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  1.  Disappointing!


    I was looking forward to playing this game, but as soon as I started it I was disappointed.
    First thing, the cut scenes are just pictures with subtitles, no videos which makes it boring.
    Secondly, it has gone back 10 years in terms of graphics, they are very cartoony and it is an aerial view like the old GTA games on the PS1 and PC.
    It is definately not worth £25, if you really want it, Id wait until the price drops - its not worth more than £10!
    Such a disappointment :o(

  2.  Blu Ray is the best


    Oh my god, the quality of this is brilliant, you can even see the split ends of peoples hair! its excellent, the film is great too. The joker is by far the best character, heath ledger plays him brilliantly! its a really dark, violent film, not what you would expect. its definately worth paying that bit more for the blu ray version!

  3.  Great fun for everyone!


    I got this for xmas and played it with the whole family and we all enjoyed it!
    It comes in a really nice box too!

  4.  great game!!!


    Having loved COD 4, I had to buy this, it took some getting used to with getting attacked by dogs in the online play but it is good! I dont think its quite as good as COD 4, but definately worth buying.

    I completed the main game in about 3 hours, it didnt seem long at all! The online game is definately better! Its alot like COD 4 but with added bonus of being able to drive tanks! The dogs are annoying if you cant get anywhere high up to avoid them and the noise that the artillery makes is also quite annoying but it is no big deal!

    This game is definately worth buying!

  5.  Quality online gaming!


    This game is by far the most addictive one ive played, I thought medal of honour was good but once i played this, MOH came nowhere near to this! The online play is great, completing the challenges to go up in the ranks is so addictive! I have yet to actually play the main game as the online is so good. I think the online on this one is better than the new COD. Definately buy this game, its brilliant!!



    This game was way too easy, there also wasnt really any objective, u jus killed the same things each level. Having just completed Medal of Honour Airbourne, I was a bit disappointed with this as on MOH each level had several objectives you had to do before completing the level, whereas on this game you just kill them all then thats it your on to the next level.
    Dont get me wrong, the game is good, and the graphics are excellent, I was just surprised after reading all the comments praising it beforehand, I was expecting better.
    Still an OK game to play though.



    i loved this game, i have now completed it and was thinking of selling but just cant part with it as i know i will want to play again.
    i havent given it 5 stars as the online play could be better, you should be able to complete missions with each other rather than just killing each other in teams.
    alot of people say that cod4 is alot better than this, if that is the case, i cant wait to play it!!
    i recommend this game to anyone, i was addicted!!