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  1.  Great value and build


    Ordered this 2 days ago after reading the reviews and am very pleased with what I received. The dock is very sleek and modern and comes with a great selection of cables and the remote is a proper full size remote. I'm usually a badge snob and won't have anything other than Sony, this doesn't have 'kit sound' plastered all over it and looks as good as if not better than anything sony have on the market at the moment. The sound quality is also fantastic, with a good range and doesn't try to overdo it with bass.

    The dock was suprisingly bigger than I was suspecting, but that's not issue.

    Highly recommended

  2.  Best £35 ever spent


    Got this series after seing it on the BBC years ago. I got the DVD box set, which back then, cost me £60 and i thought it was well worth the money.
    Now its out on Blu-ray for £35......I'm shocked at how cheap it is for such and amazing series. Can't wait to get my hands on it and have a band of brothers day, where i''ll watch it from begining to end in HD!

  3.  Best game of all time(?)


    MGS4, in my opinion, is one of the best games ever created. If you've played the previous versions in the MGS series you will truly love this game. Without spoiling the storyline, MGS4 has appearances from some of the older MGS charachters which appeared in previous games in the series. The charachters will bring back great memories (it did for me anyway).
    Gameplay is great and the attention to detail fantastic. Although it is a 'tactical stealth espionage' type game you can either creep around and do your best to not get spotted or, unlike previous games in the series, just shoot anything that moves and there's always the option to buy more ammo on the spot if you do get a little trigger happy.
    As with all the MGS games there are a quite a few long cutscenes but if you accept the fact that there are going to be alot of cut scenes and you sit and watch them they really do add to the games storyline. The cinematic cut scenes are great and it really does feel like you could be watching a movie at times. The game wouldn't be the same without them.
    This is a must have game for any PS3 owner as i genuinly do think it is one of the best games created to date.

  4.  Great for Exercise


    Bought these with the intenetion of using them when i go running and they are brilliant at that. They stay stuck to your head no matter how much you're moving/bouncing around. Good sound volume/quality,alot better than the standard Ipod headphones.
    The only issue that does let them down slightly is that they aren't the most comfortable headphones in the world, but when your out running/exercising you dont really notice.
    Highly recommended

  5.  Poor


    If the demo is anything to go by this is a very poor game. The single player is very repetative and there is no action what so ever in muliplayer. The multiplayer maps are so big you are lucky to see another player every 10 mins or so.

  6.  Best Game of 2007


    Fantastic game. Never played a call of duty before this one. Decided to purchase it after all the hype surrounding it and i wasn't dissapointed.

    Single player has a great storyline which really gets you involved. Single player campaign is possibly a little short but the game makes up for it in the multiplayer department. Multiplayer will keep you playing this game for a very long time to come.

    Best game of 2007 imo

  7.  Best Film of The Year


    A fantastic film and one of the must see films of the year. Great performances all round and well directed. A very thought provoking film with plenty of action to keep you glued to your seat.
    Wish i had bought the double disc version now to see all the extras.

  8.  Amazing


    I bought this box set for £60 when it first came out a few years ago. It has got to be the best WW2 series ever produced. Great directing and acting really gets you involved in the story and you really appriciate what they had to go through.
    At £18 you will almost certainly not regret it. A must have in anyones DVD collection.

  9.  Good Buy


    Not being a big fan of golf or even playing golf myself i was slighlty sceptical when i got this as a birthday present. The golf game on Wii Sports is great, just a shame that it only has 9 holes. I kept my mind open and gave Tiger a chance!
    I was really surprised at how much fun it really is. There are plently of different modes to be playing to keep you happy for hours on end. As other people have stated its not perfect and EA have been lazy like usual, however I definatly recommend it weather your a golf fan or not!