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Top 10 Clothing Reviewer
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  1.  Wonderful


    Adam Ant is back! And what a comeback it is! Absolutely amazing album. Raw sound and mixed genres, yes he has grown as a musician and artist but this is no bad thing. Favourites for me are cool zombie, punkyoungirl, cradle your hatred, shrink, and the one with a swear word for a title, haha. Since I got this havent stopped listening to it, perfection!

  2.  lovely smell, play needs to use better packaging!


    This candle smells fantastic, such a lovely clean fresh smell, i would totally reccommend it. However I did have some issues with play.com packaging, the first candle arrived smashed to pieces! I just ordered another since the price went down so fingers crossed it arrives in one piece. The candle itself though is flawless

  3.  Nice looking hoodie, VERY thin


    The hoodie arrived quickly and looks great, however don't expect this to keep you warm in the winter months. Its barely thicker than a tshirt, more something to slip on in the spring. I would recommend the hoodie, just not for keeping warm is all. Fit is pretty much as expected.

  4.  Best candles


    I love yankee candles, this scent is one of the best. A bit expensive so look around for a bargain if you can, but they really are lovely candles

  5.  surreal masterpiece


    I loved this film. Its surreal but thought provoking. I have no idea why some people hate this film or are offended by it, I feel that maybe they are missing the point. Very intrigueing unique concept, someone escaping into their own imagination when things are too bad for their psyche to handle. Awesome must see film!

  6.  Great jeans


    I wasnt expecting much from these jeans because they were so cheap but actually i really like them. Sizing seems pretty standard. Plus you get a free belt which is always a bonus! The star was lost because the denim has a "shininess" to it which im not a fan of. Altogether though well worth a tenner! Buy!

  7.  made me cry with laughter


    Im a big fan of Sean Lock so i had been looking forward to this. Needless to say it did not disappoint. I was literally crying with laughter. The humour is witty and inciteful (unlike many comedians right now). Compared to other comedian's recent releases (Bill Bailey, Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr) i have to say this is my favourite (with bill bailey second). Excellent DVD, worth every penny for giving me the best laugh ive had in ages. Great!

  8.  Unique and a great read


    I figured I would give this a go, I hadnt read anything in a while so the promise of short stories seemed like a good way to ease back into it. Sometimes when reading a book of short stories its like, uhh this classes as short? But some of these stories really are short, and to me this is a good thing, Dont think that because theyre short theyre not captivating because they are. Its amazing how involved and moved you can feel by a story thats sometimes only a page long. The stories really are different to things ive read before, and go from funny, to weird, to moving and all the emotions in between. Its very easy to read, but intelligent and insightful in a bizarre kind of way. This book is what id call unique (thats a compliment btw), I cant really compare it to anything, but I do whole heartedly recommend it. I particularly liked the story about the vigilante with a difference. Buy it, you wont be disappointed and you will have a literary experience unlike any other

  9.  Not great


    Hmm, im about half way through this game and im not liking it at all. In fact im going to go trade it in tomorrow, I gave it a chance, I just cant get into it, The controls are weird, the aiming is terrible and its just not fun. Very repetitive. Nope, not impressed, maybe buy when cheap, otherwise avoid

  10.  Awesome


    Im not entirely sure why this has bad reviews. I really like it. Its very addictive! I guess its easier than some games Ive played, but all that means is not getting stuck and infuriated! I would recommend this game