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  1.  Wonderful detail.


    The detailing on this ship is amazing, and the quality of the paint work is very good. The lighting effects are also very good. Not like some earlier model kits where the lights looked weedy and pathetic, these look bright a vivid and fill up the whole engines length rather than just looking like a tiny lightbulb behind blue plastic. The sound effects are also good, although Riker sounds a bit deeper than he should. The magnetic saucer connection is genius, and the fact you can turn the lights permanently on for display purposes is inspired. 3xAAA batteries required (low quality ones supplied).

  2.  Warning: Does not play on Samsung BD-P1400


    Can't comment on the picture quality as it appears that this is yet another one of those BDs that won't play on slightly older Blu-Ray players.

    I've got a Samsung BD-P1400 and it won't play at all. You get the lightning loading bar, then it starts to play the movie studio's animation, then it just stops and screen goes black.

    There is no newer firmware for this player to correct the problem, so if you have one of these players beware!

  3.  This release is 18 certificate


    Samington, they've got nothing wrong. Did you not read the cover? This is the extender harder cut which includes more violence that was cut from the original theatrical release.

    For reference, Taken is an excellent film. Fast paced and thrilling, it never really slows down. Highly recommended. I don't know what the designer of the Blu-ray sleeve was thinking though, the design is awful!

  4.  Ignore rochie's review, SC4 is great!


    I'm not sure what planet Rochie is on, but strongly disagree with him. Sim City 4 is an excellent game with masses and masses of depth, certainly way more than any previous Sim City game before it. How Rochie can call it boring and yet claim to be a fan of the series is unfathomable, its got way more in it than all of the previous versions put together, and the graphics are great for a game of its age.

  5.  Great series, but the second half of S4 hasnt been shown yet


    BSG Season 4 is brilliant, and the final scene on the mid-season teaser is shocking. One question though, why are you advertising this as Season 4 when only half of Season 4 has been released yet? Unless of course this DVD contains the unaired second-half too? But with no episode listing shown and very details listed, who's to know?

  6.  Great series, but dont buy this product.


    SG1 is a great series, everyone should watch it. But don't buy this box set now, especially at this price. You can get the same goods (Seasons 1 to 10), plus the Ark of Truth movie for £99.99 on this very site.

  7.  Great monitor, wonderful picture quality and very good price


    Hello. This is one of the best monitors I have ever bought. The picture quality is great; it's clear, sharp and bright. Also the price is very good for the features (both DVI and VGA ports, you can run two computers into it and switch between them if you want). A+++++

    To: Philliprackham
    Sorry about your issue, you are just unlucky. I've had my monitor for 6-7 months now without a problem. All electronics suffer a certain failure percentage.. even some of the bigger "brand names". Don't waste your money on a name.

  8.  No audio from HDMI inputs, otherwise great.


    I have read several reviews and JVC's own manual on this product and it seems that the system is incapable of decoding the audio streams from the two HDMI inputs. This kind of begs the question... what are the two HDMI inputs actually for if they are not for audio? You might as well just plug the HDMI cables directly into your TV and get separate optical cables from your devices to the TH-L1 for the audio. Seems like a useless exercise to have HDMI on there in the first place if you ask me. This is a direct quote from the manual:

    "The audio signal through the HDMI VIDEO 1 (and 2) IN terminal is not reproduced on this system. The signal is reproduced on the TV connected with HDMI MONITOR OUT terminal."

    Other than this glaring omission, the system is actually quite good. One of my friends in the US has one of these and he says the sound quality is excellent. I'm giving this a 3-star rating as the HDMI audio function was something I was looking at using and I will probably not buy one now.

  9.  Great Drive, No Cable Is NORMAL


    This is a great drive, easy to setup and very quick. To Redcap76, drives almost never come with cables. The cables come with your main (mother) board. If you have no cable it's because you lost the ones that came with your main board or PC.