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  1.  Great film shame about the 3D


    This is a great film, but let me clear something up from the other reviews.

    It's not all in 3D and its not all in 3D once they enter into the digital world. The 3D scenes are entered into the film throughout and you can tell when because the aspect ratio changes (ie the black bars disappear). That is because these are the scenes that were filmed for IMAX 3D.

    There is approx 40 minutes of 3D footage during the film most of which adds depth but don't expect too much pop out 3D.

    I rented the movie in 3D to see if it was worth upgrading, but overall I would say no and will stick to my 2D copy.

  2.  Can't believe the ratings this terrible film is getting


    This film is simply dull, I can't believe the ratings that some people are giving it. I love he alien films especially the first 2, it almost feels as though linking this to alien was an after thought. It's almost like they said its set in space, it's directed by Ridley Scott and distributed by fox how can we link it in. What's more the performance of lead actress Noomi Rapace is terrible and Michael Fassbender is only slightly better. Steer clear! You have been warned.

  3.  Tinker, Trooper, Jedi Knight!


    Got the blu ray set a couple of days ago, impressive picture and sound quality. Discs tale a little long to load but can live with that, Case is good and sturdy despite the naff image on it.

    But for all the good there is with this set there is also the bad and most of them come in the form of the Tinker mans many changes.

    Episode I - A new CGI yoda replaces the puppet in the original version, looks good and fits in nice with episodes II & III

    Episode II & III - not noticed any changes in these yet.

    Episode IV - Additional rocks added to hide R2 from the Sand People, the big question is Why and was it really needed. New dragon cry from Obi Wan when he first appears again Why? and Just to please the fans Han shoots first not Greedo.

    Episode V - Missing Diaglogue when Leia says "I'd rather kiss a wookie" Han replied "I can arrange that, he could use a good kiss" well now you can scrub that last part.

    Episode Vi - New door to Jabba's palace along with battle marks, added tie fighters as well as tie interceptors in the Death Star battle and Blinking Ewoks. Okay we can live with them however Darth Vader shouting NOOOOOO as he picks up the Emperor just sounds awful.

    As with the DVD releases I am sure that Lucas in 2 years time will announce the Original Theatrical Versions available for a Limited Time Only (which for the DVDs that limited time was about 5 years)

    Thats me done with star wars now, I brought The Original Trilogy on VHS, the Special Editions on VHS, The Phantom Menace on VHS, The Star Wars Trilogy (4 disc set) on DVD, all the prequels separetly on DVD, The so call Limited Editions of the Original Theatrical Versions on DVD and now the Blu-Ray Complete Saga.

  4.  The King Of Disney Classics


    The best of the disney classics with an amazing soundtrack and 2 of the best comedy characters in Timon & Pumba.

    Can't wait for the re-release in November 2011 so I can finally own it on Blu-Ray and see the opening 'Circle Of Life' in HD

  5.  Stick With Crossroads


    Stick with their previous greatest hits collection as they haven't done anything good since 1994 anyway. The new song just sounds like something Miley Cyrus would sing.

  6.  So good I had to buy another


    Got my daughter one of these in pink to go with her Ipod for christmas, so impressed was I that I now have one myself and will be buying my son one this Christmas.

    For such a small price it has very good sound quality and the bass is very good (normally cheap sound systems sound very tinny) My Ipod Classic and my daughters Ipod Nano 5G sit nicely in the slot.

    Also small enough to fit in suitcase when going on holiday, trust me you will find this hard to beat even if it was forty pounds.

  7.  Very Disappointed


    Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock With You, Billie Jean, Man In The Mirror, Dirty Diana, The way you make me feel, You Are Not Alone, Earth Song, Blood On The Dancefloor & You Rock My World are all the full versions, even Thriller is in its complete 13 mins version.

    HOWEVER, Bad is cut down to just the song, Smooth criminal is the original music video but is nowhere near as good as the version in Moonwalker (more like a trailer for the film put to the music). Black or white cuts off at the end of the song so no panther or vandalism scenes.

    Also missing are some great video's Liberian Girl,I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Leave Me Alone, Remember The Time, Jam, Will You Be There, Heal The World, Give In To Me, Ghosts, Scream, They Don't Care About Us, to name just a few.

    This will do for now until a complete uncut collection is released, no doubt it will be at sometime.

  8.  The Star Wars Fan, the most devoted yet the most ripped off


    Apparently this is 4 episodes, at 4 episodes a disc either the last is gonna only have 2 or a couple will have 5. Anyway at £8 each thats a minimum of £40 a series. Good Value?????

    as for the series itself its actually pretty boring after a while, I have sky +(ed) the entire series. I lost interested after the first 6 my 6 year old son bearly made it to double figures and my 10 year old daughter is only sticking with it because she's scared Asoka's gonna die.

    In short you won't find many more devoted to star wars than our household, but we wont be buying this.