game would be a lot more exiting.

  4.  Stylish and fun!


    The Wii is a must buy if you are looking for fun but you don't want to just sit around and press buttons on a control pad.
    The Wii lets you step into the game and lets you mimic what happening on the screen, like driving cars and having sword fights.

    Definatly worth your money if you're thinking of buying one.

  5.  Its Amazing!!!


    This is definatly worth your money if you decide to buy this movie. It is very enjoyable, funny and people of all ages will like this film.
    Definately the best animated film I have seen for a while.

  6.  Good Game


    The stronghold 2 game is a very good game. You get the choice of 2 campaigns, peace mode and the war campaign. You can use the map editor to create new maps to battle on (although it will take some getting used to), the skirmish battles can be very enjoyable and in the map editor you get to create your own campaign and what happens in it.
    So overall a good game to buy.

  7.  Good Game


    Forces of Corruption is a good game but you will need a very good computer to play it at its best. The game graphics are great and the gameplay is very addictive.
    You will enjoy the new vehicles in the game and the special abilities of the characters in the game.