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  1.  Great Laptop with further upgrade potential


    I bought this laptop as it is powered by a core i7 processor and therefore has DDR3 RAM installed. The laptop is very impressive perfromance wise, multi-tasking is smooth and I haven't seen even a glimmer of slow down even when running several programmes.

    The design is sturdy enough, although the cd drive feels flimsy when putting a cd in but that is easy enough to live with! The screen is a nice size and the keys are large enough even with the inclusion of a number pad. One gripe is there is only one vent on the laptop, and with a core i7 processor you can expect things to get hot when you are pushing it's power! However, heat is a common issue with most laptops and can be counter-acted.

    All in all the laptop is a fantastic buy. After a couple of years, you can upgrade the RAM to 8GB when prices of DDR3 have gone down and the laptop will fly! (if it wasn't already!). A core i7 laptop for sub a grand? bargain!

  2.  Enjoyable experience on a good computer!


    Just bought a new laptop and installed this championship manager on it and really notice the difference! Make sure you fufill the specs before you buy as it will seriously ruin your experience! I had a 1.6 dual core with 2GB RAM before and the game used to be so slow it was unreal! Now with a core i7 and 4GB the game just flies and everything is so much better because of it!

    The actual game is the usual champ man experience, I like the 3D match engine but set it only to highlights as this is what is needed to manage a team well on the game. All players are up to date and their stats are fairly well done. Some values are slightly weird but this is due to the game now having a new spin on transfer values. Say there is a 2million rated player you would like to buy and you eventually have to bid 3.5million to get him then on transfer he is then worth 3.5million at your club. Makes sense but does lead to some inflated values on some players in the game! The new scouting is in depth but you will have to invest a lot of time into it to reap the rewards, the same goes for the new tactics training. Neither will affect the gameplay if you dont do them.

    All in all if you are champ man fan, buy it and you will probably love it if you aren't it's only a tenner, give it a try!

  3.  Play the Game Properly and it is a Gem!


    I bought this game on release date and have given it a good run through, completed the campaign and done all modes of skirmish, I'm yet to play online but my review is still conducted with strong evidence.

    I have enjoyed the Halo series, although thought 2 was only saved by an amazing multiplayer, so thought I would take the plunge and buy this spin off. The game stays true to the series, everything Halo-esque, and even tries to tie in with some of the Halo novels so no complaints there!

    The gameplay is fast and energetic, and even effective 'turtling' techniques will not buy you much more time during campaign mode. The units are fairly easy to instruct, although the game does not allow for squad differentiation so to effectively battle on two sides of the map, you can either use the local units command (all units on screen) or send one class of unit one way and another class of unit the other.

    Some reviews specify that the game does not allow for tactical warfare, this is a fair point when on normal mode, pretty much anything can be destroyed by a souped up squad full of one unit! However turn the difficulty up to heroic or legendary and you will be needing to analyse your enemy very carefully.

    In short, the game is great, in short term you have the campaign to fight through and then you have the skirmish to ensure the game does not leave your xbox. Just remember to turn up the difficulty if your tactic is build a load of hornets, rinse and repeat!

  4.  The best way to pass lazy afternoons


    This is just the best thing ever. Easy to use and never gets old. Far more effective than an american football in terms of generating spin and length of throws, leaves you feeling like you are the man!!

    Buy this and you won't regret it!!