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  1.  Haha


    Single player and zombies is as best as this game is getting, multiplayer is the worst i have ever seen on an online game, its overhyped and nothing special at all, MW2 was twice the game this was, very very poor attempt. Bring on MW3 and good ridance to trearch, world at war sucked and so does this. Please no more trearch!!!!

  2.  ??????? Dissapointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This game is overhyped and fails to deliver on all levels. I wish i never bought this, if your looking for fun then dont buy this game, buy BLUR instead it sits very high above this game laughing at it!! Very very poor show!!

  3.  The game Black ops wished it was!!!!


    Wow is all i can say, what a game!! Have never played Killzone or Killzone 2 but decided to get this not expecting too much, but boy was i wrong, im halfway through the campaign just now and its just blowing me away, the graphics are just amazing especially the snow levels!! I also played online for an hour or so and i can safely say i will be on it again and again. Since MW2 there has been nothing cause lets face it black ops was an epic failure!!! Bar the zombies of course which they really couldnt muck up any more than online!! Which brings me to say that i think Killzone needs to have something similar to "zombies" as i only ever play black ops for the zombies!!

  4.  Brilliant


    Top class game the plot is amazing just when you think you have it sussed then "bang" it changes, must own and for the price you would be stupid not to!!!

  5.  Difference?


    What difference? all modes are exactly the same nothing new there!!!! If the ball isnt hitting the ref every 5 mins then you lose a deflected goal every game, players power and speed are ridiculas, there is no way that rio ferdinand is quicker than theo walcott for an example and you get thrown off the ball way to easy which is a joke and unrelistic!!!! What have you done to a brilliant game very disapointed!!!!!!!!!

  6.  blood and guts


    Fab book and all the trimmings, well worth the money and good sense of what went on in that early days.

  7.  Brilliant


    This is an amazing album, wasnt that keen to buy it at first but im so glad i did, now im off to get the best of 50 cent 2

  8.  Out Of This World


    Amazing album bloc party rule they deserve more credit than they get

  9.  magic


    This t- shirt is quality its nicely done i love it

  10. Curtis


    50 Cent - CD

    23 New from  £4.59  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.30



    This is a really good album how can he keep coming back with so much.