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  1.  Retrotastic


    If like me, you're into sci-fi, 80's music, movies & video games you will LOVE this book.

    I finished Ready Player One in two sittings & every other page had a childhood reference that felt almost personal to me. Whilst reading, on many occasions I found myself pausing to take in the memories the references were evoking with genuine laughter and glee.

    I feel like this book was written specifically for me. It probably helps that I was born in the same year as the author Ernest Cline (1972) and I go through life referencing the same movie quotes, boring friends & family about retro gaming, and listening to music I grew up with.

    It's a great fun read, enjoy some of your childhood & teen memories. You'll not regret it.

  2.  Buy the extended editions separately


    I loved the Grindhouse double bill, so I was looking forward to seeing them in their "how they should be seen" format of back-to-back cinema style presentation with trailers in-between the films etc.

    If i'd known beforehand that both movies, especially Death Proof would have several key scenes removed I wouldn't have bought the Blu-Ray ( I know the "missing reel" was supposed to be like that BTW) but the whole scene at the supermarket was also missing.

    Five star movies both. Bumped down to three stars because of the cuts.

  3.  Cup o' tea please Streaky !


    A superb performance by Roger Daltrey as the infamous British jailbird turned author John McVicar.
    Along with a cast of many familiar faces this movie has an absolute gem of a soundtrack written & performed by The Who.

    At the time of writing this review, the current price is £3.99 !
    Even John McVicar would feel guilty taking this British movie classic at that price :-)

    I've been waiting years for McVicar to be 'released' (no pun intended) on DVD & after the wait, i gotta say i'm pretty disappointed that there wasnt any special features.

    I would have loved to hear a cast commentary from Roger Daltrey & Adam Faith. Even a 5 minute featurette would have been nice.

  4.  Rock N Rebellion - New kids in town !


    Seriously good lookin' T-Shirt.
    The print is perfect,
    the material is thinn(ish) but not cheap (perfect for summer)

    Take note of the size warnings by Play.com. They really are larger than UK sizes
    I wear L-XL so i ordered a M & it fits perfectly.

    I've bought around 10 T-Shirts from Play.com & this is definitely the best.
    When i've finished writing this review, I'm ordering the Rock N Rebellion Iron Maiden shirt (hope they still have M)

    Peace :-)

  5.  If you want blood........


    .............You got it !

    Superb quality T shirt with a new design on the old classic logo.
    Stand out from the crowd & do what I did, get yourself some washable glitter glue & fill the letters with silver glitter. Trust me, it looks outstanding (I've only worn it once & had a few "where d'ya get the shirt from" comments).
    Also, with the large letters, you dont have to be a Michaelangelo to apply the glitter.

    Peace :-)

  6.  Mmmmmm mmm! His dinner... is in the oven!


    I cant believe this classic is only £3.99 !!!

    Its a toss-up for me, between Fright Night & Vamp as the best vampire movie from the 80s.
    But as Vamp hasnt yet been released in the UK, i think this gets the nod. ( MSG TO PLAY.COM......release Vamp on region 2 dvd please )

    Excellent storyline, excellent acting, excellent SFX & most importantly, excellent memories of watching this in the 80s as a teenager.

    PS, Stephen Geoffreys as 'Evil' Ed................Terrifying!!!
    Him & Mr Barlow (Salems Lot), most sick looking Vampires ever.

    PPS, i just remembered 'The Lost Boys', so now its a three-way tie.

    Peace :-)

  7.  You underestimate my sneakiness


    Mr. Deeds is never gonna win any awards.........But so what.......
    Just enjoy a little silliness & be entertained for an hour & a half.

    John Tuturro steals the film BTW ( the poker/black foot scene had me in stitches ) & Steve Buscemi ( Crazy Eyes ) gets a few laughs too :-)

    Just a fun movie ................. Enjoy :-)

    Peace :-)

  8.  I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead !


    Excellent, underrated 80s action movie.

    & the award for the 'coolest' character in an 80s movie

    Goes to ..........

    Wade Garrett, Roadhouse :-)

    Man, Sam Elliott plays THE coolest character in any movie ever made.
    He plays Wade Garrett, a sage like, seen it, been there, done that type of mentor to Patrick Swayze's Dalton Grant & in my opinion is the main reason anyone who has not seen this movie should buy it immediately. At the current price of £5.99, its a bargain not to miss.

    Peace :-)