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  1.  Excellent for the money A+


    This alarm clock/radio is beyond perfect for what you'll spend acquiring it.

    Easy to work and set, it won't be a porblem for the gadget-challenged amongst us.

    The ambient 'mood lights' are a nice addition that are welcome to the overall slick look of this alarm clock.

    The sound of it is fantastic, considering its size. So weither listening to the radio or your own ipod tunes, its excellent for a bedroom.

    I can't rate it highly enough. Everyone should have one!


  2.  Looks like twisted Metal, Plays like deep-fried doo-doo!


    Firstly, I will acknowledge that everyone looks at this game and thinks, ''Holy crap! This is twisted metal on the 360, finally''!

    Well, sorry guys, I'm here to douse your flames of excitement and expectancy because this game is nowhere near the quality and fun of ANY of the Twisted Metal games.

    Firstly, the characters and cars have the same premise as twisted metal - each character has different speeds, armour levels and a special weapon for their vehicle.

    There is then the case of the game modes, of which there are three. The first being an all out attempt of killing as many zombies as possible in each arena (This sounds fun, but gets stale so, so quickly its basically lost in the blink of an eye). The second being a poor race to the checkpoint style affair where you can take out other racers in orcer to come first (Its not mariokart). Lastly a destruction derby where you have to rack up the most opponent kills (twisted metal style but instead of eliminating your opponents, these ones respawn)

    And thats basically it. Theres some challenges but they are ridiculously mediocre and monotinous. Eg kill as many zombies in a level. Hmmm, where'd I experience that game mode before?

    I won't even mention the online multiplayer because NO-ONE is EVER online. I swear, I kept this on for 8 hours and not one person appeared online.

    I got sooooooo excited about this because I fooled myself into thinking 'these reviews are wrong, this game looks and will probably play like twisted metal'. It doesn't. Believe me. Even for a fiver, I strongly suggest you put it towards something else because this game stinks.

  3.  Not quite what I expected, but still good.


    In the picture, the 'hoody' looks quite thick material and fitted around the bottom and the cuffs. This was not the case.

    I got a Small but it is rather loose on me. I regularly take a 38'' in Jackets&coats, but this is definately more like a medium fit.

    The material is very thin - so much so that it is more reminiscent of a long sleeve t-shit, with a hood attached.

    The cuffs and bottom band (usually elasticated in these types of hoodies) are quite loose, so if you want a 'snug' hoodie, I advise you to let this one slide.

    The colour of the hoodie is a lot more darker a shade of grey than the picture. Theres alot of 'stress colouring' on the elbow pits and neck of the hoodie too, where it gets darker.

    The detail on the hoodie though, is rather good. Theres a black spade on the hood, that isn't pictured, and the back print is quite large.

    All in all, it'd be fine to wear under a warm jacket. As a liner or just something to sit well over a t-shirt. Its alright for a tenner, hence why it's only a 3 star for me.

  4.  It's a Bomber (Bargain) !!!!


    What can I say to rival the other reviews?


    Simply put, this bag is a total bargain. Possibly the best one I ever got on play.com (to which, there are many)

    Good quality material, very spacious inside with zip compartment on the reverse. Front flap is fastened by two huge velcro strips, so it is very secure when closed.

    The decal is brilliant too. Big, vivid War Pig logo and same for reverse.

    Honestly, you'll rage if they run out of stock on this...

  5.  God Awful Film!!! Dreadfully poor.


    Like a lot of other films that have disappointed down the years, the trailer for it definately sold me a bigger and better package than he pityful reality of this heap of dung!!

    No real plot, no real 'action' as such and to be honest a true waste of 90 minutes of an evening in. It is ridiculously poor in every area, which is a shame as I thought british horror films were building a bit of momentum in the past few years.

    Believe me, If I knew what this was going to be like before I watched it, I wouldn't even let this sit amongst my other DVD's, let alone buy it.