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  1.  Great Football


    GRAPHICS - The graphics are superb and look even better when played on an HDTV. Definitely improved from 08, players look realistic and there tops move when running or taking a shot etc, Stadiums feel real and look huge. 10/10
    GAMEPLAY - Yet again its been improved very well and you can feel a bit more realism in the way the game is played out with passing and shooting and just generally the way the players move when on the pitch. Still feel a tiny bit more realism in Pro Evo games tho but still a fantastic job 8/10
    BE A PRO SEASON - For me, this is the best part of the game, mastering a specific role within the team is so much more enjoyable than just running about controlling everyman. Playing well and getting call ups for the international squad and trying to become captain at your club team is just so much more exciting than a regular season. For example iv chosen Cesc Fabregas for Be A Pro,a central midfield role is probably the best position to master because the whole match will flow throught the midfield and you get the most of the action that way. Definately the best part of the game for me.
    Overall this game is superb and a must buy.



    Oh my god this game is actually legendary. Its one of a kind and very very scary, the graphics are superb and every single location in the game is very freaky and terrifying, You see lightbulbs swinging as if someone has just hit it, hear thing being knocked over and all the while your in very dark and horrible locations, The whole crime scene part of the game is very cool as you have to use UV lights and other CSI gadgets which makes for a lot of fun. It has a great storyline too and the hand to hand combat is awesome and makes your heart pump faster for sure. Playing it in the dark late at night with no one home is probably the best way to play it but in saying that.... i don't know if my heart will be able to take anymore of it lol. The noises are so eery and gives you a lump in the back of your throat. If a game can manage to scare so many people like this one has then its definitely one of a kind because its not an easy thing to do in a game. This one grips the player and makes you want to keep on going to the end. ITS A MUST BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3.  WOW !!


    This game is one of the oldest out for the Xbox 360 but its still one of the best looking games with life like graphics and controls. This game has a very entertaining and realistic career mode . The older your character gets the slower and harder it becomes to train him and keep him fit. At the end of rounds you have to fix your boxers cuts and bruises which yet again has life like graphics. You can see sweat running down there face and see there nose wrinkle when you whack someone with a big hook. On a HD TV it actually looks like your watching a round of boxing. A great sports game from EA and defiantly worth a buy seen as its rather cheap now. Brilliant fun.



    The Sopranos is by far the best tv show made, Every episode is entertaining and awesome to watch over and over again. All the characters are brilliant, storylines are incredible and the show is just "smart". Has a good bit of humour added along with all the stuff that comes with being in the mafia, all summed up into one amazing show. Great twists and turns, never know what characters can be trusted, and great action all mixed into one. For me there are a lot of really good shows out there, some are far fetched and some are very entertaining but not once in any Soprano episode do you know what's coming next and nothing far fetched ever occurs so The Sopranos is a master class and is in a league of its own by a clear cut mile. It will be sadly missed now thats its all came to an end but this boxset will let you relive every moment. Even if you've never watched an episode in your life, it's worth sitting down and watching because you will be amazed. 10 out of 10 is not enough. BUY IT.



    This is a breathtaking game with some of the best graphics around. All the characters are brilliant and the storyline is great, not much of the characters background's are revealed in this game but I think it was meant to be that way to leave the door open for Gears Of War 2 which is going to reveal many things from past and present in the Gears Of War world. I always go back to this game time and time again. Its great to complete then leave for a month or so and then go back and do it all over again, not many games make you do that, and this game will be getting kept as long as the 360 is alive. Its meant to become a trilogy which would be absolute class. All the weapons are great and the whole mission from start to finish is amazing with no time to rest because its a constant shootout. The cover system is what it's all about because without it, you would get blown to bits over and over again, Really cannot wait for Gears Of War 2 so we can pick up the story where we left off. A must buy just like the 2nd and 3rd game will be. 10/10

  6.  Excellent


    As a huge F1 fan i really enjoy this game. Great graphics and control over the cars. Career mode is also very good as you must work your way up through the ranks by starting at one of the minor teams in F1 and performing well so the bigger teams take notice, just like real life. Soon enough you should have a car worthy of winning then you can go after the championship. There are also lots of different things to mess about with on the car setup before each race which makes for good fun. Get your set up wrong and your in for a long race, get it right and you will score points. Also you can do season mode and go one of the actual drivers from the game so there's always something fun to do. Just a bit of an old roster as many drivers are at different teams or out of F1 now. Still a brilliant racing game though. 9/10

  7.  A Tremendous Driving Game


    This game is brilliant on so many levels, The graphics are fantastic from the cars to the tracks and from the dirt on the road to the spectacular crashes. Career mode is excellent with many races to do, this game has more than just stage rally as you do hill climb events and crossover to name just a few, and all events and cars are brilliant. The control you have over the cars is perfect and the fact that damaging your car effects the handling and performance just makes it so realistic. Online play is also brilliant because it is a great challenge. Overall Codemasters have made a brilliant rally game with DiRT so its definitely worth the buy. 5/5

  8.  A Must Buy


    This has to be bought to take the 360 to its full potential. Got my 360 when it first came out and never actually bought Xbox Live for the first year and a half. After i decided to get the 360 Elite i hooked up the 1 free month of Live and I asked myself why i never done it sooner and as soon as the free month ran out i bought this. Call Of Duty 4 is the best game to take online. Iv never been bored of it and downloading demo's and trailers etc is awesome too. Means you always have something fun to do when you finish the single player mode in any game. 10/10

  9.  Great


    Far better than my PS3 controller. This has a good button layout and fits perfectly in your hand. It's heavier than the PS3 one which makes it feel more durable and reliable and i have had no problems with it either. Plus all the 360 controllers have rumble built in compared to the Sixaxis one for the Playstation which has no shock and means you have to spend an extra £35 to buy the DualShock 3 controller. Overall 5/5.

  10.  It Gets The Job Done


    The Sixaxis controller is fairly good as it is very light which I actually like. The fact they have changed the L2 & R2 buttons to triggers now is also better and the whole sixaxis thing is rather cool too like in MGS4 you can shake it and Snake's suit will change etc. Only thing missing is the fact it is not Dual Shock but its only a controller after all, it does the job, Overall 4/5. Will eventually buy the DualShock one when Im not skint.