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  1.  a classic


    Rolling stone rated it in the top 200 albums ever made, it should have been even higher

  2.  brilliant


    Most episodes are slow burners that aren't funny until the last ten minutes, then when they are funny they are so wet yourself, crying on the floor hilarious that it makes it all worth while and then some.
    One episode in season 4 made me stop breathing for a while

  3.  killer


    This is the best show on tv, i don't care what people may say about the wire or the sopranos or hbo has to offer, this blows it all away and it does it with ease. Best show ever

  4.  this game rules


    this game is close to perfection and i should know, ive already spent 160 hours on it. You'll literally lose days on it, so when you buy it exercise caution, for example, if you have an exam, have a project at work or have to do pretty much anything you probably shouldn't buy this game. If, however, you don't mind becoming a hermit you should definitely buy it now

  5.  casino royale


    Forget what you know about bond films; there are no cheesy lines, no ridiculous gadgets, no cartoon villain and definitely no mercy. Unless those are the things you liked best in bond movies you'll definitely love this film, and if they are you'll probably love it anyway.

  6.  in the bedroom- melancholy brilliance


    In my humble opinion, having seen a beautiful mind and moulin rouge, this was the best film of 2002 and was robbed blind on so many fronts at the oscars as to defy belief; it may not be as showy as other films, but it's bleak, sombre atmosphere and heart breaking performances make it a minor masterpiece. But that's just my opinion.

  7.  Wall-e: so far, pixar's finest our and a half


    When, in many years time, people look back and remember the best animated films of all time this will surely be among the films most frequnetly mentioned, it is brilliant. It is brilliant in more ways than i can count; it's heart warming without being cloying, both hilariously funny and containing a serious message and is both uplifting and happy whilst being slightly tragic. Here pixar have created something that deserves to go down with the best of the best as one of the most original, beautiful and awe inspiring pieces of cinema of all time. I love it even more than monsters inc. And i absolutely adore monsters inc.

  8.  the dark knight: a flawed masterpeice


    For all that's perfect and amazing in this film (namely heath ledgers surely oscar destined performance and the dark, foreboding atmosphere) there are some things that let it down and christian bale is one of them, he puts in an uncharacteristically bland, cliched performance (with an irritating gruff voice whenever he's in his bat suit), also the sense that it takes itself a little too seriously counts against it. By no means film of the century as some people have cried out in fits of near religious ecstasy (surely that accolade should surely be reserved until the century's over), but definitely a must see and contender for film of the year. Then again, even that award should go to wall-e in my opinion (unless a better film comes along in the next few days).